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Raspberry Pi are very small and very cheap (between $20 and $50) mono-board computers, based on ARM. They run small dedicated Linux distributions. People use them either for education, as a small low cost computer, as servers, or for any kind of robotics or embedded application.

You will find more informations there :

For the one I use, I added a small usb wifi dongle and I powered it with some kind of external battery for smartphone or tablet. I configured it as a Wifi Access Point, on which I log with my android tablet. It allows me to have a portable complete linux distribution in my bag (the battery + card are a bit bulky for a pocket, but it fits in), which among other thing I use to run Dungeon Crawl, nethack, or other kind of roguelikes when I am in the subway or train :-)

Indeed, the sound is part of the atmosphere of the game. But I think it is acceptable to play soundless while commuting (it is still far better than no playing at all!), or I can plug a headphone in the Raspberry Pi (there is a standard headphone jack plug).

Discussion / DoomRL (and other Chaosforge games) on Raspberry Pi
« on: November 26, 2014, 06:39 »

I'd like to know if it is considered to propose binaries for DoomRL (and AliensRL!) for Raspberry Pi, at least for the ASCII part. It should not be very difficult to compile the games on this nice and cheap platform.

I would like to add that the RPi can be used as a portable roguelike server, which allows to play games by ssh from any tablet, without bothering to port the games on the tablet (or to try to install a linux on it). It makes possible to play even in the subway or trains, where it is impossible to connect to an internet server.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


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