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Requests For Features / font and borders
« on: August 03, 2019, 18:46 »

I'm a kickstarter and got the early code to this game the other day. I've given it a quick play and it looks very promising. not had that much time to get into it but two immediate things came to mind as requests.

1) Can you support borderless windowed mode. I've got 2 screens running here and it's ncie to be able to swipe my mouse to the other screen for a browser window, IM client, music app etc. right now I'm running it windowed and using borderless gaming and it does work, but it would be better if it didn't need that.

2) can we make the text a bit easier to read? I know it's kinda in theme but on my 34" UW screen, it's a bit big and hard on the eyes... maybe an option for something a bit smaller and easier?

otherwise, it's looking pretty good. I'll give it some time a bit over the next week I think. I'll also spin it up on my macbook at some point in front of the telly. I've played angband like that for many years...

PS. all these verification steps are a bit much aren't they? I'm struggling to read these letter and I'm logged in already, I did this to register an account...

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