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Bug Reports / Re: two bugs: random crash, and can't save profile
« on: January 20, 2008, 02:03 »
Oops, found the problem with the second one.  I copied the high score table as well as the player file from the previous version.  I just deleted the score file, and now DoomRL doesn't fail after the post-mortem.  So old player = good, old scores = bad.

Bug Reports / two bugs: random crash, and can't save profile
« on: January 19, 2008, 21:46 »
The crash happened just as I went down some stairs:
ERangeError: Range check error
TLEVEL__VISIBLE, line 434 of dflevel.pas
TBEING__SENDMISSILE, line 1292 of dfbeing.pas
TBEING__AISCAN, line 706 of dfbeing.pas
line 777 of dfbeing.pas
line 789 of dfbeing.pas
line 275 of doombase.pas
line 22 of doomrl.pas

The second bug happens every time I end a game:
Critical Error: <TDoomLua> beings[105] are not found!

I should note that I copied my profile from, because I didn't want to re-do my progress so far.

Discussion / What's your favorite traits?
« on: October 31, 2005, 11:00 »
Just as the topic says: what traits do you use, and why?  Have you tried anything insane for kicks, and did it work?

For myself, I use Tough as Nails 3, Eagle Eye 1 and Cateye 2 (usually picking up Cateye after 2 TaNs).  TaN is great for early survivability (when everyone does low damage), despite its lesser usefulness in later levels.  Cateye is indispensible for picking off everything without taking a scratch (until the next release, anyway).  Eagle Eye (plus berserk) means that I hit with the chaingun about 90% of the time, and maybe a little closer to 60-80% with the plasma gun.  I've usually found that rocket launchers and plasma guns do enough on their own to make SoaB somewhat less useful, but I spend most of my endgame exploiting Cateye to its max rather than wading wild-eyed into combat.

Every now and then, I try a Pistoleer run with maxed Finesse and Son of a Gun, but I usually die hideously despite firing the pistol like a chaingun.  Has anyone had better luck?

Discussion / Tips
« on: October 31, 2005, 10:51 »
Wow, lots of good tip here.  Here's a few more:

* Finagling the aim.  A chaingun is capable of shooting everywhere a shotgun can; just alter the aim point manually to shoot past your target, and the spaces you shoot through will change.  Tweak it enough and you'll avoid that pesky pillar.  (Doesn't work perfectly at extreme ranges.)

* CatEye is your friend (until the next release, anyway).  Shoot enemies who can't see you.  If you get both levels, then you can see them, shoot them, and they STILL can't see you even if they random-walk in your direction.  Stay just barely in viewing distance and you can even take down the Wall.

* Conserve ammo in the lower levels.  Cacodemons and Arachnids never leave you interesting things, and knights and barons only occasionally give you the ammo you wanted.  Don't use rockets or plasma unless you're being threatened.  (In the upper levels, of course, you get everything you ever wanted.  It's like Christmas for ammo!)

(Random guess on how tactics work: coward = less likely to be hit, but lower hit rate.  berserk = more likely to hit or be hit.)

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