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Discussion / DOOMGURLS(DRL Tabletop RPG)
« on: January 06, 2020, 07:36 »
GURLS is a tabletop RPG system I've been working on for the past couple years on and off.

The first playtests used almost entirely unmodified DRL rulesets, and were pretty fun.

I figured that since I enjoyed it, I might as well post the DRL version as well in case other people would want to play it. When I was running the game I just modified wiki pages on the fly, but I figured it'd be easier to have them premodified in one place.

I haven't finished formatting all the text, but most of the data should be there. The quickstart rules go over how the system generally works and the DOOMGURLS page at the bottom has all the specific rules. Anything missing should be easily nabbed from the DRL wiki.

If you're familiar with DRL, the significant changes should be

a)shotgun damage has changed to flow better on tabletop
b)resistances work slightly differently
c)almost none of the speed boosts/drops are % based anymore, they're static
d)it works in co-op!

Currently the formatting isn't done, and other areas like explanations can be improved. I'm chugging along pretty quickly on the formatting now though so it should only be a few days for everything except the special levels.

Discussion / Dumb Legal Question
« on: December 25, 2019, 18:56 »
I've been working on a system that converts roguelike games to a workable tabletop RPG ruleset.

I initially tested the system with DoomRL. I'd like to release the rules to play DoomRL within the system, playable standalone for free. Ideally I'd like be able to use the wiki documentation for explanation of most of the mechanics.

The issue is I'm not sure what all copyleft licenses would apply to the work. Since I'm only copying wiki documentation does only that license apply or do I cite both the wiki and the game as sources? How to go about linking them, and what if any would apply to the system I've made removed from the DRL IP?

I also plan on making similar adaptations of other games under the same overarching system. Will the rights of DRL conflict with the possible rights of any of the others if it effects the core system license as well?

I know I'm essentially making a mod/fan game and nobody is going litigate regardless, but I also don't want to plagiarize.

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