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Discussion / Publicity
« on: September 12, 2009, 22:26 »
1* Do you know what's the first thing that comes up when you search YouTube for 'roguelike' ?

That's right.

* is the ONLY DOOM:RL video we have on YT (AFAIK)
* is short (4:15, not even half of the 10min limit)
* is poorly edited (shows a lot of unnecessary things)
* contains poor gameplay (the guy dies ON LEVEL 2 !)
* shows v.

It has still managed to get 5,877 views regardless. This number may seem small and insignificant but it's large enough to indicate a huge potential for a similar video without the aforementioned flaws.
While Kornel already suggested this, it would be nice to finally get it done.
Here's what we need:
* one person modern hardware, DOOM:RL skills and a screen recorder of choice
* one person (may be the same as above) with basic video-editing skills
I know we might use the footage we already have but it would be nice to show as up-to-date version as possible.
Also - it would be nice to have footage made with this kind of exposure in mind.

2* We already know that some people enjoy watching others play games, right ? Sure - some may prefer to either play themselves or use hotseat/splitscreen or LAN multiplayer... but most people don't mind watching how others do it, from time to time. Think of it as pr0n (a broad analogy) - even if you have a very fruitful sex life you might still enjoy watching how others (both n00bs and/or pros) do it.
Also - being able to interact and possible having some sort of impact adds to the excitement (think: webcams and cybersex).

So - how can we use this type of curiosity for our own agenda ? Aside from the obvious "dude - what's that ?" over-the-shoulder types of interactions we have... live streams !
I even managed to find a single roguelike stream. I don't know how many Crawl Stone Soup fan are out there but 500 views this month sound impressive for such a thing.

It's pretty easy to guess what my point is. We have quite a few DOOM:RL fans from different time zones and as such - we could create single, dedicated stream that would be on air (almost) round the clock ;).

(The only problem so far seems to be that Procaster works only for DirectX games and full desktop... but we can easily fix that by choosing the desktop broadcast and running DOOM:RL with console font set to something like Lucida Console, 36)

3* The DOOM:RL site should get somewhat updated with new screenshots, embedded videos from #1 and stream from #2.

4* Once we get done with all of the above, we will finally have something to show people. This is the point when we can spread the world by forum sigs, tweets... Whatever.

Any other suggestions ?

Thinking about randomization and choice coming together gave me an idea (although - a crazy one). We could have a "wildcard" unique that would allow the player to choose what he wants to get, from a list of (previously seen, perhaps) uniques (with the addition of "???", which would randomly pick a unique the player has NOT seen yet ?).

Sure - it sounds undoomish. I mean - what could this possibly be ? A wish-granting demon in a beer-bottle ;) ?
Then I thought "Wait... How about making it a lever effect ?" You might explain it as being a one-time access to the local locker network (rather than having the peculiar message I put in the title ;).
You might even want to make it into two different lever effects. One granting you the ability to choose any non-unique item (standard weapons, armors, boots, consumables and mods) and one unique-oriented. The messages could be "Accessing item database...<more>" for the former and "Level 5 access granted...<more>" for the latter (implying, I guess, that some high ranking officer managed to punch in the password but got possessed before he could get that secret gizmo he wanted to protect himself with. Adding a FH Commando and/or a FH Captain in such a room wouldn't be too hard... and wouldn't even give away too much as they tend to hug the levers anyway. At least now there'd be some reason.)

With all the power-ups scattered about, most of us are not willing to take their chances with levers too often. This idea might make you think twice before leaving them be...
Bonus points if we get a higher chance of a wildcard lever on acid- and lava-floodable levels :>.

Requests For Features / Multi-purpose MODS
« on: June 02, 2009, 17:24 »
I was pondering possible modifications to mods... Making a LOT of different types would result in a total mess, they would be all over the place and you'd sift through them to find something of interest. I wanted:
1* every mod to be useful
2* a lot of diversity between mods
3* mods for everything you can put on
4* mods to be (relatively) RARE but VALUABLE.
And it IS possible. We can have FOUR kinds of mods that would act different, depending on what you stick them to !

I made a list of things mods could do. Then I put them into four categories: Defense, Power, Ranger and Special.

Here's the list:
Mod type \ Item typeProjectile WeaponMelee Weapon
- Reload Time+Attack Speed+Armour Class+Boots Armour25% chance to halve any damage received
+Weapon Damage+Melee DamageAttacker receives 25% of the damage it dealt in melee+Melee Damage+Melee Damage
+Weapon Accuracy+Melee Accuracy-Move Speed Penalty+Move Speed+Accuracy
+Magazine+Knockback+Durability-Knockback+20% XP gained from kills

When a mod drops, chances should be as followed:
35% - Defense Mod
30% - Power Mod
25% - Ranger Mod
10% - Special Mod

If you disagree with something in particular - don't bring the WHOLE idea down, unless there is NO way you think it could be salvaged to be of any use. I know some things appear to be overpowered and other weird. Let me explain in advance:

1* Melee weapon mods in general - you don't just STICK them to a knife - you USE the mods on the weapon and it changes shape or whatever.
2* Armour Power mod - the armour emits an electroshock when the enemy attacks you in melee. You still get the same amount of damage, yet whatever hurt you gets zapped.
3* Boots Power Mod - the boots are SPIKY. Let's be honest - we all want to kick demons in the face with spiky shoes xP.
4* Helmet Defense mod - 25% is NOT as much as you would like to think it is. You get full damage three times and half the damage the forth time. It might save your life sometimes... But most of the time you get shot SO many times that it just doesn't do much.
IMO - it could scale like this: 25% / 35% / 45% (for 1, 2 and 3 mods). Getting hit for half the damage almost half the time would be neat but not that game-breaking if you'd have to find 3 Defense Mods first (and resist the temptation to just slap them on the armour for +3 in Armour Class which count for every shot taken ;).
5* Helmet Power mod - the helmet is as spiky as the boots. Yeah - just like the ceremonial viking helmet ;).
6* Helmet Special - again - it's not that much. It's an extra level for roughly every 5 levels... and that is IF you found it in the beginning of the game. After a certain point it becomes virtually USELESS, as you won't really get any more levels before hitting the arena anyway... So it might as well scale like: 20%/40%/60%. You'd have to find 3 special mods (1:10 chance) early and put them on a single helmet (Whizkid required) to really take advantage of leveling up like crazy... which is a snowball's chance in hell, as Whizkid itself requires a bit of leveling up and you'd have two slots clogged with the 2 special mods you've by chance found... You get the picture ;).

So - what do you think ?

Requests For Features / The Nuke
« on: January 10, 2009, 06:41 »
Ultraportable nuke.  Can be dropped down a staircase to clear out the level before you enter it, with obvious applications.
I think that the nuke we have right now needs some changes.
1* It should kill all the monsters and give us XP on the previous level, if we prime it and leave the level before it goes off... I can already imagine receiving a message "You suddenly hear a violent eruption !" on the level below...
As for implementation - calculate the XP for all the monsters left on the level, save that value when the level perishes, give it to the player either the same moment he enters the new level (east) or after the amount of turn it had left till explosion (minus the time needed to go down the stairs).
2* We should be able to turn it off by 'u'sing it while primed. (We... can't turn it off right now, right ? I never tried to...)
It might sound like making it more easy, but we would make a frantic run for turning it off possible and save a few marines whose invulnerability worn out just before the blast... Besides - turning something off just before it blows you into oblivion is always fun ;).
3* We should be able to drop it down to the next level, regardless of whether it's a special level or not. Would make the nuke useful regardless of nearby Inv Globes and would add some more possibilities. We would be tempted to drop it down, get the XP and not risk getting hurt, while also losing all the items and power-ups we might have recovered...
Implementation should be easy... Generate a level, place a nuke, blow it up, save the level... voila.

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