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I've had this idea for some time, but remembered it again after reading Potman's My Wishlist stuff topic.

The idea is that difficulty should have an effect on monster AI and behaviour. So, for example, arachs would shoot you even on melee, demons would try to look for a path that would get them to melee more safely, cacos/knights/barons would shoot more often, former humans would try to look for cover for reloading if it was available in a single turn etc.

Another way would be to make the monsters try to co-operate better. Like melee monsters trying to attack you from a spot that isn't on another monsters line of fire.

This would provide an additional way to control difficulty level on top of monster count.

Discussion / Chaosforge group
« on: April 29, 2007, 15:30 »
When I asked Kornel if we should create a group for Chaosforge, he said that we'd need at least 3 persons for it, so after me and Kornel, we need one more.

For those who don't know what is, it's a website that keeps track of the songs you listen to, and then makes statistics from them and recommends you new artists based on what you and others have listened.

So, why would we need/want a Chaosforge group you ask? Well, we'd get some fancy statistics about the music DoomRL players listen to. And you could go check what your fellow players are listening to.

Berserk! / Possible improvement of skills in Berserk[0.8]
« on: February 25, 2007, 13:58 »
Right now, I see some problems with a part of the skills in Berserk. Some of the skills are highly situational, some are only of minor use,  while others are all-around useful.


Sweep is an exellent skills, as it isn't too expensive and can be used all of the time, though you do need some points in dexterity to make it actually useful.


The problem with whirlwind is that it is worth using only in some desperate situations, which should be avoided. Some ways to make it better would be to have the energy cost be depended on the number of monsters you actually hit, so that it could be used as a larger sweep.


Running is again a good skill, as you can run out of tough situations. Perhaps another skill that would work like this, but would make basic attacks faster?


Well, I'm not a big friend of impale, but it might just be me not able to think outside of the box. The problem I see with this is that when it gets crowded and I would really like to kill something quickly, it's a bit hard to get exactly one step away from it to impale it. Might just be quicker to kill it normally.

Jumping Attack:

Jumping Attack helps a bit to the problem I see with impale, but I still need to have the free space, and this one has a list of requirements.

Because of this I just usually prefer to start with good old sweep and advance to whirlwind or running. And because I usually want to have as high dexterity as possible, I might just go without either of them and put my points to dexterity.

Do you have suggestions for possible new skills and improvements for the current ones?

And please prove me wrong in the case of Impale/Jumping Attack.

Berserk! / Berserk! 0.8 Survival Guide (almost complete version)
« on: February 25, 2007, 13:03 »
General survival strategies

First some general approaches and strategies. Normally you want to be engaged in combat every turn possible, because the monsters will be spawning regardless of what you do, so you'd better kick their ass before there are too many. You should also try to be fighting the monsters one at a time if possible, though later this won't be possible.

Here are some really simple examples:

Code: [Select]

Here you have generally two options.
Following the philosophy of handling one enemy at a time you can do this:

....... | ....... | ....... | .......
....b.. | ....... | ....... | .......
....... | ....b.. | ....... | .......
..b.@.. | ..b.@.. | ...b@.. | ....@..
....... | ....... | ....... | .......

First step left, having the top beast coming to you and killing it.
Then the other beast comes to you and you kill it too.*

....... | ....... | .......
....b.. | ....... | .......
....... | ....b.. | .......
..b.@.. | ...b@.. | ....@..
....... | ....... | .......

Another option is to try and kill them both with sweep. Here you wait
and both beasts come to you, then you sweep and hopefully they both die.


As beasts are the basic sword fodder you shouldn't have problems with them. If you do, try a different character build, and try to take them one at a time.


Now that the bulldemons have an impale attack, they are pretty dangerous. Here you have to take advantage of the fact that they will only do horizontal and vertical charges. You should also hit them diagonally if possible, because if you hit them horizontally or verically and knock them back, you might just get impaled before your next turn. You should also take advantage of obstacles, as they can't be knocked back when they are fighting back against a wall.

Code: [Select]
....#.. | .....T.
/####.. | ..T....
..B.... | ..@BT..
..@.... | .......

Here are two examples of where you can safely attack
the bulldemon without having to worry about knocking it back.

When a bulldemon is at charge distance you generally have two options.

Code: [Select]
.......  |  .......  |  .......
.......  |  ..@....  |  ..@B...
..@.B..  |  ....B..  |  .......
.......  |  .......  |  .......
       MOVES      MOVES
You can step sideways so that it will walk to you,
but hitting it here risks knocking it back and getting impaled:

.......   |   .......  |  .......
..@B...   |   ..@.B..  |  ..@B...
.......   |   .......  |  .......
.......   |   .......  |  .......

....... | .......
....... | ...@...
..@.B.. | ....B..
....... | .......

You can also make a diagonal step.
This will make you get hit once, but you get into a good position.

Also, when running away from bulldemons, don't ever run to a spot where they can impale you.

Code: [Select]
....... | .......
.B@.... | .B.@...
....... | .......
....... | .......

If you step to the right here, you will be at a perfect impale spot when the bulldemon gets its turn.

....... | ....... | .......
.B@.... | .B..... | .......
....... | ...@... | ..B@...
....... | ....... | .......

Instead you should make a diagonal step, so when the bulldemon gets its turn,
you will be impossible to impale and so it will walk next to you.

Now, this is pretty obvious and easy with one bulldemon, just watch out when you meet them in numbers, as they become really dangerous in groups.


Mandagores are pretty easy to handle, but they can take a shitload of damage. Because of this you end up having to handle them while getting other monsters attacking at the same time, and possibly gathering a lot of mandagores before you get rid of them.

The key here is that you will have two actions while they only have one, so you can attack, retreat and repeat until they are dead. You also hit them quite often, so you can knock them back, wait or move sideways, and hit them again.

Mandagores are actually a bit faster than this so even if you do this perfectly, they will hit you every once in a while.

And now with examples:

Code: [Select]
....... | ....... | .......
.M@.... | .M@.... | ..M@...
....... | ....... | .......
....... | ....... | .......
       HIT     RETREAT

Repeat until mandagore dies.

And now with a beast coming at the same time:

....... | ....... | .......
.M@.... | .M.@... | ..M@...
....... | ...b... | .......
..b.... | ....... | .......

Here instead of hitting, you step back and the beast comes to you and
you use this turn to kill the beast. The mandagore uses this turn to
come to you and you can continue normally.

....... | ....... | .......
....... | ....... | .......
..M@... | .M.@... | ..M@...
....... | ....... | .......
       HIT       WAIT

Here you hit the mandagore and knock it back, then you wait for it to
come to you and attack again. You can also step sideways to retreat from
other monsters while you're handling the mandagore or you can step backwards
to get distance between you and the mandagore to handle other threaths
before returning to the mandagore killing.

Imps shoot you every turn hitting very often. As they will be dealing damage to you while you're busy killing a lot of other foes, taking out Imps should almost always be your number one priority. 3 crossbow bolts should take care of an imp, so killing them isn't a problem when you're not engaged in melee with another enemy. Just remember to reload that crossbow. You can also kill them with knives if you don't have time to reload or can't get out of melee fast. Knives are an excellent option while berserking.


Phasehound is a pretty fast monster with high dexterity. They don't have that many hitpoints, but as they have high dexterity, they will evade your blows often and will also hit you often. Their special ability is that they will teleport away from you when they have low hitpoints and will also regenerate slowly.

In general, if you're facing many phasehounds, you should try to focus on killing one, because if you divide your blows between them the others will heal a bit while you're swinging your sword at another one. Killing them should also be a pretty high priority as they hit often causing some pain.


Devourers have a nasty triple purpose shooting attack. They shoot spores which will explode in about 5 turns, dealing some damage to you and a little damage to other monsters.

If the attack hits an enemy, they will turn dark green. Now you really want to kill them immediately because... After a while they turn bright green, and if you kill them then, they will explode like a spore. Green enemies won't use their special attacks. You can also try to use the exploding spores to take care of infected enemies.

If this attack hits you it deals damage and about 5 points of pain, which is really nasty when you're fighting a group of enemies at the same time.

When dealing with devourers, pay attention to the spores. The spores can be destroyed before they explode, which is a good option at times. The devourers themselves have almost as many hitpoints as mandagores, but they will end up taking damage from their spores so you usually don't have to do all the damage yourself. They also have the dexterity of a mandagore, so if you have good dexterity, they won't be hitting you often.

With more than one devourer there will be quite a lot of explosions, but as long as you keep an eye on the spores you should be able to handle it without taking much damage.

Devourers can also be your best friends. If you have multiple wraiths around and lots of other monsters, you can try to use the spores to kill, or at least harm, them. They won't take much damage, but when it's really crowded, a lot of them will be taking damage, so you could use them to kill a horde of skeletons, or at least a part of it.


If you have seen one of these, you probably hate and fear them already. They raise an army of skeletons at a frightening speed and are quite capable of killing you in melee combat. They are also immune to missile weapons (crossbow/knives).

The difficulty of killing a wraith depends very much on the stage of the game. If you are playing endless mode and get one early some night, it should be pretty easy to kill, at least compared to killing one halfway through the night, when there are lots of corpses for the wraiths to raise and loads of other monsters for you to take care of.

The skeletons aren't tough, they have very low dexterity, they are slower than you are, and they have the hitpoints of a beast. But there can be a horrifying number of them. And if someone else causes pain to you, they will start hitting you, and it will hurt. While berserking you can just swim through them.

The faster you can get to a Wraith after one is generated, the better. You will be warned in two ways about them. The game will say "The smell of death!" and a random amount of skeletons will spawn.

If the wraith has already summoned an army when you find it, it might be an excellent situation to use a bomb or two, especially in endless mode where you get two bombs at the end of each night.

Another thing to consider while having a wraith around: If you have to choose between killing a beast and killing a skeleton, take it into account that the beast will leave a corpse, while the skeleton will not, and the wraith can raise the corpse into another skeleton.

Berserking helps immensely, as you can focus on killing the wraith even while being surrounded by enemies, because you are immune to pain and also have all the nice bonuses from berserking.

Forest only monsters:

There are three monsters that only appear in forests. They replace some of the aforementioned monsters.


Scavengers replace bulldemons. They have high dexterity (the same as phasehounds), so they are good at hitting and evading. They have below avarage strength. They have pretty low hitpoints, but they can eat corpses from the ground, which will heal them.

Taking out scavengers shouldn't be a problem, but if there are lots of corpses around when you fight them, they can be a pain. You should, if possible, take them on at a corpseless spot.


Foresters appear most of the time instead of wraiths, but it is still possible, though unlikely, that a wraith will spawn in a forest. Foresters are a bit like wraiths, but they plant living trees. The difference here is that they summon a smaller amount of monsters, but the monsters are much tougher.

They have about the same strength as bulldemons and average dexterity. They have quite a lot of hitpoints, a bit less than mandagores and around the same as devourers. They are also a bit slow, as slow as skeletons.

When you encounter a forester, take it out fast before there are too many treants. And while you are killing it, watch out for the treants, they hit quite hard.

Both foresters and treants are flammable, meaning that they take double damage from fire attacks. Bombs and cannon deal fire damage.


Treants are an extreme version of mandagores. They are slower, have more hitpoints, hit almost as hard and have lower dexterity.

Pretty much everything said about mandagores applies here. These guys are slower than mandagores, so if you follow the hit & retreat pattern, you will never get hit. It's just that these guys can handle even more damage than the mandagores, so if you have an army of these around, be ready to spend some time. Usually you shouldn't meet more than 5 per forester, but sometimes you really will see an army of living trees if the forester has had too much time planting.



Strength increases damage. And that's pretty much it. There are also strength requirements for several skills.

Code: [Select]
Strength|  Damage  | Avg dmg
10      |  1d6+5   |  8,5
11      |  1d6+6   |  9,5
12      |  1d6+7   |  10,5
13      |  2d6+4   |  11
14      |  2d6+5   |  12
15      |  2d6+6   |  13
16      |  2d6+7   |  14
17      |  3d6+4   |  14,5
18      |  3d6+5   |  15,5
19      |  3d6+6   |  16,5
20      |  3d6+7   |  17,5


Dexterity inreases your chance to hit monsters and decreases the monsters chance to hit you. It's the most useful out of the four stats, but also has double cost.

**Add details about hitting and dodging**


Endurance increases your hitpoints and energy by 5 points each level. Endurance also increases weight, which is used to calculate how far/often you are knocked back. It isn't very useful, but endurance 12 is a requirement for the running skill.

**Add weight effect here**


Willpower increases your energy by 5 points each level. It also affects how often you regenerate energy and pain. If you are berserking and your hitpoints are below your willpower, you will stay in berserk until you use fairydust. Willpower also affects how fast you accumulate berserk.

In order to explain the exact effects of willpower, I need to explain the way Berserk!'s speedsystem works first. Everything in Berserk! works in ticks. Each tick you get certain figure added to you speedcount and another figure added to your willcount. Once the figure reaches 1000, an action follows, and the figure in question gets reduced by another figure (moving and attacking cost 1000). In case of speed you get a turn and in case of willpower you regenerate one point of energy and/or pain.

What is this figure? In case of speed it's just your speed, which is 95+dexterity. In case of willpower it's willpower^2(=willpower*willpower).

The following table shows how many additional points of energy you get, how many ticks it takes to regenerate energy/pain, how many points of energy you regenerate per 10 ticks (you get a turn about every 10 ticks, sometimes 9) and how big of a percentual increase you get to regeneration.

Code: [Select]
WP Energy Ticks Regens per Increase
10 ticks %
10 0 10 1
11 5 8,26 1,21 21
12 10 6,94 1,44 19
13 15 5,92 1,69 17
14 20 5,1 1,96 16
15 25 4,44 2,25 15
16 30 3,91 2,56 14
17 35 3,46 2,89 13
18 40 3,09 3,24 12
19 45 2,77 3,61 11
20 50 2,5 4 11
21 55 2,27 4,41 10
22 60 2,07 4,84 10
23 65 1,89 5,29 9
24 70 1,74 5,76 9
25 75 1,6 6,25 9
26 80 1,48 6,76 8
27 85 1,37 7,29 8
28 90 1,28 7,84 8
29 95 1,19 8,41 7
30 100 1,11 9 7



Code: [Select]
....... | .......
.***... | ..**...
..@.... | ..@*...
....... | .......

Sweep is a wide range attack, attacking 3 squares at a time. Sweep also gives -2 to damage and -3 to hit, so don't be suprised if you don't hit anyone with a low dexterity.

Sweep is an excellent skill, because it can be used all the time.

Requirement: Strength 12.

Code: [Select]
Sweep Speed Energy
level cost cost
1 1400 20
2 1200 15
3 1000 10


Code: [Select]

With whirlwind you attack all of the 8 squares around you. It's pretty much unusable until you get it to level 3 because of its high speed and energy costs. Even then, it's a really situational skill. Most of the time you could just sweep and retreat and get better results. Whirlwind also has a high strength requirement. However, sometimes you can't avoid getting swarmed, and at those moments, attacking 8 monsters at a time can prove to be a lifesaver.

Requirements: Strength 16, Sweep attack level 2

Code: [Select]
Whirlwind Speed Energy
level cost cost
1 2000 80
2 1750 60
3 1500 40


Every point in running decreases the energy and time costs of running. Running is a useful skills as it makes you both run faster and consume less energy while doing so.

Code: [Select]
Running Speed Energy
level cost cost
0 750 10
1 650 6
2 600 5
3 550 4

Impale Attack

With Impale you make a one square charge. It increases your damage by 50% and gives you +1 to hit.

Requirements: Strength 14, Running level 1

Code: [Select]
Impale Speed Energy
level cost cost
1 1400 40
2 1200 30
3 1000 20

Jumping Attack

With jumping attack you jump over a monster and impale it.

Requirements: Dexterity 12, Running level 1, Impale attack level 1

Code: [Select]
Jump Speed Energy
level cost cost
1 1400 40
2 1200 30
3 1000 20



Crossbow shoots 3 bolts each time you fire with it, and has a clip of 12 bolts. Cannot be used while in melee. Crossbow gets great benefits from higher dexterity, as you stop missing. Crossbow should mainly be used for killing imps. For other purposes, it doesn't deal enough damage, so there usually isn't much point.


Knife's damage depends on your strength and can be used while in melee. You should think about knife as a backup weapon for crossbows, because you can use them in situations where you can't use crossbow, but you don't have that many of them available, and with lower strength you won't be killing imp's with a single knife that often. As their damage is calculated from your strength, their damage raises considerably while berserking.

**add knife damage here**


Cannon's damage reduces on the way, so you deal the highest damage against the monsters next to you, and less damage to those farther away. Don't expect to kill every mandagore on sight with it, but they will be injured, and you will kill pretty much every beast and skeleton on the line of fire.

Cannon also knocks you back a few squares.


Bombs explode on impact or on the spot you aim them at. They are an excellent weapon to get rid of an army of beasts or skeletons quickly, though it can be a bit hard to find a straight line to a good spot.

**Bomb damage here**


Fairydusts heal you to full health and remove all pain. They also stop berserking.


**Effects of berserking here**

Notes and stuff to be added

There's still some stuff that needs to be added, you can find some notes there where I plan to add some stuff.

I'd like someone who plays characters with impale and jumping attack to tell me why they are good/worth taking, as I myself almost never take them.

The text for cannon and bombs is horrible. If someone can help me rephrase those sections, I would be glad.

As for stuff that isn't there yet but needs to be before I consider this done, here's a list:
  • How hitting and dodging is calculated from dexterity
  • How knockback is calculated from weight
  • Knife damage
  • Bomb damage (and possibly cannon damage)
  • Effects for berserking
  • Strategies while berserking
  • Check if skeletal monsters have only a resistance instead of immunity to piercing weapons (crossbow/knives)
  • How much does shooting with a cannon knock you back?

Also, if you see any grammar errors, feel free to tell me about them.

Requests For Features / Naming archived mortems with tags
« on: December 19, 2006, 12:52 »
So, now that we have a standard for naming post mortem topics, could the same standard be automatically applied to the mortems that the game archives in mortem folder? The tags could be placed between time and name. So, for example, "[10.12.2006 2-32] Fingerzam.txt" would become "[10.12.2006 2-32] [N|AoMr|25] Fingerzam.txt".

Requests For Features / Picking up Chainsaw on Chained Court
« on: December 14, 2006, 03:21 »
When I pick up the chainsaw on Chained Court with an empty weapon slot and full inventory, it cannot be picked, although it should go straight to my weapon slot, if I'm not wrong?

Pre-0.9.9 / [M|AoMrk|win|100%] Angel of Marksmanship win
« on: December 12, 2006, 07:30 »
YEY! I finally managed to do this, though the newest beta's weapon mods did help, as they allowed me to get defensive some defensive traits in place of speed and reload traits. Perhaps I could have avoided all of Cybies missiles with some additional levels in Hellrunner.

 DoomRL (v. Beta 2) roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Fingerzam, level 8 Cacodemon Lieutenant, defeated the Cyberdemon
 on level 25 of the Phobos base.
 He survived 91122 turns and scored 42741 points.
 He didn't like it too rough.

 He killed 278 out of 278 hellspawn. (100%)
 This ass-kicking marine killed all of them!
 He was an Angel of Marksmanship!

 He found the Phobos Arena.
 He stormed the Chained Court.
 He fought on Hell's Arena.
 He became a champion of Hell's Arena!

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 51/70   Experience 27036/8
  ToHit +0  ToDmg Ranged +0  ToDmg Melee +0

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

    Ironman        (Level 2)
    Finesse        (Level 1)
    Hellrunner     (Level 1)
    Son of a gun   (Level 3)
    Dualgunner     (Level 1)

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   red armor [4/4] (51%)
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   advanced pistol (2d6) [8/13] (D2R3S2M3)
    [c] [ Boots      ]   plasteel boots [8/8] (92%)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   pistol (2d4) [1/6]

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] blue armor [2/2] (79%)
    [b] blue armor [2/2] (100%)
    [c] blue armor [2/2] (100%)
    [d] red armor [4/4] (50%)
    [e] red armor [4/4] (100%)
    [f] red armor [4/4] (100%)
    [g] red armor [4/4] (100%)
    [h] 10mm ammo (x33)
    [i] 10mm ammo (x100)
    [j] 10mm ammo (x100)
    [k] large med-pack
    [l] large med-pack
    [m] large med-pack
    [n] large med-pack
    [o] large med-pack
    [p] large med-pack
    [q] phase device

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    32 former humans
    21 former sergeants
    13 former captains
    15 imps
    31 demons
    31 lost souls
    33 cacodemons
    7 barons of hell
    1 Cyberdemon
    8 hell knights
    29 arachnotrons
    4 former commandos
    8 pain elementals
    4 arch-viles

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

 He started his journey on the suface of Phobos.
 On level 2 he battled through the complex.
 Afterwards he fought on Hell's Arena.
 On level 3 he battled through the complex.
 On level 4 he battled through the complex.
 On level 5 he battled through the complex.
 He then stormed the Chained Court.
 On level 6 he battled through the complex.
 On level 7 he found a hellish city.
 On level 8 he found hellish caves.
 On level 9 he found hellish caves.
 On level 10 he battled through the complex.
 On level 11 he battled through the complex.
 On level 12 he battled through the complex.
 On level 13 he found hellish caves.
 On level 14 he found a hellish city.
 On level 15 he found a hellish city.
 On level 16 he found a hellish city.
 On level 17 he found hellish caves.
 On level 18 he battled through the complex.
 On level 19 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 20 he found hellish caves.
 On level 21 he found hellish caves.
 On level 22 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 23 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 24 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 Then at last he found the Phobos Arena.
 There he finally defeated the Cyberdemon.

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 The Cyberdemon loses blood.
 You are hit!
 You reload the pistol with 10mm ammo. You reload the pistol with 10mm ammo.
 The Cyberdemon fires! You hear an explosion!
 Fire -- Choose target... The missile hits the Cyberdemon. The Cyberdemon is
 bleeding! The missile hits the Cyberdemon.
 Fire -- Choose target... The missile hits the Cyberdemon. The missile hits
 the Cyberdemon.
 Fire -- Choose target... The missile hits the Cyberdemon. The missile hits
 the Cyberdemon.
 Fire -- Choose target... The missile hits the Cyberdemon. The missile hits
 the Cyberdemon. The Cyberdemon reloads his rocket launcher. The
 Cyberdemon loses blood.
 Fire -- Choose target... The missile hits the Cyberdemon. The Cyberdemon
 dies. Congratulations! You defeated the Cyberdemon! Press <Enter>

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 Before him 61 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 59 of those were killed.
 1 of those was killed by something unknown.
 And 1 couldn't handle the stress and commited a stupid suicide.


I'll explain the weapon mods in my pistol here:
D2 - 2 damage mods, each increasing the damage die by one.
R3 - 3 reload mods, resulting in 0.6^3 reloading time
S2 - 2 speed mods, each giving 10% boost, so 2 equals rapid
M3 - 3 magazine mods, I don't know how these are calculated, but I got my clip increased by 2 for the first two, and the last one gave 3.

Trait order: SoaG(3) --> Dualgunner(1) --> Finesse(1) --> Ironman(1) --> Hellrunner(1) --> Ironman(2)

My fight against Cybie went a lot better than my last try. Last time Cybie spawned allmost right next to me, this time he was further away and I could get some room between me and the walls, so that dodged missiles wouldn't do any damage. I shot him 3 times after he reloaded and just to be safe startet dodging after that, and then started shooting again. Got some cover for reloading, cause my secondary pistol takes way too long to reload (ofcourse I could have just reloaded my main gun and forget about the second one).

Spent 1 phase device when Cybie destroyed stuff from around me to get more cover and 1 med-pack when I was on half health just to be sure, since I have bad memories about Cybie doing something like 35 damage with a single missile.

I'll copy/paste my message about AoM from betaforums here:

I'll collect here some possible solutions to AoM being so damn hard. Well, actually the only big problem in AoM is dealing with Cybie, I can get most of my characters there easily on NTR.

  • Let the player choose his/her starting weapon
  • Place special pistols to Hell's Armoury, so that the player can choose pistol(s) of his choise
  • Let the player switch his/her main weapon on the go
  • Make Dualgunner a 2 level trait and/or add +dmg and/or reloading bonus to it
  • Add those weapon enchancement things you were talking about at #DoomRL

If both 1 and 2 would be implemented, the player would first get a pistol of his/her choice at the beginning, and could then get another pistol of his/her choice at Hell's Armoury.

There was also some talk about an additional advanced trait adding more dmg to pistols, but as I see it, an AoM already takes a shitload of traits to work properly (that is, shoot at least 3 times per 1000 energy) and reloader is also a must have against Cybie.

The biggest problem in this is that you will be fighting Cybie with default hitpoints and no TaN or you will be taking a lot of time reloading those pistols against Cybie.

Bug Reports / Knocking Enemies Into Teleporters
« on: December 05, 2006, 15:56 »
In a recent AoM game I knocked an enemy into a teleporter, but the enemy didn't teleport anywhere. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug, so I decided to post it here.

Bug Reports / Large Health Globes in AoB [FIXED]
« on: November 29, 2006, 15:35 »
When you grab a Large Health Globe in Angel of Berserk you go into berserk, but your current tactic setting will stay the same, and will be locked, so picking up a LHG while cowarding will make you berserk while cowarding.

Discussion / Discussion on Angel of Marksmanship
« on: November 27, 2006, 15:02 »
We had some discussino about AoM on IRC, mainly about the difficulty of actually killing Cybie with pistols. The following might contain some spoilers.

21:24  * Jered_Cain starts a Marksman challenge, picks Son of a Gun to start.
21:25 <DaEezT> wise choice
21:25 < Jered_Cain> I'll get this one out of the way first.  Level 10, after all, with just a pistol.
21:26 < Jered_Cain> ... erm, an advanced pistol.
21:26 <DaEezT> ya
21:26 <DaEezT> Marksman challange isn'T that hard
21:26 <DaEezT> get 2x son of a gun and then the advanced trait
21:26 < Jered_Cain> Then I'll start going Eagle Eye.
21:26 < Fingerzam> Please tell me if you find a good way to kill Cybie without a thermie in AoM. I think I've died twice against Cybie with an AoM.
21:26 -!- Jered_Cain [---] has quit [G-lined]
21:28 < Fingerzam> Well, there wasn't intuition 3 when I was testing AoM, so it might make killing Cybie a bit more possible without a shitload of med-packs.
21:30 <DaEezT> is it possible to dodge cybies missiels?
21:31 < Fingerzam> Yes. But I think the best thing would be going to melee before starting to shoot.
21:31 <DaEezT> melee in AoM?
21:31 < Fingerzam> Well, the point being that cybie will melee, not shoot missiles.
21:32 < Fingerzam> At least I thought that he doesn't do as much damage in melee.
21:32 <DaEezT> dunno
21:33 <DaEezT> just thought max hellrunner + coward might be worth a try in AoM
21:34 < Fingerzam> But you'll also need Eagly Eye for actually hitting Cybie while cowarding.
21:34 <DaEezT> in addition to dual pistols o/c
21:34 <DaEezT> ye
21:34 <DaEezT> it all ads up to alot of levels :p
21:34 < Fingerzam> Yes. Probably all you'll get with an AoM.
21:35 < Fingerzam> Leaving you with default hp and no tough as nails.
21:35 <DaEezT> hm
21:35 <DaEezT> someone oughta do the math
21:36 <DaEezT> depending on your armor and medkits what is better: the damage absorbed by tough as nails or the damage "absorbed" by dodging
21:36 <DaEezT> and I suck at math stuff like that :p
21:37 < Fingerzam> I think lvl 3 Ironman and some Tough as Nails would be better. Well, I'd need to know how dodging is calculated and what the default chances are against Cybie.
21:39 <DaEezT> ye
21:39 <DaEezT> but more dodge = less hits (ZOMG) and that means your armor won't wear out as quickly
21:39 < Fingerzam> Well, if you make sure that you have 2 red armors for Cybie, you could take Hellrunner or something else instead of Tough as Nails.
21:39 <DaEezT> with ironman you have more hp but that bigger pool will be more exposed because of the lack of armor
21:40 <DaEezT> or that
21:40 < Fingerzam> Well, this is only against Cybie, and Cybie does some pretty big amounts of damage, against which armor isn't that good. Though it will help hell of a lot against those nasty Arachs on the way.
21:42 < Fingerzam> Though hellrunner will also help dodging that plasma... Well, I dunno, I usually go with TaN.
21:42 <DaEezT> or you could hope for alot of phase devices and go intuition 3 and max finesse/dual wield and shoot like crazy and teleport awaay as soon as he gets to close
21:42 <DaEezT> but you would have to be lucky :p
21:45 < Fingerzam> Well, Intuition 3 takes 5 traits, max dualgunner takes 5 (though you should take that last level of Son of a Gun, it's better than a single level of dualgunner after the first.) Taking also finesse 3 takes a total of 13-14 traits, which you won't be getting.
21:47 <DaEezT> oh :p
21:47 <DaEezT> well, was utterly theoretical anyway
21:48 < Fingerzam> But that Intuition 3 might work anyways, atleast if Cybie spawns far away from you.

And then some numbers:

22:52 < Fingerzam> An AoM (with SoaG 3, and some dualgunner) does on avarage 14 points of damage against Cybie. With maxed Dualgunner, it takes 4 turns to shoot, so you would get 35 damage per 10 turns, but reloading takes way too much time while in contact with Cybie, and all shots won't probably hit.

That is, with SoaG 3, your advanced pistol will do 2d5+6 points of damage. Cybie has an armor of 4 (taken from the wiki thread), so it will be reduced to 2d5+2, resulting in an avarage damage of 8 for the advanced pistol. Your second pistol (assuming that it's just a normal one) will have 2d4+2 damage against cybie, so it will have an avarage damage of 6, resultin in 8+6=14 points of total damage.

My wild quess is that Cybie has 150 hitpoints. This can be (likely is) far from right, but with these numbers we can get the following time for killing Cybie:

10,7 shots for killing cybie, assuming that you hit with every shot (probably won't). This would require reloading once and would take a total of ~67 turns. With a few medpacks it should be very much possible, but hitting him often probably requires some levels in Eagle Eye.

I assumed that reloading both pistols takes twice the amound of time required for reloading a single pistol (time taken from wiki, 12 turns, don't know if it's still accurate)

Feel free to contribute.

Edit by Kornel: formatted a little for clarity ;-)

Berserk! / Ideas and Suggestions For the Next Version of Berserk!
« on: November 01, 2006, 21:57 »
So, now that Kornel has promised to make a new version of Berserk! after finishing DoomRL 0.9.9, I thought it would be appropriate to make a thread for suggestions in order to improve the game.

I'll start with something.

Sometimes when I shoot with the crossbow, a hunter is left alive with almost dead status, and I really wouldn't want to use 3 more arrows just to finish it off.

For solving this I have a suggestion. Make the bow so that you can shoot 1 arrow at a time and each arrow takes 1/3 turn to shoot. This would require a bit different shooting system for making it less frustrating. You could for example have an aiming mode where you shoot arrows and from which you would then exit manually.

This isn't something critical, just something that's annoying me every now and then.

Another, much simpler thing:

I'd like to see some kill counter to know how many enemies I've killed so far.

Berserk! / What Kind of Characters Do You Usually Create?
« on: October 24, 2006, 22:13 »
So, what kind of characters are you usually playing with? My characters are usually something like this:

Strength: 13-14  -- Minimum to actually deal some damage. 14 seems to be enough for killing hunters in one blow.

Dexterity: 13-14 -- It's not fun to get hit all the time, and it's also nice to actually hit something. It's pretty expensive, so I won't take more than 14.

As for the rest, both endurance and willpower are useful. Taking some willpower really pays back on those tight situations where you need energy for both the sweep and running.

Pre-0.9.9 / First YAVP
« on: February 18, 2006, 22:02 »
 DoomRL (v.0.9.8 (WIN-S)) roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Fingerzam, level 7 soldier, defeated the Cyberdemon
 on level 20 of the Phobos base.
 He survived 107108 turns and scored 38282 points.

 He killed 455 out of 455 hellspawn. (100%)
 This ass-kicking marine killed all of them!

 He found the Phobos Arena.
 He stormed the Chained Court.
 He ventured into the Halls of Carnage.
 He found the Hell's Armory.
 He fought on Hell's Arena.

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 51/80   Experience 31580/7
  ToHit +0  ToDmg Ranged +0  ToDmg Melee +0

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

    Ironman        (Level 3)
    Tough as nails (Level 3)
    Cateye         (Level 1)

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   red armor [2/4] (32%)
    [ Weapon     ]   nothing
    [c] [ Boots      ]   plasteel boots [8/8] (100%)

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] blue armor [2/2] (89%)
    rocket launcher (4d4) [0/1]
    [c] rocket launcher (4d4) [1/1]
    [d] chaingun (1d6)x5 [45/50]
    [e] BFG 9000 (8d8) [0/100]
    [f] 10mm ammo (x5)
    [g] 10mm ammo (x100)
    [h] 10mm ammo (x100)
    rocket (x6)
    [j] large med-pack
    [k] large med-pack
    [l] large med-pack
    [m] phase device
    [n] phase device
  • large med-pack
[p] large med-pack
    [q] large med-pack
    [r] large med-pack

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    68 former humans
    50 former human sergeants
    32 former human captains
    41 imps
    67 demons
    46 lost souls
    33 cacodemons
    7 barons of hell
    1 Cyberdemon
    14 hell knights
    20 arachnotrons
    8 former human commanders

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

 He started his journey on the suface of Phobos.
 On level 2 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 Afterwards he fought on Hell's Arena.
 On level 3 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 4 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 He then stormed the Chained Court.
 On level 5 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 6 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 7 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 8 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 9 he found a hellish city.
 He then found Hell's Armory.
 On level 10 he found hellish caves.
 On level 11 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 12 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 He then ventured into the Halls of Carnage.
 On level 13 he found hellish caves.
 On level 14 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 15 he found hellish caves.
 On level 16 he found a hellish city.
 On level 17 he found a hellish city.
 On level 18 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 19 he found hellish caves.
 Then at last he found the Phobos Arena.
 There finally he defeated the Cyberdemon.

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 Before him 4 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 4 of those were killed.


My first win. I've battled the Cyberdemon once before, but back then I weren't prepared at all to meet this guy and just got myself killed.

I didn't notice the stairs to the Wall,  the City of Skulls or Spider's Lair. I dunno if I would have visited the Spider's Lair, but I definitely would have went to the Wall and the City of Skulls, I had prepared 30 rocket's and a rocket launcher for the Wall.

I had some serious problems with ammunition on levels 13-16. Had to melee one former human commando without a melee weapon, and that took some time.

There were lots of health globes, berserker packs, invulnerability globes, supercharges and armor shards on almost every level, so I had hardly any use for my med-packs. Also found many phase devises, but never used one. Never found a thermonuclear bomb.

The fight with cyberdemon was pretty easy this time, as I was fully prepared to meet him. Shot him twise with my BFG, took some cover to reload and shot him for the third time. Then I overloaded my plasma rifle and shot him to death.

Most of my previous death's were caused by the fact that my armor had been destroyed and I didn't have any spare armor, so this time I made sure I always had some extra armor at hand and spent my levels first in tough as nails and then in ironman. Well, I did get the cateye before those.

Also, this wasn't actually my 4th game, more like 40th. I just reinstalled the game after reinstalling Windows.

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