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Title: I have a Piercing Chainsaw, but no melee traits.
Post by: Eyro on September 14, 2013, 13:07
Unholy Cathedral possible? I've heard about if you got enough speed you can kite the AoD, and I have tactical everything, scout class, and Dodgemaster.


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Title: Re: I have a Piercing Chainsaw, but no melee traits.
Post by: Aki on September 14, 2013, 19:36
I have heard some discussion about this, but have yet to confirm it myself (mainly because I don't want to risk a run in the new version, i'm trying to unlock things).

The Angel of Death has a speed of 150%. That means that it gets to act every 0.66 seconds, or 0.53 seconds on nightmare. (I believe nightmare has 25% faster monsters?) It also has no health regeneration.

What this means is hypothetically even with no melee traits, no nothing, just your fists and your wits, you're able to clear the Unholy Cathedral. I don't know the exact mechanics due to not experiencing personally or anything, but let me try and explain hypothetically:

You have Hellrunner 2, Scout class, Agility mods on Green Armor and agility mods on boots. This will give you a movement speed of 1/((1.15+1.15)*(1.1)*(1.05)*(1.1)) which gives you a movement speed of 0.61 seconds. This is faster then the angel of death.

You move around the angel of death creating an "energy vacuum" in which the Angel loses more energy per turn then you do, eventually giving you a "free action" in which your action will succeed but the angel will be unable to act due to lack of energy. After this, the angel will have full energy (and so will you at the start of your turn), and you repeat the process. Note that (depending on how you like to hear it) the window of opportunity will be very small or the vacuum will take a long time to create due to the difference in your movespeed being only 0.05 seconds. You also have to make sure the difference is greater then your attack speed.

Hope i've helped!
Title: Re: I have a Piercing Chainsaw, but no melee traits.
Post by: 2birds1stone on September 16, 2013, 20:16
With HR2 and Fin2, this is easily manageable.

As far as I can tell, what Aki's said is entirely correct, but difficult (who wants to take note of energy gain each turn?)

To ensure you get your free actions without pencil-and-paper calculations every turn, run away from the Angel of Death; eventually, you will open the gap between the two of you to two squares wide. When this happens, wait on the spot; sometimes, the Angel of Death will move two squares at this point, which indicates that you can get a free attack in.

EDIT: Without Finesse, I don't think your attack speed will be high enough for this.
Title: Re: I have a Piercing Chainsaw, but no melee traits.
Post by: ZicherCZ on September 16, 2013, 22:17
You absolutely and positively need Fin2 and Scout (or Fin3 without Scout) for this to happen, otherwise the AoD will smack you back, even with all the kiting said here before. If you're high on medkits and melee resistance, you may still survive - the piercing chainsaw is a blessing against his 10 armor. If not, you may do better staying out of his way.