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Looks really nice.

But were is all the blood? Is the parental control option engaged? :-D

General Discussion / Re: Design Rant : Inventory
« on: January 24, 2014, 06:40 »
what about addon slots? Things like mods, or expansion elements for armor? There'll be no easy way to see what you're currently packing.
Does presence of a doll change any of that? If you have five guns in the bag, their slots still need to be displayed somehow. Looking the pic in OP, I guess that slots are added for the current weapon only. The same can be done with no doll. It would not contradict the main benefit of having no item being represented twice.

However, a 1D list has no hopes to fit in even a HD screen, not to mention our lowest supported resolution of 600. Eg, if you don't take any large items, the list could go for at least 40 elements, which gives us... 15 pixels per item?
Hm, I did not imagine these being so numerous... I guess you can resort to having 2 or 3 columns, but it's not so pure.
The main thought was to make the inventory items spatially-independent of each other - both to remove the tetris aspect and to make it sortable automatically. Usually, RPG games solve this by assigning each item a weight, but I don't like how arbitrary the number limit feels.

General Discussion / Re: Design Rant : Inventory
« on: January 24, 2014, 05:32 »
This reminds me of Resident Evil 4 more than of Diablo. Perhaps, some reasoning about it can be applied to JH.

It does not have slots on a doll for a reason. Items still occupy the bag space when equipped, so it would add nothing, but confusion to the UI. Current weapon is highlighted by background and a little 'E' in the corner. Also, you can see Leon wielding the gun. Also, his cloth changes, even if the armour set is not represented in the bagpack. I think it's because there is no reason ever carry a spare vest, so they just reduced the inventory space by a few rows it would take otherwise.

Even though RE4 is an action-oriented game and a very fun one, I remember spending more time rearranging things than I would like. Especially towards the end, when there are more weapons to carry and the bag size gets upgraded. Assuming JH will have more different items, the backpack optimisation minigame ought to be played even more often.

I like simplicity of a plain inventory list in DRL. It's provides the information at a glance, is sorted by type, and you can easily see how much more space you have. I also see a benefit of providing a player with a dilemma - to carry one great item, or a few lesser ones. Can the same choice be provided while keeping the simple structure?

What if an item name was in bigger letters so it takes a two or even three lines in the list? Of course, the actual representation in the graphical game needs to be richer than a bigger font - think of it of having the same inventory grid but it has only one column and all items still having varying vertical size, while all sharing the same width. Since it's actually a 1D space, there is no need for spatial optimisation minigame and items can be freely rearranged. Essentially, this will have the same usability of DRL inventory, while allowing the items to differ in size.

Not sure about having different ammo types and having no items on the floor. The two seems to be at odds. One is a trait of a deliberate slow survival game, another is a better fit for hot-packed action.

AliensRL / Re: Sikret leaked video of a new version
« on: August 11, 2011, 12:56 »
The footage is from Aliens vs Predators or some other 3D action Aliens-themed game. Somehow, they got the name wrong.

AliensRL / Sikret leaked video of a new version
« on: August 11, 2011, 06:07 » rewind to 1:00
AFAIK, it was displayed on Russian MTV.

Announcements / Re: DoomRL 0.9.9 RELEASED!
« on: October 17, 2009, 06:20 »
Chainsaw time!

Requests For Features / Re: NO save challenge mode.
« on: January 29, 2008, 06:03 »
The game is supposed to be played this way all the time. It would be ridiculously easy otherwise. It will effectively legalise savescumming in all other modes. If some anti-cheat scheme is to be deployed, it should in not be confused with gameplay mechanisms.

Previously, the game could be played without ever using the save key, but now it became a bit too long for that.

Let's get this straight: you want some way to tell if person posting a mortem on the forum cheated by backuping the save (which is called savescumming, wheater you like it or not)?
You know, you don't even have to download the game for that. Copy&Paste FTW!

Discussion / Re: ThiefRL or AssassinRL
« on: January 23, 2008, 08:51 »
You just gave good example of what I think stealth could be based on. However I believe it could still work in RL environment simplified to most crucial factors that can be simulated in 2d mode. You don't really need 3rd coordinate, just cover factor of things in sight in comparison to character or something like that. If something between target and character has cover factor higher than character being-prone factor, he is not seen.
Code: [Select]
Does the trash can (&) has a good enough cover factor? How to check that? If not, will the crouching help to hide once the O will look at that direction? BTW, where does he look now?

Yeah it seems so, but actually pseudo 3D is not necessary if you don't make high elevations which is not really needed in RL.
In the above example, if O will come next to &, he will see the crouching @. 3-rd coordinate is required for that. No high-level elevations used.

Anyway, crouching, ducking or standing all the time would  not require more effort than in any other game.
In other RLs it doesn't take any effort because there are no such modes.

Such a game should provide a lot of miscellaneous scenery objects to hide behind (a stealth game in a dungeon with bare walls doesn't sound exciting), quite opposite to a common RL concept.
Yes, more object would give more tactical play and also make it little up for atmosphere (if you could also inspect/search those objects, move etc.)
Atmosphere aside, there has to be something to hide behind.

Well, whatever common RL concept is, it doesn't exist. Does it ?
To be somewhat like rogue?

Good timing is also an important factor: you can only cover that unavoidable open ground for a brief moment when nobody is looking there.
But in a turn-based game?

If you want to compare it to 3D games,it will appear shallow. If you make new, RL like stealth, and compare 3D games to it, they will appear different.
Then why work on something apriori inferior?

What I mean, it is not necessary to try simulate everything to come up with detailed system. I think it is enough if you focus on playability and most obvious aspects.
I'm only talking about the most obvious aspects. Gas elexirs and probing mirrors are detailed system.

Discussion / Re: ThiefRL or AssassinRL
« on: January 23, 2008, 06:38 »
A good stealth game require much better world resolution than RL provide. The 3-rd coordinate and object volumes play a very important role. If you stay behind a fence, you are visible to someone on the other side, if you lay down, he will not see you. But, if he will climb to a higher elevation, he will be able to see you again. An apple tree may be sufficiently high, but it's simply too thin to cover your body. Them again, in the nighttime shadows from its leaves may provide enough of concealment. While full 3D freedom on a level of modern FPSes isn't necessary, at least XCOM or JA2 pseudo-3D level is a must. RL's aren't very well suited for a game, when you need to see opponents' direction and state (stand/crouch/lay) all the time. Such a game should provide a lot of miscellaneous scenery objects to hide behind (a stealth game in a dungeon with bare walls doesn't sound exciting), quite opposite to a common RL concept.

Good timing is also an important factor: you can only cover that unavoidable open ground for a brief moment when nobody is looking there.

An RL can successfully implement some stealth as a part of gameplay, complemented by other aspects, but to have it as a core element will make it feel shallow compared to 3D real-time stealth games.

Does anyone have a CP/M image?

Just list lua.a alnongside your .o files when linking.

I think you can still include SDL by placing the shared lib in the doomrl directory
You'll also need to have LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to the location. But SDL is not a problem anyway.

Discussion / Re: Linux + DoomRL
« on: January 11, 2008, 07:17 »
- You ARE using a x86/IA32 version of archlinux (amd64, ppc, etc will NOT work)
otherwise, he wouldn't have got this far.
- Does lua work at all? Try:
Lua 5 doesn't provide a shared library by default anymore.
Linux problems, linux problems, linux problems...
Give us a DOS version to run under an emulator.

As Kornel said, lua problems shall be gone with the next version. Now if we could only get a 64-bit build as well...

Requests For Features / Re: Challenge modes ideas - old and new.
« on: January 10, 2008, 04:59 »
And the winner is
[Wed 08:12] <Malek Deneith> Angel of WHAT... THE... FUCK???

Requests For Features / Re: Request for Comments : Armor weight
« on: December 30, 2007, 08:56 »
That is not an easy suggestion to make..
Being fast and non over-complex was a definitive feature of DRL, it made it a good game, it made it popular.
The scope of proposals implies change of the original vision. DRL is not a kind of game in where you spend time planning far ahead before taking any turn, it is played fast and aggressive. If you want it to become something different now, I think it's better to stop. You know you can not (and I think, do not want) to work on it forever. You have to stop somewhere and it's better to do it at the peak.
I would rather see a brand new game appear on chaosforge, rather than see DRL mutating out of its shape.

Requests For Features / Re: Request for Comments : Armor weight
« on: December 30, 2007, 06:44 »
Adding something just for the sake of adding something another doesn't sound like a great idea.
The most distinctive features of DoomRL are being doom-inspired, uncomplicated and fast-paced. Armour weight is a good feature for a longer, slower-paced game, but not for a heated action. Save it for XCOMRL.

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