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Off Topic / Re: Fallout Online
« on: August 30, 2009, 13:34 »
Care to elaborat on that? Also I might check it out, in spare time.

Different from the system on the first server. Overall the combat system doesn't differ much from Fallout combat. The main change: all PvP fights are real-time and APs are restoring over time with rate depending on your agility. Combat mode ends after some time if no one hit you and you didn't attacked. Also all weapons and armors are loosing condition when used, or damaged. They could be repaired with repair skill, but that fact should be taken into account. More about all the changes you can learn from the manual. It's not so big and quite readable.)

Off Topic / Fallout Online
« on: August 30, 2009, 10:15 »
I want to tell you about Fallout Online. I was a little sceptical as i heard about it because of many fan projects with such theme, that wasn't good, or wasn't Fallout, but this one is great. Our Russian guys were working on it for 5 years, they have written their own engine from the scrap (that looks like Fallout, feels like Fallout, so i won't be able to tell, where is Fallout, and where is FOnline) that is using .dat files from the original Fallout without any changes. Not so long ago that project entered a phase of third open beta test. Currently 2 servers are active. One is mostly Russian-speaking (but still there is a clan of Canadians that are performing military operations, that quite often means massacre of the city population, including low-level players and NPC), quite hardcore because of many factors. It takes place after the events of Fallout 2, and is using it's map, locations, and stuff. Lots of quests, but it's hard to perform them because of hi-levels that are killing everything on their sight (and most of quest wasn't translated yet to English). So work on this server is in progress. And second is for English-speaking people. It has absolutely different fighting system, a much deeper crafting, it is more user-friendly, gives an ability to create/join/manage clans, own a base, and much more. And there you can stand in a city for an hour without being afraid that somebody will kill you. But it has less quests. Also the levelcap there is 21-th levels - don't know, is it good or not. I advice you to try second server, if you'll start playing. Better join today because today was the full wipe of second server, so if you will start today - you will be on equal rights with others.)

Kornel, sorry that it's not related to DooMRL - this game ate my brain. %)

Fixed the url for ya :P

Requests For Features / Re: Trait Requests!
« on: August 20, 2009, 11:29 »
I don't notice water taking any more turns to move into or out of.  Or is this a new feature in the beta?

No, it's an old feature. If it wasn't removed - water does slow you down a bit.

Requests For Features / Re: Trait Requests!
« on: August 13, 2009, 04:04 »
BTW - does wading through water slow the player down ? It should...

It does.)

Discussion / Re: Screenshots: ASCII and Graphics
« on: August 04, 2009, 06:52 »
...back to level one, I guess.

Why? This is survivable. "Run" from demon, shoot him, then close the door, and lure the shotgunner with some bait.

Discussion / Re: Less random unique generation?
« on: August 03, 2009, 08:33 »
"No" without doubts. DooMRL is a roguelike, at least somehow, and i'd like to see it staying that way (i'd like it to be even more roguelike-ish, without the ability to take some path, like chaingun with EE and SoaB, doing it just as hundred times before, to win. But that's the different talk). Quite often uniques are forcing us to change totally the strategy that we was planning, they bring us a lot of disappointment and happiness, many praises and curses. And you want to take that all away. No no.

Discussion / Re: How exactly does accuracy work?
« on: August 02, 2009, 18:00 »
I'm trying to decide if it's worthwhile to take the third level of eagle eye with chainguns.

It's not.

Discussion / Re: HOT TOPIC : New Rank requirements!
« on: August 02, 2009, 17:27 »
Here is my vision of experience ranks:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The point is to make player use all the weapons in the game. They are "experience" ranks, after all.

For challenges - i'd place them in such order, by ascension of difficulty:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Was the speed system additive/subtractive unlike the multiplication today?  E.g. speed mod was -0.1s rather than *0.9?

Yup, it was. It was possible even to get negative values of speed, in which case game was crashing.

Do you recall your successful playstyles?  What kinds of things did you do/pay attention to in order to win?

In v. Intuition was an imba. Shotguns were even weaker than now, so most of the games were chaingun-based, or pistol-based ones. Pistols were even more overpowered than now, IIRC. AoB was easier in that version, and it was possible even to survive quite long with just combat knife (which i proved, surviving till level 11 on UV).

- Son of a Gun was bugged and didn't actually give any +damage for pistols. However the speed system was different so it was qutie easy to get a pistol to have 0,1 fire time.

- Mods worked differently and allowed you to place virtually limitless mods on an advanced weapon. I once had a 2d12 pistol for example.

Nothing more i can remember except using the unload bug to load weapons over their maximum. This made all shot reload weapons extremely powerful. This was cheating ofc.

All of that because of bugs. # 2 and #3 were fixed quite fast, while the first was in game for several versions, until Kornel found out that actually damage bonus is not working. SoaB didn't gave bonus too. It was the trait with no effect.

Rockets - they were ok. Then were the buggy system of dealing damages from explosion. IIRC, rocket's damage was dealt twice.

About rez-killing on Nightmare - it was very difficult on deep levels in that time. Because of no "powerups doubled" bonus, because of SoaB that wasn't working, because of no Triggerhappy. It was possible to scum enough exp from demons and chaingunners on level 2 to get HR, IM and TaN to just run through deeper levels - it was the most possible way to win, but it was very hard to survive somehow long on later levels with all of that resurrecting tough monsters.

Game balance sometimes was changed dramatically from version to version and most of the changes i even don't remember. Better to check version history, or even download an old build and try to play it.) v.0.9.8, or v., for example.

Edit: Yaay, my 666-th post!

Discussion / Re: Ranks, Badges and Medals
« on: July 21, 2009, 09:01 »
Captain Trek, you should definitely play Amorphous+, or Achievement Unlocked.)

Discussion / Re: Ranks, Badges and Medals
« on: July 21, 2009, 03:55 »
OMG. 3 kinds of ranks, plus badges, plus medals, plus lots of numbers to masturbate on. There ain't such word as "overkill", right?)

For me - there's no much point in separating badges and medals because i don't care about how much times i got an achievement after i got it 1 time. But if people really think that they should be separated - then i have nothing against that.

About ranks - i don't completely get, why we need 3-rd kind of ranks? Skill ranks are given for completing challenges, and experience ranks are given for killing lots of specific monsters. And what you propose is to add one more rank that would represent completing of achievements?

I think for achievements (no matter how they are called) there should be several groups of achievements with several levels, and each higher level should require the same thing, as lower, but more, or harder. And, in addition to that, one-level achievements, that are just fine in quantity of one.

Unlockables with permanent bonuses, or some kinds of cheats - not for DooMRL, i think. Modding would grant you all the power you want, if you want it.)

Achievements ideas (not mentioning the ones MaiZure proposed and the obvious ones). Sorry, i'm not so good in naming:

- Having at least one of each common weapon type (pistol, shotgun, CS, DS, chaingun, rocket launcher, plasmagun, BFG, chainsaw) at once in your inventory.
- Having an invulnerability warn off (1-2 seconds, optionally) before the thermonuclear bomb explodes.
- Kill AoD without being berserk.
- Get 3 Hell Caves in a row in Phobos Hell (15-25 levels).
- Kill all the monsters on the level without them seeing you even once (firing out of sight/Intuition/Cat's Eye).
- Clean a Phobos Hell level with only your fists (optionally on high difficulty).
- Win the game without having an RNG to spawn you even one unique (exactly spawning, not picking up spawned uniques wouldn't work).
- Die with 8 or more medkits in inventory.
- Having a green, blue, red, and Angelic armors at once in your inventory.
- Killing a BoH that was wearing Baron's Armor.
- Finding a Megasphere. :P

Well, most often used professional way - is to make default content a mod too. That is fully handled by an engine as a mod, not separately from other mods that could players do. That's the way of games with most powerful modding capabilities like TES 3,4, Fallout 3, OFP, Armed Assault 1,2, Cortex Command, and others. So all challenges, weapons, monsters and other stuff should be placed in a separate mod file. Game should be possible to run without anything from it's original content.

Now about highscores and stats. I think that each mod should have it's own pair of highscores file and player info file. And that file should only be loaded if that mod is loaded. That file should contain all the things that are related to that mod - monsters, weapons, uniques, player ranks, achievements, and, practically saying, everything. Because ranks, achievements and stuff should be possible to change from mod to mod, and it would be a pain in the ass to check incompatibilities. What is without doubts - weapons/monsters should be output when viewing stats only from the mods that are currently loaded.

So, what we get in the end - pair of files for each mod. Now, the main thing: if you are running one mod, all the achievements, kills and stuff would be recorded to the according files. BUT if you would run 2 mods at a time, nothing would be recorded anywhere.

Pros:  No cheating. Stats are recorded only if you are playing clean game, in the way that was supposed by it's author.
         No restrictions in activating many mods. If you want - you can activate as much mods as you want and they won't ruin your stats, or anything, even in chaotic configurations.
         Mods with just new monsters and items won't get any issues because they don't need special achievements anyway.

Cons: That would be harder to make mod that is just an expanding to some basic mod. Like mod that add several more high-level player ranks, or achievements. It would need to copy all the content of original mod (which wouldn't be hard), and it would still need to make some kind of converter of player stats from default mod to his one. Because otherwise it would require to start everything from the zero in that new mod.

So, if someone is making something big and want to use there his own achievements and ranks - he just copies required content from original mod file, and everything else makes by himself. And if someone wants to make just mod to play old DooMRL challenges with some new weapons, maps and features - he won't need achievements and ranks for that anyway.

So or make TC with everything included, or make small mods that won't be a pain to make/manage/add to the game.

What do you think?

Discussion / Re: Player.dat breakage!
« on: July 20, 2009, 06:38 »
I think that list of uniques (with the "times found" number, and, i guess, with description of that unique) should be stored in one list, while amount of kills with each weapon (unique weapons too) should be stored in another. It won't spoil anything because weapons should appear in "amount of kills list" only in the amount is more than 0. Also that would be good because uniques that are not weapons (so with which you cannot kill anyone) won't have a permanent 0 in "amount of kills with this item" - otherwise it would be a design failure. Uniques that were not found should appear in the list, but should have "not found yet" in all the values. Because it won't hurt anyone to know, how much of them are left to find. Imagine that you have a list of all uniques except, for example, the Railgun. But you don't know either you found everything, or if there are anything left. While, if you would know that there is one left - you would have bigger motivation to search for it.

How to represent table of "Amount of kills"? It seems to me that the best way is to place monsters in the columns and weapons in the rows. Like that:

Code: [Select]
Weapon\Monster     Former human       Former Sergeant  
Fists              236                12
Combat Knife       428                4
Chainsaw           982                1
Butcher Cleaver    152                1
Pistol             578                14
Gramatton Beretta  73                 0
Trigun             49                 0
Anti-Freak Jackal  54                 0
Shotgun            693                43
Combat Shotgun     973                27
Double Shotgun     435                15
Assault Shotgun    26                 0
Pancor Jackhammer  73                 0

To see monsters that are to the right - make "right arrow" key to scroll one monster at a time to the right (not one line of characters at a time) and make weapon names always visible to the left (fixed, so only amount of kills and monster names would scroll when scrolling right). Same for vertical scrolling. To avoid low amount of kills per view - i have one idea. Abbreviate long names into several letters that are distinguishable from each other and make some moving cursor in the shape of the cross (so it would highlight current row and current column). And that current row and current column would be larger that the ones that are not highlighted (large enough to show full name of monster at the top and the full weapon name to the left). Like that:

Code: [Select]
Wea\Mon             FH     Former Sergeant  FCp
Fis                 236    12               456
CKn                 428    4                645
Chsw                982    1                6
ButCle              152    1                6
Pstl                578    14               456
GrmtBer             73     0                45
Trig                49     0                456
Ant-F J             54     0                65
Shtg                693    43               48
C Shtg              973    27               347
D Shtg              435    15               15
Assault Shotgun     26     0                0
PanJck              73     0                0

Well, now i see that with monster names such thing works, while with weapons that produces only a waste of space. Well, we could output full weapon names, but at least make current monster highlightable.

Gib deaths:
If you die with -10 or less HP, you let out the higher pitched scream as opposed to the normal one.


If you manage to do twice the damage normally required to kill an enemy (eg kill a human using 20 damage, when 10 is enough) then their death sound is replaced with DooM 2's gib sound (DSSLOP), and they leave a pile of gibs instead of a corpse. This could maybe stop Arch-Viles from ressurecting them.

+. But without the resurrection prohibition.

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