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Holy moly, I just noticed that this thread has over 2200 views!  You must be popular, Moray!  :o  That's gotta break a forum record or something, because a quick glance tells me that 99% of threads here don't even come close!  :)

An Angelic badge is a heck of an entrance to the forums!  :o  Well done, and welcome!  :D

As a holder of two angelic badges,  neither of which is your veteran badge, I would like to dispute your claim that veteran is the easiest ;)

As a holder of a Veteran Angelic badge, I would also like to dispute it being the easiest!  :P  (I still say Shottyman is the easiest)  You clearly have some carefully honed skills there, Moray.  Doing a Nightmare! game with a Sharpshooter build is a bold choice; it must've been a pretty tough early game, but I'll bet having the Blaster and Demolition Pistol were a delight for the endgame!  :)

Good luck with whatever achievement you try for next; with skill like this, I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of you.  :)

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: February 06, 2018, 13:26 »
Pretty sure it's a bug...  It comes up every once in a while when someone gets knocked back at a particular angle.  (I've witnessed it happen to enemies too; like someone getting knocked back by a shotgun, but taking no damage from it)  I've never investigated it enough to figure out what that angle is and/or take advantage of it, but I think it has something to do with the game engine scanning the level line by line, trying to figure out what got damaged and what got knocked back and having someone get knocked back into a section that already got checked.

Discussion / Re: Sniper mod pack on shotgun
« on: January 22, 2018, 00:05 »
If your only reason for not putting it on the Rocket Launcher is that you're hoping for a Missile Launcher, then I'd say just go ahead and put it on the Rocket Launcher.  Missile Launchers are a rare drop; it's unlikely that you'll find one in Ao100.

Discussion / Re: Sniper mod pack on shotgun
« on: January 21, 2018, 21:36 »
It depends a little on what traits you have; if you don't have Eagle Eye, Sniper mods are good for your rapid-fire weapons for keeping them accurate, but putting it on the Rocket Launcher can be helpful too.  (It sucks to miss with the Rocket Launcher)

It doesn't have any effect on shotguns, since those fire in a spread, but the Plasmatic Shrapnel shotgun assembly uses a Sniper mod, so you might find that useful for getting rid of corpses so that Arch-Viles don't revive them.

Post Mortem / Re: [U|AoP|93%|YAVP] Inquisitor Platinum
« on: January 19, 2018, 15:57 »
You wouldn't have been able to use it anyway, Angel of Purity deems it impure.

This.  Rule of thumb:  Whatever gets used immediately on pick-up is considered a power-up and can't be used during AoP.  (Which is why the Envirosuits were able to be used)  Of course, if you're using Console version, all power-ups are all represented by the same symbol, which makes it easier to tell.  :)

In any case, this is a really unpopular challenge, for myself included, because there's so much you can't use!  I mean not that I depend on Invulnerabilities or Berserk packs, but they sure are nice when you have access to them.  So, good for you for completing this.  It takes a certain kind of dedication!  :)

Discussion / Re: Progressing on UV Arch Ao Lt. How do I improve?
« on: January 16, 2018, 23:02 »
The Mastermind doesn't do enough damage to trigger berserk anyway, either with it's ranged attack or with its melee attack.  If someone said that not having Iro in that circumstance would have helped you, I think you were misled.  It mostly triggers from explosions, like from barrels, Barons, Revenants, Arch-Viles, Mancubi, and Cyberdemons, and also stronger melee attacks like from the Angel of Death.  It's nice when that berserk power happens, but (in my opinion, and I recognize that others have different opinions) having low hitpoints is too big a risk when the rapid-fire enemies like Captains, Commandoes, Arachnotrons, and the Mastermind can do massive amounts of damage without having any chance of making you berserk.

Yeah, the ambush in Abyssal Plains can be quite deadly; there's just no room to maneuver.  :|  Other than that, with careful maneuvering, it's fairly easy to farm Pain Elementals as long as you don't let yourself get surrounded and overwhelmed; it's just a matter of keeping the Lost Soul population under control by periodically going out of the Pain Elemental's view so it stops spawning them.  1 or 2 levels in TaN is also a big help for keeping them from damaging you too much and making sure you make a net gain of hitpoints.  I made a three-hour example of it here.  :)

One more thing I forgot to comment on:

...I got three Hatred Skulls from it...

During a melee game?  :o  You were surely blessed by the RNG on this run!  O_o

Discussion / Re: Progressing on UV Arch Ao Lt. How do I improve?
« on: January 16, 2018, 15:49 »
Everyone's offering lots of good advice here!  :)  The only point I disagree with is LuckyDee's comment about Ironman.  (Sorry, LuckyDee)  It's true that levels in Iro make it less likely that you will go berserk from explosions and so on, but in my opinion, you don't go berserk from explosions often enough to make that worthwhile anyway; I'd rather have the extra hitpoints.

And yeah, Vampyre is the obvious choice of master trait for this challenge, since it covers your ammo worries and your health worries at the same time, but if you ever decide to do a non-melee build, then you're really going to want to work on increasing your damage per shot so you save as much ammo as possible.  The best traits for that would be Ammochain, (which I'm not a fan of, but can't deny that it's a real ammo-saver) and Sharpshooter.  (Constant max damage and accuracy and therefore max efficiency)  And it just so happens that I recorded myself playing through ArchAoLT with a Sharpshooter build fairly recently!  :D

Very nice win!  :D  Strongman Diamond offers a pretty decent challenge; well done!  :)

...I decided to equip my Combat Shotgun to help attract/weaken Arachnotrons and shortly after one I was attacking was killed by another behind it while I had it equipped. I wasn't given a definitive answer in my thread asking about fist-only runs if kills are attributed to your equipped weapon when a monster dies by indirect means, but I didn't want to potentially finish the rest of the run for nothing so I gave up there...

Ah, I didn't realize you never got an answer to that!  Your instincts were correct that that would have invalidated the badge; that Arachnotron that died in crossfire would have been attributed to your Combat Shotgun, since that was what was in your hands.

...and used more rocket jumping while berserk to get near Elementals before they could spawn too many Souls...

Setting aside the fact that rocket-jumping near Pain Elementals is risky because you might accidentally kill Lost Souls, why would you want to stop them from spawning Lost Souls?  Pain Elementals are a huge benefit for a Vampyre build, because you can farm them for infinite health!

Post Mortem / Re: [H|AoMr+Ao100|93%|YAVP] Sharpshooter grind
« on: January 14, 2018, 13:35 »
I wouldn't say one is particularly easier or harder than the other; it's more like you're trading one challenge for another.  Sure, you miss out on some nice loot, but some of those special levels can be quite tough, so not having to do them takes some pressure off.  Still, doing it with a Sharpshooter build must have been quite challenging and required a lot of patience, so kudos for that!  :)

Huh, Vampyre is a bold choice for AoHu!  (Every time I read "AoH," I think "Angel of Haste," even though that hasn't been a challenge mode for several versions)  :P  It looks like you had some excellent equipment to make it work!  I imagine the Ripper and the Anti-Gravity boots would've gone a long way toward eliminating the Vampyre's biggest drawbacks: lack of speed.  And I think you made the right choice in putting the Onyx mod on the Cerberus Armour; you would've been running around with 95% resistance all around while berserk, so a power mod would've been totally redundant.

Congrats on pulling off a very unusual choice of strategy!  :)

Discussion / Re: How exactly do fist-only runs work?
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:35 »
or does using Juggler to attack with a melee weapon in your prepared slot count as killing with that weapon instead of what is in your primary slot?


Previous versions of the game allowed you to exploit Juggler trait to get easy fist kills with a prepared Chainsaw, but they fixed that in version

Post Mortem / Re: [H|AoSh|97%|14|YASD] One Turn Wonder
« on: December 22, 2017, 15:00 »
One more!  :)  It looks like the Mancubus is the last enemy on the level.  Mancubi are slow-moving and it should've been easy enough to lure it into a corner-shooting position where you could kill it without danger to yourself.  :P  This is one of those things I would attribute to tiredness or not taking time to think before acting.  It's the main reason I've learned to take frequent breaks during the game and not play too many games in a row or spend too much time playing in one sitting.  (But that's just my playing style, though; I'm big into playing slowly and carefully considering each move)

That being said, two Super Shotguns in an AoSh game?  O_o  Sheer awesomeness!  :D

Post Mortem / Re: [U|AoCn|YAAM] Malicious Daredevil
« on: December 22, 2017, 14:37 »
Thanks for watching!  :D  And yeah, that was an uncomfortably long time to go without med packs.  I thought I was gonna die for sure!  :o

If I was to do this over again, I think I would have gone with a masterless build and started with Son of a Bitch and Eagle Eye traits to make the most use of my starting armaments.  I don't know how people use burst weapons without EE, quite frankly; it's a bit ridiculous being able to empty my Chaingun into a Cacodemon without killing it, when a level or two in EE will let me kill it in 2 or 3 bursts!  (It would also be nice to kill Demons before they start biting me)  It made me far too dependent on my shotgun in a section with almost no shells.  :|  It's why I never use the Ammochain master trait, even though it seems to be some people's favourite.

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