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  • May 30, 2017, 06:51
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 on: Yesterday at 23:42 
Started by Shinji_Ikari_9th - Last post by Shinji_Ikari_9th
Couple of new renders making use of some shader resources I grabbed in the time sense I last posted. Also the more recent render, (just today in fact.) is using a new outfit that I grabbed this weekend.

 on: Yesterday at 13:27 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Sereg
Just sayin'.

Personally, my pick would be Entrenchment, or whatever the technician rapidfire mastery is. I'm missing the details and on my phone so can't really check, but if memory serves it was something like added resistances while chainfiring, which I find to be utterly pointless because chainfiring lasts something like 3 to 5 rounds at best if you don't have ammochain... Which you don't.

 on: Yesterday at 11:45 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
Ballistic armor

Is it a good idea to go technician and make powered ballistic armor to avoid death by shotgun?

On the one hand, the sergeant is by far the the deadliest early game enemy, capable of doing 8 to 24 damage, which means 'up to 24 damage'.

On the other hand, you can get a ballistic vest in the arena, and with some levels in TaN, and 6 protection I you can get out of oneshot range without help from ballistic armor. (24-8*2=8). So considering the availability of fire and acid enemies to oneshot you as well, is it a waste of mods to construct that armor? (particularly for someone who doesn't want to minimise early game risk)

Then intuition is probably particularly good in this challenge, so that suggests scout rather than technician. As is extra maxHP when it's so low already. (do marines only get +2hp from ironman like everyone else?)


Is this a necessity to survive in lategame? -removes the possibility to get oneshot by a single enemy right?


Anyway, more generally how do you think an AoHumanity build should go?

(Does something like this sound good? Technician: TaN, TaN, bad, WK, WK, iro, brute, brute, berserker)

 on: Yesterday at 11:28 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
It's bullet dance, right?


bullets in gun is more of a bottleneck than fire speed. -not what you want

SoG5 gives you insane fast shots anyway. -redundant

the numerical boost isn't even that good: triggerhappy + bulletdance gives you 2 shots in 1.5 times the time. -33% faster shots. 2 levels of finesse gives you 30% faster shots on every single weapon type and access to juggler and whizkid. -outclassed. Next level is 3/2, 50% faster which isn't pulling away from finesse.

longer fire time with more shots fired is bad because of how dodging works. Later bullets in burst may be wasted with knockback. -hidden costs


It looks like the trait doesn't even become good if you use it only with appropriate gear, like nanomachic assembly in one hand and combat pistol in the other, or if you dedicated a bunch of inventory and take finesse + juggler to fight like neo in matrix 1.


After that one I can't see a comparably weak trait. maybe survivalist sits between this one and the rest?

 on: May 27, 2017, 07:53 
Started by bleak - Last post by Faintly
If the arena master staff targets two adjacent enemies, do they both get hit twice? (AoE)

I like the mod on combat pistol if you're dual wielding and your other pistol is a pistol because it aligns the amount of trigger pulls to deplete the weapon so the extra capacity doesn't go to waste anymore. -Normally to fire twice as many bullets you have to reload more often. it's not the case when your other pistol is a normal pistol. Though I have since found out that with SoG 4/5 fire speed becomes insane anyway.

 on: May 27, 2017, 05:53 
Started by Faintly - Last post by yaflhdztioxo
Personally I like these sorts of threads.  Sometimes you get some really fun ideas in them and it's always fun thinking about how you could implement them.

You can't disable run exactly but you can make it unusable.  Set player.tired = true every level and adjust everything that sets it false.

Giftdropping is an exploit in the being AI, which you can change, so you could disable giftdropping by modifying all monster AIs to ignore items.

Removing items on a timer, realtime or turn based, would be very tricky.  I think you'd have to scan the level every tick for items, push new ones into a queue with a timer, and destroy them when their timer is up.  Lot of busy work as items get picked up, used, or destroyed naturally though and it might not be possible to 100% know what items have been 'dropped' by a monster vs a player.

A modified pacifism where you can attack after getting most health globes would mean generating and totaling extra health globes every level, either counting them as you use them or scanning the level periodically since they can be destroyed, and adjusting the OnFire hook to only work if the globes are collected and the wielded weapon is the scythe.  And creating a new scythe with the modified alt fire.  A fair bit of work overall and a rickety solution but doable.

 on: May 25, 2017, 12:17 
Started by Faintly - Last post by LuckyDee
Coward :p
Who gave you the ticket to hell, anyway ? !

I know, I know. Not that comfortable with my skills...

 on: May 25, 2017, 11:25 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
@ZicherCZ The BFG9000 explodes where you aim like the revenant rocket launcher.

"Note that if you have a nano plasma gun, you can just kill everything without needing to take any risks." Whaaa? You mean everything not near an archvile?

In limbo you don't need to radarshoot the left platform, it's in range to clear blindly firing nuclear BFG from centre.

Anyway this is cool how the rocket launcher is useful even past the missile launcher!

 on: May 25, 2017, 09:24 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
would be good because:

1. after raiding the vaults, there's not enough time to play with your fancy toys.

2. the cathedral is a more epic place than the vaults, makes sense it would be deeper.

2 3. It's a minor nerf to lategame melee

 on: May 25, 2017, 05:42 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Evilpotatoe
 I usually choose the endurance strategy :
- Use hatred skull
- Rocket jump to the upper right.  Take care of the nuclear BFG.  Don't let any monster explode it !.
- Kill everything on sight, priorizing viles.  Reach for them if really necessary, but try to stay in your safe place.
- Then, abuse the BFG.  You'll often want to put your B-mod(s) on it.  Radarshoot with it !  Kill all the corpses you can at every recharge.  When something is alive, just turn it to a corpse first, and repeat the steps.  If you play carefully, you can kill most enemies without even needing to see them, actually.
- You can use some ammo when needed (e.g. rocketting a stack of monsters+corpses), but try to stick with using the BFG if you can.  Ammo fade out very fast in the mortuary.  On the other hand, don't lose your hp to grab some ammo unless you need it.  If you have to shoot your BFG somewhere, forget about all those nice rockets and plasma charges.  Staying alive is more important than stockpiling.
- Finally, blast that stupid assault shotgun for showing up so late.

Notes :
- Don't be afraid of "wasting" a BFG shot to destroy only a few enemies or even corpses.  The recharge time quickly becomes a negligible problem anyway
- I don't care much about the supercharges.  I try not to destroy them, of course, but rarely really need them.  I think I mainly use them to spare some time, since they allow me to rambo, not bothering much about playing safe.  Once I depleted them, I start playing more carefully.  Sometimes, my first move is a rocket jump to the right.  Yep, destroying the starting bonuses & covers... time is precious :)

- When jumping to the right at start, I often spend a few rounds chainsawing or nanoplasming the viles I find.  I think it's wiser to just ignore them at that time. It's important to keep in mind that my objective is the BFG. More time spent => more monsters revived => more revenants & mancubi) => more chances to get it destroyed.  I think the only time one should afford to "waste" when going for the BFG should be for using 1 or 2 extra skulls. 
- The few walls can be very useful once you just grabbed the BFG.  They rarely last long, though.
- Starting straight with a homing phase device gives you 25% chances to get to the BFG immediately (50% to get the BFG or B-mod, which both are good results).  I don't advise this strategy, since it costs a HPD, is highly random, and also gives you 50% chance to get to the OPPOSITE side, but it can be interesting, especially if you don't care much about YAAM, and just want to try getting some loot before chickening.  More devices can mean more tries, btw.

- I probably make a few adjustments when playing N!.  But anyway, I don't often play N!. Takes too much time to Conquer+YAAM.

- Oh, and forgot Limbo.  Well, its way easier imo.  Just kill all the viles in the middle.  If you got unlimited ammo, radarshoot viles on right & left platforms, and finish the lesser monsters. Raising the bridges should bring you fights which are usually not that hard.  Consider rocketting enemies in lava.  Note that if you have a nano plasma gun, you can just kill everything without needing to take any risks.  Often, I don't even bother using the nuclear BFG on that level.  Few monsters, few risks...  well, it remains an alternative for clearing out all the left part.  Yet, I wouldn't try to rush for it as I do in the Mortuary, since lava hurts :).  On N!, try to kill the N! cacos over lava, and gib everything, since monsters respawn without viles.  Skulls, rockets and BFG should be enough for the middle, but reaching the nuke-BFG can be tricky.  Once you got it, abuse it.  N! deserves it !

Personally, I've never set foot in the Mortuary[...]
Coward :p
Who gave you the ticket to hell, anyway ? !

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