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Requests For Features / Re: Challenge modes ideas - old and new.
« on: December 15, 2008, 16:24 »
Hallucinations work best in roguelikes that don't have rocket launchers.

Requests For Features / Re: Levers!
« on: December 12, 2008, 16:00 »
There's already levels that flood only one room, the one you're standing in, just FYI.

Voyeurism is undoomish, Tom.

Requests For Features / Levers! and, um...Cover Mechanics!
« on: December 12, 2008, 11:03 »
There are already levers that flood a whole level with lava/acid/water, and the less suicidal of us will heed the warning messages and LEAVE ALL LEVERS ON SUCH A LEVEL ALONE, but wouldn't it be a little more doomish if there were levers that only flooded a single room? or perhaps random squares throughout the level? no warning message required for those, i wouldn't think.

Requests For Features / Re: I HAVE AN AWESOME IDEA!!!!(caps)
« on: December 09, 2008, 11:02 »
Thinking about the gripes about diminishing returns on shotty damage at range, I realize that SHOTGUNS ARE FOR BLOWING HUGE HOLES IN DEMONS POINT BLANK.

Discussion / Re: doomrl 09810 vs Doom
« on: August 30, 2008, 09:20 »
DoomRL is considerably harder than the original. Random levels, so no picking your favorite zombie or barrel to shoot at the start of Phobos Anomaly even though they'll blow themselves up if you just stand there(and wave). Most of the enemies in DoomRL move significantly faster than the originals, roughly at the original Doomguy's sprint speed, it seems. Speaking of which, yeah. Alpha Doomguy could run forever, no fatigue for him. I had Doom for the PlayStation, so i never met a [size=32Vpt][/size] back then, i dunno how they compare. No strafe in the RL; shottyman is the closest thing. Alpha Cybie was a joke compared to his RL counterpart, as were mancubi, barons, arachnotrons, revenants, knights, cacodemons, and just about everything else. Demons, lost souls, and former humans are about par, though. Boosted health didn't decay in the original. Enemies couldn't use items, though they never ran out of ammo(boo hoo).

I was really good at Doom. After i cleared a level, i went around and collected goodies so i could start the next at 200%/200% with full ammo and glowing eyes of god. Not only that, but i LEFT powerups behind for the next marine who wandered through hell; this gesture felt and still feels important to me, so i still economize like a man obsessed in DoomRL. I would seek out the smaller ammo packs, leaving the boxes for the next guy. I would skip armor shards and blue bottles unless i desperately needed them, going so far as to TIPTOE AROUND THEM. (i could afford to do all this because PS1 Doom didn't have N! >_<)

DoomRL is different. No dancing around Cybie, humming a sprightly tune as you fire rocket after rocket at his crotch(that's where the rockets connected, it was awesome). Try taking on The Wall with green armor and a double shotgun; fifteen Barons were lunch for a character equipped thus in the original. In DoomRL, by the time ONE Baron isn't a significant threat to your character, he'll have brought his two brothers, his nephews, and his pet spider.

In the original Doom, you had to pull levers and flip switches; the worst that could happen was releasing a manageable number of enemies, as spawn levers in DoomRL do. Levers didn't punish you with death for your curiosity.

I could probably go on, except i've already bored myself. And since the thread got locked (and was, in fact, the main reason i joined the forum at all *grr*), my favorite level is Sever the Wicked, i think it was playstation exclusive. Easiest of the final Ultimate Doom levels, but still completely frantic.

Also, I don't remember where I saw it on here, but I really like the Angel of Imp challenge. Maybe an evolution every few levels a la Pokemon or Zerg into a higher demonic form, with more power and even (gasp!) the ability to use items! Even if one were an imp the whole time, steadily gaining in power yet uable to pickup items or use weapons, that would be a blast. Berserk packs, health globes, supercharge, etc. would still work. Remove wall-destruction from (your)higher demon's energy attack, so you still need a rocket launcher to get through The Wall.

Angel of False Security:

A few levels into the game, once you have killed the final monster, at least one V spawns randomly (or not-so-randomly, perhaps by the stairs or the highest concentration of corpses, or halfway between), intent on restoring the demonic ranks and removing the final obstacle to Hell's ascendancy (oh shit that's us!). Difficulty: Medium.

i found a rocket launcher on dlvl2 yesterday, and FOUR red armors on dlvl7 or so, playing AoI on HMP. On a YASD note, a few levels down, after BFGing an entire twisted passage full of arachnotrons, I took a lava swim chasing after power cells >_<

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