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Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 5
« on: July 08, 2024, 22:58 »
Not a bug, but if you fulfill the conditions to meet the Apostle at the end of A100/666, since everything dies as you enter the floor and then the Apostle spawns in, the ability to see all enemies activates and stays active even after more than three enemies are revived/spawned. Given this mechanic is supposed to not work during boss levels, it should probably not be active during the Apostle fight (and indeed it does take out what little tension there already is in this fight when you can immediately see where the Apostle is at all times). Here's a screenshot showing how enemies are visible outside my vision in this fight despite there being more than three active:

Also a nitpick, but at the end of a successful A666 mortem, it says you "finally completed 100 levels of torture", not 666:

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 5
« on: July 04, 2024, 21:09 »
BUG #11

I think the Dragonslayer's berserk effect was changed to be actually permanent, but it turns out to have been the reverse; I picked it up with the aid of a Hatred Skull and the berserk ran out only about a dozen actions after.

Kornel stated new enemies are possible, so I want to propose the following:

*Add Nightmare Revenants and Nightmare Mancubi

Currently every non-boss enemy has an upgraded version, whether it be a nightmare version, a boss version, or "elite" versions in the case of the formers, with the exception of Lost Souls, Revenants and Mancubi. The latter two I think shouldn't be left out, and would help add variety to lategame A100, as well as give more options for upping the difficulty of special levels on UV/N! (such as the aforementioned Mt. Erebus or the new House Of Pain that could really benefit from it). As for the actual stats of them, I think something like the following would work:

Nightmare Revenant
HP: 40
Armor: 3
Accuracy: +6 melee, +6 ranged (though does this really matter?)
Melee damage: 1d3 + 9
Projectile damage: 5d5, plasma damage, radius 1
Speed: 160%
Depth: 60+
Danger: 14
Weight: 5
Inventory: Rockets (X3)
Uses Items: No
Uses doors: Yes
Attack %: 60
Special abilities: Like normal Revenants, its projectile aims at the tile the player was on. Immune to fluids and will chase the player through them. Has 50% bullet resistance and 25% plasma resistance.

The main idea is to ramp up the Revenant's glass cannon attributes relative to the other high tier monsters, so its HP doesn't see as much an improvement as the other nightmare monsters but it gets way faster, and while its projectile is no stronger, being plasma of course makes it much more difficult to have effective armor against; you won't be able to neuter its threat with just Fireproof Red Armor, and Cerberus Armor won't be reducing its damage as much either. Then finally, given this Revenant swaps a fire attack for a plasma attack, I thought it fitting to swap the 25% fire resistance with a plasma resistance; aside from the more unique plasma resistance, it also helps covers a weakness of the original Revenant where it could be so easily killed in a single Plasma Rifle volley, and makes it even more annoying for Pistol builds that before could rely on an Energy Pistol or Blaster to get past the Revenant's bullet resistance.

Nightmare Mancubus
HP: 100
Armor: 4
Accuracy: +3 Melee, +3 Ranged
Melee damage: 1d3 + 12
Projectile damage: 4d6, acid damage, radius 2
Speed: 70%
Depth: 70+
Danger: 14
Weight: 3
Inventory: Rockets (X6)
Uses items: No
Uses doors: Yes
Attack %: 70

Special abilities: Like normal Mancubi, it fires three projectiles, with one aimed at the player and one at each side, and if it attacks, it will fire a second volley for its next turn even if it can't see the player, unless it gets hit and interrupted. Unlike normal Mancubi, its attack can leave behind acid tiles. Immune to fluids and will chase the player through them. Has a 50% melee resistance and 50% knockback resistance.

So course with a Nightmare Mancubus, you would make it an absolute tank. With its attack, instead of making it plasma like other nightmare enemies, I think it should be acid instead. One, it helps for more variation when Barons and Bruisers are currently the only enemies with acid attacks. Two, it's not quite as immediately lethal without very specific armor as it would be with a plasma version of its attack, but it still cannot be neutralized so easily as fire attacks, and now it will absolutely shred your armor if you get caught in the full brunt of its attack. Then being able to leave acid behind adds more unique behavior and lets it leave even more of a wreck behind when it fires than a normal Mancubus (plus it would help even more with making the aforementioned Mt. Erebus an appropriate challenge on UV/N! as they'll eliminate your amount of safe land to work with). It also gets a big increase to its melee attack and a big melee resistance, so getting in its melee range to prevent it from firing will be a very tough ordeal too, and I thought some knockback resistance would be fitting as well, so you can't as easily corner shoot it to death or just knock it out of your vision range like you can with normal Mancubi (but that can be omitted if deemed too obnoxious or if it's unable to be programmed knockback resistance without having full knockback immunity). Unlike other nightmare enemies that get a significant speed boost however, I think the Nightmare Mancubus should be even slower, to farther emphasize its tank design and to give some more counterplay against such a durable and dangerous enemy.

*Also a new assembly I just thought of: Laser Blade (or any other preferred legally distinct name)

How to assemble - Combat knife + BTN
Damage: 5d5
Damage type: Plasma
Accuracy: -2
Firing speed: 0.8 seconds
Alternate fire: Throw
Special: Counts as a blade for Malicious Blades. When equipped, any enemy plasma attack that deals less than 5 damage before armor and resistances will be reduced to 0 damage. Those that deal 5 or more damage will hit as normal.

So this niche assembly idea addresses the following; a means for melee builds to utilize a Nano mod on their primary weapon type of choice, a substantially stronger bladed weapon than a Chainsword for Malicious Blades, and most important to entice justifying spending a Nano mod on this over getting regenerating armor or Antigrav Boots, it gives a very strong tool against rapid-firing plasma enemies, the biggest bane of Melee builds (especially Malicious Blades, which can't get berserked easily to deal with them and whose mastery gives no defensive bonus against). The number of "less than 5 damage" is deliberate, as it's right at the edge of where it won't make you completely invincible against normal Arachnotrons (whose 1d5 plasma bolts will get through with a max damage roll), and it's factored before armor/resistances both so you can't gain effective invulnerability against all plasma attacks and to be more lore accurate (you're supposed to be deflecting the plasma bolts before they hit you). If this mechanic is too complicated to program, then it can alternatively just be a flat +50% plasma resistance when equipped instead. Also has 0.8 firing speed to reflect the Technical mod investment (while giving a bit farther of a DPS edge), and has -2 accuracy, since it is a weapon you're supposed to need to be skilled to use effectively (not like non-melee builds would ever make this anyway unless they're really scared of Spider's Lair and Arachnotron Caves).

Well Icy hasn't been around so my new ideas haven't gotten feedback, but I thought I should post more of my ideas here regardless.

*Vampyre needs farther nerfs

After the Marine's buffs of 20% inherent energy resistances and Ironman giving 10% physical resistances per level, as well as Marines being able to activate Berserker easier from getting hit, it became clear Vampyre was very busted and so was blocked Ironman as a result. However after extensive testing with it, I can conclude Vampyre is still far and away the best mastery that borders on IDDQD with minimal investment, and it just steamrolls the game in a mindless manner. You don't even need particularly good armor nor any TaN investment; with just Nanofiber Red Armor, an indestructible but normally rather crummy armor with only 2 protection and 12% fire resistance, you're nearly invincible with a berserk Vampyre Marine with no TaN (Berserk resistances + Marine resistances + that 12% fire resistance gives you 92% fire resistance, which with 2 protection is enough to reduce any fire hit to 1 damage, while Berserk + Marine resistances giving you 80% acid and plasma resistances will also reduce nearly every hit of those types to 1 damage, leaving only very strong melee hits as the only things that can actually do some sort of damage to a berserk Marine in this mundane armor). The only thing hindering Vampyre is its somewhat weaker early game compared to other masteries, but the Marine's 20% energy resistances already does quite a bit to shore up this weakness, as well as Vampyre being a level 6 mastery always limiting that weakness from being that big a deal.

Some possible ideas to nerf Vampyre:
*Increase the prerequisites, with my idea being Berserker, 1 Badass, and 2 Finesse. (Vampyre being a level 6 mastery that gives you a free level pick never made much sense with how strong of a mastery it always been considered, making it take a bit longer to get will make the aforementioned harder early game a more clear weakness)

*Make Vampyre no longer able to recover health above 100% (could make "death of a thousand cuts" in big fights more of a threat when you can no longer easily stockpile a big health reserve, and make Survivalist's ability to recover health above 100% without powerups more unique)

*Prevent the Marine's inherent resistances from stacking with Berserk's resistances, so berserk Marines aren't ridiculously resilient without having decent armor (this would technically nerf other Marine builds too, but they'll be impacted far less than Vampyre will be, and regardless, I don't think you should be reaching the realm of 80% resistances without the aid of armor).

I think Vampyre would still be very good even if all of these nerfs were implemented, but at least one of these needs to be implemented. Would appreciate more discussion on this.

*Increase the explosion radius of the Nightmare Archvile's attack to 2

The Nightmare Archvile getting its attack changed to plasma did made it considerably more dangerous, but I think it could use a bit more to cement its status as this very scary monster. Seeing how the Arena Master's zap has a 2 radius explosion unlike the 1 radius explosion that normal Archviles have, I think the Nightmare Archvile should have that too, so its attack is more difficult to avoid and to function more effectively as the big scary upgrade of the Archvile.

*Make Mt. Erebus much more difficult
Mt. Erebus is supposed to be the more combat-centric alternative to The Lava Pits, as you have to traverse much less lava but fight more tough enemies. However, the serious resource management ordeal of Lava Pits is a unique challenge that needs proper preparation for or else you just won't be able to beat it (especially with the harder difficulties now removing the radsuits). Erebus on the other hand, you just need to rocket jump a couple times to reach the island, and then the combat isn't even hard, as a handful of Revenants and Mancubi are hardly a serious threat this late into the game (especially compared to Mortuary/Limbo before), while even if you have no radsuits to fight the Lava Elemental here, you got much more space to work with before he could drown you in lava. Beating Erebus with no radsuits nor any other special equipment is no sweat even with the harder difficulties now removing the radsuits from the level, and it's always a relief seeing it spawn instead of Lava Pits. For the possible final special level you can encounter, it seriously needs a lot more bite to it. Nothing concrete but some possible ideas:

*Add Cacodemons separately from the Lost Souls/Pain Elementals, instead of having Pain Elementals replace them on harder difficulties, while having some of those Cacodemons outside the mountain and some more inside the mountain. Then on UV/N!, replace the Cacodemons with their Nightmare variations (aside from adding more appropriate combat threat to the level all-around by having an enemy that can more effectively harass you from over the lava and having more enemies appear from raising the mountain, it would be more thematically fitting with the actual Mt. Erebus in Doom, where it's the Ultimate Doom map with the most Cacodemons)

*Increase the amount of Revenants and Mancubi on UV and N! (weirdly on UV and N! compared to HMP, Revenants and Mancubi just swap their positions while the total amount of them remains unchanged, UV/N! players should be able to handle more than 7 Revenants and 5 Mancubi this far into the game, not to mention that having more than a single Revenant patrolling the front of the island will make it more difficult to get on there without a radsuit/invulnerability/lava immune boots)

*Have two Lava Elementals spawn for the boss fight (taking a cue from Deimos Lab, as like with Shamblers, doubling up the Lava Elementals should exponentially increase the difficulty of the fight with their teleporting and regeneration, not to mention that two of them drenching the map with lava would make up for the level giving you a much larger island to work with than Lava Pits. However I could see a technical issue here with dropping the Lava Element, can it be programmed so it only drops after both Lava Elementals are killed?)

*Ideas for more level events

Since the Darkness level event was added in, it seems new level events could be possible. When thinking of possible new level events, a few ides I have:

*A "Mortuary" event that emulates what happens when you encounter the Apostle at the end of A100/666, where all enemies on the floor immediately die as you enter, and then a group of Archviles are spawned throughout the level, with higher difficulties spawning more (and perhaps UV and N! has a chance to spawn Nightmare Archviles too). This aspect of the Apostle fight is the most interesting thing about it and gives a creepy vibe to the encounter, so having something like that happening in any level could be a memorable spook.

*A "Max Carnage" event, that simply does what AoMC does but for that single floor, i.e. you and all enemies will always deal the maximum possible damage while having +12 accuracy. AoMC is one of the most popular challenge modes and is one of the few challenges whose gimmick can work as a level event, so this could be interesting and fun. There could also be a "Snake Eyes" event if you get a particularly bad level roll, where only the enemies get max damage and accuracy for their attacks while you don't.

*A "Masochism" event, that emulates AoMs by preventing you from healing on the floor. AoMs isn't a popular challenge, but I think having its effect occasionally randomly happen on any floor could make for appropriately stressful yet stimulating scenarios. To prevent it from being a practical automatic death sentence if it happens when the player enters a floor at low health, you can have it heal the player to full health at the start of the level, before then preventing them from healing any farther until they exit the floor.

When looking at the other existing challenges, I don't think any of them could really work as level events. The weapon lock challenges are obviously out when they would create inevitable unwinnable scenarios if they happened as random events. You can't just strip a player of their inventory mid-game so an AoLT event is out. An AoP event is redundant when any random level can already just not spawn any powerups, thus preventing you from using powerups on that floor. An AoI event could be done, but it would be very frustrating to be unable to save any mods you found during that level event for later use, especially so if it was a rare mod. An AoHu event where your max HP gets temporary reduced might be workable, but replicating AoHu would make the level event exceedingly frustrating, and otherwise the aforementioned Masochism event makes for a fairer "don't get hit" level event. And then of course it doesn't need to be explained why AoPc isn't workable as an event.

*A couple new challenge mode ideas

Kornel indicated that adding more badges and medals is on the table, when rejecting the proposal here to set the badges to 25 per tier and 50 total medals. With that, it seems more challenge modes could also be on the table, so I got some ideas:

*A challenge mode where all the floors will be Arena-type levels. The idea of this was briefly discussed earlier in the thread when I was suggesting challenge ideas that discourage campy play (since so many of the existing challenges encourage it), and after thinking on it, I think it could make for a fun challenge, as you will have to fight in these more open levels with limited corner shooting opportunities and having enemies actively hunt you, while resources are also more scarce as every floor will only have 10 items (though to keep the first couple floors from being too luck-based for any build, I would add a Shotgun + shells, Chaingun + more bullets, and Combat Knife to the player's starting inventory). A similar challenge mode could be done for only Maze levels too, given mazes are typically much more difficult than normal levels but in a different way, with much more haphazard level geometry and ramped up danger that results in more + tougher enemies spawning. A Cave-only levels mode could also be an interesting challenge (we could even call it Angel of, given how ridiculously often you ran into Arachnotron caves in that version :p), though given the more limited enemy selection in caves, only encountering caves would get monotonous and so I'm not so sure on that being a good idea. When it comes to the set levels for these challenges, Phobos Base Entry should be removed like it is with Angel Of Pacifism and Angel of 100, while the boss levels could stay or be adjusted to fit the challenges (Tower Of Babel and Dis are already practically Arena type levels).

*A challenge mode where every randomized floor will have a level event. Usually in a standard game, you'll only encounter a couple level events per run, so having them on every floor could make for more exciting yet more challenging runs.

*This is an idea I don't think is very feasible, but I want to spitball about it anyway in case something can happen; a challenge mode where upon advancing to the next floor, your equipment and inventory is reset to your starting inventory, alongside your health being reset back to 100% (but your traits and EXP total will remain). In Doom, the most popular self-imposed challenge is to Pistol Start every map (i.e. instead of carrying over all your health, armor, weapons, and ammo, you reset back to only having 100%, no armor, your Pistol, and 50 bullets), so much so that people will even play through ultra hard megawads this way, so being able to replicate that experience in DRL could be fun. Aside from possible technical limitations, a serious issue I see is in Doom, the official maps and often fan-made maps are explicitly designed around being beatable when Pistol Starting, whereas the random level generation of DRL of course would not cater to this and you could very well often just end with floors where there are no weapons nor enough ammo, so your only option is to stair dive and pray. Also most special levels would be outright unbeatable, as would Tower Of Babel and Dis (while Phobos Anomaly would force a pacifist clear). To address the former issue, like the aforementioned Arenas-only challenge, the default inventory can be modified to include a Shotgun + shells, Chaingun + more bullets, and Combat Knife, so that you'll always have some means to fight back regardless of your build (while exotics and uniques could be made thrice as likely to spawn, since you only get to use them for a single floor anyway). For the latter issue, perhaps there could be an exception where entering special levels and the boss levels doesn't reset your inventory (you could still end up RNG screwed though if the immediate prior floor is lacking in resources or forced you to use them all up, the alternative would be modifying each of these levels to have special item placements during this challenge like how Hell's Arena has different rewards based on the challenge, but I can see programming that to be a big pain).

If any of these challenge ideas are accepted, then I can think of badges for them. If new challenges aren't gonna happen and thinking of challenge ideas is a waste of time, then do let me know Kornel.

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 5
« on: June 30, 2024, 23:49 »
Here is my organized bug report post for this beta after doing a few runs:

BUG #1

When starting up the game, I often get an error message on bootup saying DoomRL crashed because of "File not open", though despite this and being listed as a "fatal exception", the game still continues on as normal without any apparent issues once I hit enter or click OK in the message box. Maybe it's related to me customizing config/keybindings/music/sounds? Though I never seen this error in prior betas. Here is the error code for it:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 6/14/2024 0:03:31
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $00000001000322E6 :
EInOutError : File not open
  $00000001000322E6  FLUSH,  line 390 of ../fpcvalkyrie/src/vlog.pas
  $00000001000020A8  main,  line 115 of src/doomrl.pas

BUG #2

Scavenger is supposed to be able to dissemble melee weapons, armors, and boots now. Dissembling melee weapons works as it's supposed to, however I could not dissemble armors and boots, whether modded, assembled, exotic, and unique (with the weird exception of only Tactical Boots and Tactical Armor being able to be dissembled). Even those with guaranteed mod drops added didn't work, as I found a Shielded Armor (which is supposed to give a guaranteed Onyx mod) and could not dissemble it.

Now I haven't tested every single armor and boots, so here is an exact list of what I have tested and been unable to dissemble: modded Blue Armor, modded Red Armor, Fireproof Armor, Ballistic Armor, Bullet-proof Vest, Phaseshift Armor, Medical Armor, Gothic Armor, Ballistic Shield, Plasma Shield, Shielded Armor, Medical Powerarmor, modded Steel Boots, Environmental Boots, Acid-proof Boots, and Phaseshift Boots.

BUG #3

The pesky error message that pops up sometimes when a Former out of your vision kills themself with a barrel or is killed by another enemy's explosion still occurs. The error code again:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 6/27/2024 20:54:05
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnAttacked caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : beings[soldier].OnAttacked
Call params   : (<object>,<object>)
Error message : Lua error : attempt to call a table value

BUG #4

On the info screen, the level feel information can go beyond the screen, where you're then unable to view all of it. Perhaps the screen can be made scrollable when this happens? Here's a screenshot of an example:

BUG #5

Technical mods increasing the resistances of armors and boots is working as intended. However with assemblies that use Technical mods, if you apply a Technical mod before completing the assembly, the boosted resistances will carry over to the resulting assembly, making them more powerful than intended. For example with Fireproof Armor, if you apply the Technical mod first and then the Bulk mod to complete it, the resulting Fireproof armor will overall give +40% fire resistance, +10% plasma and acid resistances, +20% bullet and shrapnel resistances, and only -10% melee resistance, as demonstrated in this screenshot:

Interestingly this will not override any set resistances of the assembly however, so with Cerberus Armor, you get +20% physical resistances, while the energy resistances are still set 70% to fire/acid and 50% plasma, as you can see in this screenshot:

Also Technical mods add +20% physical resistances and +10% plasma resistance to boots, despite those added resistances doing absolutely nothing (unless there are plans to add a new fluid or other damaging floor that utilizes one of those types). I think Technical mods on boots should be reverted back to increasing knockback resistance, as while you would rarely actually use Technical mods for that purpose, increasing resistances on boots have more limited practicality since there are only two relevant damage types and both fluids deal set damage, whereas extra knockback resistance is a unique utility that you may occasionally want on some boots. If we keep Technical mods increasing the damage resistances of boots, then it should be changed so that Technical mods don't add worthless physical and plasma resistances to boots, while giving them +20% acid and fire resistances instead (ensuring that a Technical mod will result in the boots always sustaining 1 less damage from acid and 2 less damage from lava regardless of the boots' inherent resistances, assuming the boots didn't already reduce damage to 1 or 0).

BUG #6

The accuracy bonus to melee attacks from Brute is supposed to now increase the accuracy of thrown Combat Knives (and Mjollnirs) accordingly, yet in an AoB run I did, thrown knives were still seeming to miss as often as always even at point blank range. Here's a screenshot showing an unhurt Baron with three Combat Knives around him, where I missed three throws in a row at point blank range, despite me having Brute 3 and thus my accuracy should have been 98%, as shown in the second screenshot:

BUG #7

The bug I reported in the beta 3 thread of damage from high knockback explosive attacks not applying appropriately on direct hits still persists, but I got some screenshots this time demonstrating it. Here in the first screenshot you can see an Archvile targeting me while I stand still to get hit directly by it in Phaseshift Armor:

Then in this second screenshot you can see me having been hit by the Archvile's attack, yet I took no damage at all due to the Phaseshift Armor's increased knockback knocking me out of the attack's explosion radius:

BUG #8

Maybe doesn't technically qualify as a bug, but still an annoying issue, as when you initiate a rocket jump, the targeting tile will go to an enemy, instead of a tile next to you. Rocket jumping doesn't work if you don't target an adjacent tile (as the game will simply cancel the action if you don't do so), making it more inconvenient to rocket jump around enemies as you'll need to move the cursor back from an enemy to an adjacent tile every time, especially so as you must use the keyboard to slowly move the cursor back to an adjacent tile (using the mouse will cancel when trying to alt-fire).

BUG #9?

Ammo levers are working as intended, spawning an ammo stack pickup for the weapon you have equipped. However the spawned ammo stack is not affected by the difficulty multiplier, not sure if this is a bug but reporting it in case it isn't and is something that can be fixed.

BUG #10

Not a serious bug, but if you try to use the open or close door command when not next to a door, you'll get these garbled messages:

In case you've been unable to open these screenshots, the message states: "There's nLimitRangeo door you can open/close here"


The powerup overlay colors were adjusted to be less harsh to the eyes and to make things easier to see ingame. The berserk and envirosuit overlays were definitely improved in this regard (notably you can actually see the Intution enemy Xs now), however the new invulnerability overlay is straightup unbearable, with it not only being very difficult to see what's in the level, but most egregiously you can't see most of the text in your infobar. Here are two screenshots demonstrating it:

Whether it's just reverting back to the old invulnerability overlay or doing something new (such as maybe the sepia coloring that sometimes get used in Doom wads for a more viewable invulnerability overlay), something needs to be done here. Regardless though, I would still like the optional toggle to turn off these powerup overlays altogether that was proposed in the requested changes thread.

I've tested out House Of Pain, including say no to the "House Master" asking me if I want to enter at the beginning, and using the Arena Master Staff at the start and end of the level. The good news is the level works as intended, with me not encountering any bugs with any of the level's scripting, with the exception of the bottom door in the first room being destroyable (as seen in this screenshot The enemy loadout on each difficulty could be better balanced though, so here are my suggestions to the enemy changes on each difficulty, keeping the seeming intention in mind of this level being a more difficult alternative to The Vaults that doesn't essentially require the Arena Master's Staff (but having and using makes the level easier):

Hey Not Too Rough
First room: Keep as is (so 10 Pinkies, 4 Arachnotrons)
Second room: Change it to 4 Cacodemons, 4 Hell Knights (only six enemies makes this room feel rather empty, and a couple extra Hell Knights isn't making this room that much more difficult)
Third room: Keep as is (so 2 Mancubi, 2 Revenants)
Final battle: Change it to 2 Archviles (even for HNTR a single Archvile is underwhelming as a "boss" this far into the game)

Hurt Me Plenty
First room: Change it to 6 Pinkies, 8 Arachnotrons
Second room: Change it to 4 Cacodemons, 4 Barons
Third room: Change it to 3 Mancubi, 3 Revenants, 1 Archvile (adding an extra Mancubus and Revenant, because I don't think just a single Archvile adds all that much to the difficulty of this room)
Final battle: Change it to 1 Nightmare Archvile (two of them is crazy for HMP, and seems to be a clear mistake when it's the only difficulty with two of them here)

Ultra Violence
First room: Change it to 6 Nightmare Demons, 8 Arachnotrons (we dealt with Nightmare Demons back in Phobos Lab that appeared 10 dlevels + 4 special levels ago, having regular Pinkies here on UV is pretty laughable if you're not playing AoOC)
Second room: Change it to 4 Nightmare Cacodemons, 4 Barons (current UV with only two of each makes this room feel really empty)
Third room: Change it to 4 Mancubi, 4 Revenants, 2 Archviles (doubling up the Revenants and Archviles compared to current UV, because just doubling the Mancubi is weird and didn't add much to the difficulty)
Final battle: Change it to 2 Nightmare Archviles (a double Nightmare Archvile fight feels much more appropriate for UV)

First room: Change it to 6 Nightmare Demons, 4 Arachnotrons, 4 Nightmare Arachnotrons (so just replacing the Pinkies with their Nightmare versions compared to current N!, thought about changing all the Arachnotrons too but 8 Nightmare Arachnotrons in a rather open room could be too crazy even for N!)
Second room: Change it to 6 Nightmare Cacodemons, 6 Barons (this room is now getting crowded with beefy enemies, definitely would appreciate the Arena Master Staff here to retreat to the first room for more space)
Third room: Change it to 6 Mancubi, 6 Revenants, 3 Archviles? (I can't parse the source code data on the exact enemy counts for this room, so I'm not sure what current N! looks like, but this should be an appropriate climb from UV)
Final battle: Change it to 2 Nightmare Archviles + some assortment of Nightmare enemies and Barons that will steal the prize armors (instead of simply upping the number of Nightmare Archviles, we keep it at 2, but also spawn some buddies alongside them so they'll have help even after you destroyed all the corpses beforehand, unsure what exactly to have though)

I've also thought about removing some or all of the health globes on UV and N!, but perhaps we'll want to test with the changed enemy loadouts first before removing the resources. Also keeping them does give incentive to use the Staff here, which you want to give an appropriate reward for carrying the Staff to here (as it'll give you access to retreat back to them if a room gets gnarly).

Been a while, but I thought up of some more changes:

*Change Gunrunner's prerequisite of Juggler to Finesse 2

Gunrunner being allowed Whizkid in the betas has proven to be a big help and it can now be decent with a very high potential ceiling, though it still has the major flaw of requiring so many ancillary traits before it can really get going; for Gunrunner's shooting while running effect to be actually useful, you practically need to get Shottyman, requiring three more levels beyond the six you already need to get Gunrunner. But you also really want Whizkid, but because of the prerequisites and direly needing Shottyman, you can't get WK1 until level 11 at earliest and WK2 not until level 12! By making Fin2 a prerequisite instead of Juggler, it would allow Gunrunner to spec into WK a level earlier, giving it a slight buff to make that heavy investment it requires a bit less painful. I also think firing faster instead of juggling your weapons is a more thematically fitting prerequisite for Gunrunner too.

*Give Fireangel some sort of additional offensive perk, one possible idea being whenever they use a weapon that shoots rockets, give them a +2 dice bonus to such weapons.

The big weakness of Fireangel that holds it back is its terrible offense without it investing in sidearming melee, and while the explosion immunity from indirect hits is a nice defensive bonus, it's not so strong as to be worth having no offensive boon at all. A simple and thematically fitting idea is to simply have them hit harder with rocket launchers, which wouldn't be that significant of a buff but would be something that could help and would farther establish Fireangel as the "rocket launcher build". This would also help the ammo efficiency problem that holds using rocket launchers back as weapons (actually trying to make heavy offensive use of rocket launchers with Fireangel will run into ammo problems without making a Nanomachic Rocket Launcher), and even farther no-damage rocket jumps from these stronger rockets would be a nice bonus too. The bug I noted in the beta thread of direct hit explosions doing less or no damage would need to be fixed though, or else this change could backfire. You could instead give it some offensive bonus to shotguns if you want to emphasize it being a shotgun mastery and make it an actually viable pick for Angel Of Shotgunnery, but I don't know what you could do for it (Shottyhead already has the faster shotguns down and Army Of The Dead has the harder-hitting shotguns down).

*Change Gun Kata to have an instant pistol attack after a successful dodge instead of it being 90% faster, and give it the defensive perk to apply Dodgemaster to all attacks between moves.

I don't ever really recall seeing Gun Kata brought up often among the bad masteries, but I always been very underwhelmed by it, and after farther playing around with it, I'm firmly of the stance now that it's a crappy mastery. One big problem similar to Gunrunner is that it requires so many ancillary traits; it technically only requires SoG2, but in all practicality you need SoG3 or else you're just going to be too slow and too weak when late Phobos and Deimos comes, so it may as well as be a mastery that requires 8 levels. However, unless you're lucky enough to find one of the Unique pistols early, you also really need Whizkid to buff your weakass pistols, which requires two levels of Finesse that you don't really care much for as a Pistol build and then those two levels of Whizkid, at which point that's already 12 levels. But there's still SoG 4 and SoG5 after that! And you would also really like a level of Eagle Eye or two because pistols miss a lot at far range (especially if the proposed Magnum gets added)! And if you want Intuition, you wouldn't even be able to fit all that in on any difficulty below Nightmare outside of A100! You get an early game that is slightly less hard than the other Pistol masteries, but compared to other builds, you're just going to always be behind them at every stage of the game, while Sharpshooter at least offers a very strong midgame and still strong lategame.

But for the actual bonuses Gun Kata grants? Not very good either. The "near instant" attack dodging bonus may as well be worthless; one, you often won't be able to utilize this bonus when against hordes, rapid-firing enemies, and the VMR, and two, pistols will eventually come close to or hit the minimum firing speed, at which point this bonus is completely worthless. The other perk is you automatically reload your pistols when you kill an enemy, which can be very handy when fighting hordes, but still has problems that makes it not all that great compared to what other masteries offer; aside from often ending up in situations where you can't pick off an enemy to get that reload in (I find myself much preferring to have the reliability of one pistol + ammo box instead for this reason), if you get a bulk-modded Combat Pistol, Blaster, and/or Nanomachic Pistols, this bonus ends up pointless. You could very well argue you're better off going masterless for a Scout Pistol build, or using Pistols as Cateye instead!

Now I'm not sure how to buff Gun Kata. Changing the Dodgemaster prerequisite to HR2 + SoG3 would help, though no Dodgemaster wouldn't be thematically fitting. The main idea I have is to try making Gun Kata itself better, and we can focus on making that dodging perk not so worthless. The first change would be to make the attack after a dodge actually instant, like how Blademaster gets instant attacks on kills. This still wouldn't that much of a boon, but would be something so that it doesn't become pointless once you get your pistols' firing speed at or near 0.1 seconds, while you would also get assurance that no enemy will get an attack in immediately after you fire (I recently actually got killed by the Shambler in Hell's Armory with Gun Kata during an AoMr run because I went for a shot after a dodge thinking I would be safe, yet the timing ended up with the Shambler still getting its turn right after I shot), and it would let Gun Kata uniquely get a little more mileage out of action-based powerups, as instant actions don't count towards the action counter (and pistols as is benefit from powerups far less than other weapons because of how many more cumulative actions they use to kill things). The second change would be to give Gun Kata a unique boon of having its Dodgemaster being able to apply to all enemy attacks between moves, instead of just the first attack, as aside from getting a unique defensive boon, Gun Kata would now actually be able to more reliably try utilizing the dodging instant attack perk in scenarios beyond one-on-one encounters with single-projectile shooting enemies. I don't think this idea would be remotely broken either; you still need to be able to move in a way to execute a dodge against all incoming attacks from large hordes, you still have to be mindful of walls and obstacles to avoid getting hit by explosions, and it would still be worthless against the VMR. With these changes I think Gun Kata would still only be better than current Bullet Dance and Entrenchment, but it would be something to try making Gun Kata not so underwhelming.

*Give Bullet Dance the additional perk of being able to reload dual pistols faster.

Bullet Dance no longer having Eagle Eye blocked and the new Marine inherent resistances in the beta has been a much appreciated buff for Bullet Dance, but the mastery is still really bad and I don't think it's viable at all in Angel Of Marksmanship, as much of the problems with it still remain; has the same "requires way too much investment" problem described prior with Gun Kata, still has to pick up a completely dead level in Triggerhappy that exacerbates its problems in late Phobos and early Deimos, and most crippling, that rapid-firing drains the small clips of pistols so fast, while Bullet Dance can do nothing to mitigate that problem without being lucky enough to build Nanomachic Pistols or finding a Combat Pistol and giving it multiple Bulk mods. The buffed Reloader can really help with this, but fitting in Reloader with all the other ancillary traits you desperately need is too much, while the other two Pistol masteries that don't deplete pistols as fast have something to mitigate reloading issues without needing to invest in Reloader (Gun Kata already been explained, and Sharpshooter can easily utilize ammo boxes). As such, Bullet Dance should get an additional perk to reload dual pistols at half the time or even faster. If reloading wasn't such a major problem for Bullet Dance, it could be halfway functional without the desperate need for Nanomachic Pistols and bulk-modded Combat Pistols.

*To buff Entrenchment, have it give +20% all resistances just from equipping a chain fire weapon in the primary slot, and give +50% all resistances when chain firing. Additionally, give it a second perk to reduce ammo consumption when chain firing.

We all know the fundamental problems with Entrenchment and some ideas have been floated, but nothing definitive has been formally proposed. Applying both my idea of +20% resistances just when equipping a chain firing weapon and Icy's idea of +50% resistances when chain firing would be a start. Another idea I thought of however, after seeing how Entrenchment works in Jupiter Hell, is to also reduce ammo consumption when chain firing (such as by having all subsequent chain firing bursts take 2/3rd of the ammo while still having the increased shots). A big problem with actually trying to utilize extensive chain firing is that unless you got a Nanomachic weapon or a Minigun, your clip will simply run out of ammo after only a few bursts, at which point you're left very vulnerable as you have to reload and then build up your chain firing all over again. Then extensive chain firing is also very wasteful with ammo too, as many of those extra shots will be overkill, and several shots get wasted when you pan from enemy to enemy, so you'll easily find yourself running out of ammo if you actually try to take advantage of Entrenchment without one of the aforementioned rare weapons. Reduced ammo consumption would help a lot here, letting you utilize Entrenchment's chain firing bonus longer before needing to reload, and making you waste a lot less ammo when doing so. Alternatively, if that cribs too much on Ammochain, Entrenchment could instead instantly reload when your clip runs out of ammo, if it can be programmed in a way to not disrupt your chain firing (though that wouldn't help the ammo wasting problem).

Or Entrenchment could just be thrown out completely for something new; even if it was buffed to be usable, the idea of it is still arguably the least exciting mastery in the game.

*Make Cacodemons and Nightmare Cacodemons attack more frequently.

I always found it weird how Cacodemons and Hell Knights are offensively equivalent, other than the Hell Knight having a slightly higher accuracy bonus. One idea to help differentiate them more is to have the Cacodemon attack substantially more often, perhaps increasing its attack chance to as high as 60%. Not only would this give Cacodemons a bit more distinct offensive behavior as a more aggressive enemy, it would also be more inline with how they actually function in Doom, where Cacodemons are more aggressive than the Hell Nobles. It would also make Cacodemons over damaging fluids even more of a hassle, when they'll be spending more time shooting at you instead of moving in to make them easier to hit. If this change is implemented, it should naturally be given to Nightmare Cacodemons as well (perhaps increasing their attack frequency all the way to 75%, tying it with the formers and Cyberdemon for most aggressive enemy), especially as Nightmare Cacodemons lost a lot of their uniqueness with all the other nightmare enemies being given fluid immunity. Nightmare Cacodemons could perhaps be made to hit a bit harder too to help better define their role as the single strong projectile enemy of the nightmare ensemble (either increasing their projectile damage to 2d8 or 3d5), as is they hit only slightly harder than regular Cacodemons, Hell Knights, and Nightmare Imps (with their projectile doing only 1 more damage on average and up to 2 more damage max).

*Add Nightmare Demons to Unholy Cathedral on UV and Nightmare difficulties.

Unholy Cathedral is gonna be really easy for melee builds no matter what unless you make it absurd, but it's also really easy for non-melee builds once you learn how to time hits between the Angel Of Death's moves with a fast enough build. So perhaps add a bit more to it by adding the strongest regular melee enemy in the game, that you also won't be able to cheese by luring them into the lava thanks to their newly added fluid immunity (and it's also weird that not even Nightmare has them, when it adds nightmare enemies to many other levels). Now there could be concern that this makes the Cathedral too difficult for builds with no Brute investment, but if you can move and attack fast enough to outspeed the AoD, then you can outspeed Nightmare Demons, so that trick will still work, you just have to be more mindful with your movements with handling a horde of them and avoid getting yourself cornered. Additionally, with Cathedral and Vaults having been swapped, the buffed Ironman giving you inherent melee resistance, and the Ballistic Armor assembly being buffed, you have a much better chance of getting the defenses to reduce all melee hits down to 1 damage before the Cathedral than you did before. Plus, having a horde of Nightmare Demons will dissuade anyone from wasting their time with trying to cheese the AOD on UV and Nightmare with a throwing knife :p

*Allow Firestorm and Sniper mods to be used on melee weapons, with the former changing the weapon's damage type to fire, and the latter giving the weapon autohit. Additionally buff Agility mods to give +2 accuracy to melee weapons.

Currently, Firestorm and Sniper mods can not be used on melee weapons, making getting these rare mods as a melee build particularly frustrating. The two proposed armor assemblies utilizing these mods would help partially alleviate this problem, but you could also make these mods usable on melee weapons. For a Firestorm mod, you can have using it on a melee weapon turn its damage type to fire, which would make it less effective against a few enemies (most notably Revenants and Lost Souls), but in turn would make the weapon much more effective at gibbing, that could make it a particularly attractive option on Nightmare difficulty or in Angel Of Darkness (or otherwise just for dealing with Archviles). Not to mention that this could help give the Double Chainsaw some sort of niche that it currently lacks, as a fire Double Chainsaw would be the most effective melee weapon for gibbing if you can't get Azrael's Scythe (which is especially hard to get on Nightmare difficulty/Angel Of Darkness, where you need the gibbing ability most). For a Sniper mod, simply have it give a melee weapon the autohit property; a melee weapon getting autohit from a single Sniper mod doesn't have the overpowered implications that ranged weapons getting it would, while someone paranoid about the always 2% chance to miss even with maxed out accuracy could appreciate the option to guarantee their hits, and otherwise any build that wants to utilize a melee weapon without investing several levels into Brute nor Eagle Eye have an option to make the weapon fully usable at the expense of making the weapon stronger or faster (especially with the Double Chainsaw and Ripper, which require 2 and 3 cumulative levels of Brute/Eagle Eye respectively just to have an over 50% hitrate). On the topic of accuracy, Agility mods should be buffed to give +2 accuracy to melee weapons; since melee weapons can only have 1 mod of each type and three mods total, a measly +1 accuracy from the lone Agility mod you can apply is pretty worthless, as it will be a complete waste if you are investing in Brute/Eagle Eye and still won't make a melee weapon very usable if you aren't investing in Brute/Eagle Eye (as it only bumps the Chainsaw's hitrate from 50% to 62%), nevermind the opportunity cost when Agility mods are much more coveted on armor, boots, and assemblies. At +2, throwing an Agility mod on a Chainsaw instead of just making it hit faster or harder becomes a more attractive proposition for builds with no Brute/Eagle Eye, when the jump from a 50% hitrate to a 74% hitrate is significant (or if you got one level in Brute/Eagle Eye and don't want to invest farther, going from a 74% hitrate to a 91% hitrate is still a substantial improvement that you could find expending an Agility mod for to be worth it).

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 3
« on: April 06, 2024, 03:27 »
To ensure they don't get buried in the Discord channel, I'm gonna compile a list of bugs here:

BUG #1

The "repeat level feeling" command still does not work for me. Is it a file pathway issue or from me modifying my keybindings? (though I'll note I did not modify the default keybinding for this command):

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The error code is:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 2/6/2024 18:11:20
Error level : CRITICAL
Message     : Player action exception!

Error message : ...0\Downloads\doomrl-win-0998-beta3-lq\keybindings.lua:74: attempt to call field 'repeat_feel' (a nil value)

BUG #2

The error messages from enemies killing themselves seems to have been mostly fixed, but I still occasionally get them when an enemy kills itself with a barrel (from what I recall it has been Shotgunners):

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The error code is:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 2/8/2024 13:36:55
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnAttacked caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : beings[soldier].OnAttacked
Call params   : (<object>,<object>)
Error message : Lua error : attempt to call a table value

Also got this error code that I believe was from another one of these instances:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 2/9/2024 15:31:36
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnAttacked caught EAccessViolation!

Call path     : beings[soldier].OnAttacked
Call params   : (<object>,<object>)
Error message : Access violation

BUG #3

When trying to assemble the new Mother-In-Law, the assembly didn't work and I got this error:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You can also apply seven mods to this failed Mother-In-Law:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The error code is:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 2/25/2024 20:31:01
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnUseCheck caught EPropertyError!

Call path     : items[mod_power].OnUseCheck
Call params   : (<object>)
Error message : Cannot write to property "Desc".

BUG #4

Similarly, the Environmental Boots assembly, which also had its assembly requirements changed, results in an error too:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You can also repeatedly try to make the assembly, which results in this funny naming error. Note too that the movespeed penalty of Environmental Boots was still applied to the failed assembly, but the resistances weren't:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Here is the error code:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 3/30/2024 5:41:53
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnUseCheck caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : items[mod_bulk].OnUseCheck
Call params   : (<object>)
Error message : Lua error : lua\\mod_arrays.lua:514: attempt to index field 'resist' (a nil value)

BUG #5

The Medical Powerarmor still only recovers health to 25%, despite the normal Medical Armor having been buffed to heal to 50%. Don't know if this is a bug or if you forgot to apply that buff to the Medical Powerarmor, but noting it here to be fixed for either case.

BUG #6

This is a bug I think still remains from older versions, where it appears when either the player or an enemy is hit directly by an explosive attack, damage calculation occurs after knockback. This results in explosive attacks doing less damage than they should on direct hits as the entity is knocked into the weaker edges of the explosion before damage calculation, or they can even take no damage at all if knocked far enough out of the explosion radius. An easy way to observe this to have Phaseshift Armor on and when an Archvile is about to attack you, stay still so you get hit directly by the center of the blast, where you then take no damage as it knocks you out of the explosion radius, while conversely, if you are moving around and so get hit by the sides of the Archvile zap, damage still occurs as normal since this error seems to apply to direct hits only. Another way to observe this is to use a powerful explosive weapon with a small explosion radius like the Tactical Rocket Launcher or Napalm Launcher, where often when they hit an enemy directly, the enemy will be sent flying far back but take no damage, especially if you power-modded them, got substantial SoB investment, or are playing in Angel Of Max Carnage. Unfortunately got no screenshots on hand to demonstrate this at the moment, but I could get some the next time I find a Phaseshift Armor if needed.

BUG #7?

Killing the Apostle in A100 doesn't immediately end the game. Don't know if this is a bug or a deliberate change, but will note it in case this isn't intended.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

that stupid Lava Elemental in the Pits was a SERIOUS PITA, he left me with 18%HP and zero medpaks (IIRC I kept one on hand)

You might not be pleased to find out then that the Lava Elemental is getting buffed and The Lava Pits/Mt. Erebus are being made harder in :)

Related to sounds, I got three more small suggestions:

*Have a sound cue for when an Archvile initiates its attack

A simple suggestion; aside from making the game feel more lively, it can be confusing at times to know if an Archvile raising its arms is because it's initiating its attack or because it's reviving enemies. Having a sound cue would let you definitively know what it's doing, and will also better alert players who aren't fully paying attention to the game messages. The Archvile already has a fire attack sound set by default in the sound.lua file that goes unused (because the actual attack just uses the explosion sound), which uses the sound of the Archvile's flames when charging its attack; simply have its fire sound play when it initiates its attack. Not to mention that this would be more consistent with actual Doom.

*Have a sound cue for enemies reviving

There is similarly no sounds when an enemies revives, which again adds to the confusion to what an Archvile is actually doing, and just feels unpolished in general. So whether an enemy is revived by an Archvile, or because of Nightmare/Angel of Darkness, a sound should accompany it when the player is in close proximity to the reviving enemy. As for what sound to use, Doom has two different sounds for it depending on the method of revival; enemies revived by Archviles use the gibbing sound, while enemies reviving on Nightmare use the teleporting sound (as they are teleported back to their starting spawn point). Since DRL enemies revive on the spot of their corpse no matter the method with no teleportation involved, the gibbing sound would be more appropriate.

*Have a sound cue for spawned enemies

There is similarly no sounds for enemies being spawned, no matter the method. This one is more complicated, as there is no "one sound fits all" here. I think Pain Elementals summoning Lost Souls could simply use the Lost Souls' attacking sound, enemies spawned by traps (whether by levers, special level scripts, or the proposed trap rooms) can use the teleporting sound, enemies spawned by John Carmack could use the Icon of Sin's spawn cube sound (but if adding a new sound file to the default isn't doable for whatever reason, then they could just use the teleporting sound as well), and I don't know what sound to use for the Nightmare Demons spawned by the Berserker set, but I suppose they could just remain silent for the creepy factor (and hearing the teleporting sound or any other sound constantly from infinitely spawning demons would probably get annoying). As for Agony Elementals spawning Pain Elementals, I'm stumped; using the Lost Soul's attack sound doesn't fit, using the Pain Elemental's alert sound would get confusing, and the Pain Elemental has no attacking sound in Doom (as there it relies on the spat Lost Soul to make the sound).

You're probably right about allowing any other build access to Vampyre would be too powerful, even if the weapon was very weak. My suggestion would be perhaps the Blood Sword could be given a nerfed form of Vampyre that doesn't work on enemies that give no EXP (so no being able to farm revived enemies nor spontaneously spawned enemies like Lost Souls from Pain Elementals), but I do not know if that would be easily programmable, and if not, then the idea would have to go.

As for Mother-In-Law, I would agree with changing its assembly to PPFN, unless a couple more assemblies are turned into five mod assemblies so it doesn't stick out (a couple other five mod candidates could be Biggest Fucking Gun becoming BBBFF or BBFFF, and Nano-Shrapnel becoming PPTTN or PPPTN).


Also for a couple new suggestions:

*Have the character info screen show the amount of remaining enemies on the floor

Currently you can already deduce this by subtracting the total enemies killed count from the total enemies encountered count, so this wouldn't be giving the player any new tactical information, it will only make information already accessible more convenient to immediately see without having to do any math, especially so if you haven't killed every enemy on all prior floors (where you then need to also keep track of how many enemies you failed to kill up to that point, or have to pay attention to how much the total enemies count increases when entering a new floor).

*Fix exotics, uniques, and artifacts not having sounds for all actions, as well as some enemies not having sounds

Currently most exotics/uniques/artifacts lack any sounds for picking them up and switching to them, while most of the melee weapons have no sounds for attacking with them. Players can easily fix this by giving them whatever sounds they desire through editing the sound.lua/soundhq.lua file, but your average player probably lacks the technical knowledge or willingness to do that, and regardless it comes off as unpolished for this to be the default without modding (it certainly was really dissonant for me when I finally picked up the Dragonslayer for the first time and then there was no sounds at all when hitting enemies with it).

I would extend this to mute enemies too (e.g. nightmare enemies, the Arena Master, the Agony Elemental, the Lava Elemental, and the Apostle); it is unclear if their muteness was an intentional design choice to make them "harder" to fight, but regardless of if it's intentional, I would argue it again comes off as the game being unpolished for some enemies to nonsensically be completely mute (the Arena Master even has spoken lines, so why is he mute when you fight him?), while it additionally indirectly gives Intuition a very unneeded buff (by it being necessary to know mute enemies are around without seeing them outright). You can also easily mod in sounds for these mute enemies in the aforementioned sound.lua files to "fix" this, which players such as myself have done just to make the game feel more lively and polished, creating a grey area issue where if doing basic aesthetic modding enabled by the devs is considered "cheating", as it does technically give you a slight gameplay advantage by allowing you to detect these enemies are around without Intuition. Having all enemies make sounds by default would get rid of that ethical greyness around modding these enemies' sounds, and ensures all players are on a more even playing field regardless of if they mod enemy sounds or not.

Regarding having enemies revealed, it would have to restrict all bonus levels, all boss levels, and all dark levels, but even then I think it would impact too much. Having that level of intel in a game that is strategic and tactical is extremely powerful. On HNTR where you might get a single group of 6-8 enemies, that also lets you see where a good portion of them are as you clear them out through the floor. I don't think having a few stragglers be annoying to find is enough to justify such a fundamental change.

I don't think it's really that major of a fundamental change, floors are basically cleared once you reach the final three enemies on it, no matter how many were there before (and you could always just find a Tracking Map, or Computer Map with a Technician, rendering it moot). But we seem to be at a stalemate on this one, so this is something that others will need to comment on.

Just as a comment, I think Mother-In-Law would be pretty insane with Inquisitor Set.

It certainly could be, though that is going to be an exceptionally rate combo to obtain, especially if the proposed generation nerfs to the Inquisitor pieces go through.


A couple more suggestions I thought about:

*Have Power Armor give +20% movement speed to the base armor, instead of having a set 0% movement speed regardless of the armor used

This change would keep Powered Red Armor the same, but will give an additional bonus to making Powered Blue Armor or especially Powered Green Armor instead, as they'll now have a nice speed bonus over the Powered Red Armor, helping to balance them out having weaker protection (well Powered Red Armor probably still wins, but +10% movement speed with 60% plasma resistance from Powered Blue Armor is something you might want to make instead).

*New assembly: Blood Sword - Combat Knife + BPO = a 5d2 weapon that when used to kill an enemy, will have Vampyre's effect, restoring your health by 10% of the slain enemy's max HP

I mentioned in the Discord I was thinking of ways to use an onyx mod in a melee weapon assembly, but was having difficulty coming up with something that wasn't a boring "really strong weapon". But when thinking about how there is a melee weapon that inherently has the effect of Blademaster (the Butcher's Cleaver), I thought perhaps there should be a weapon with the effect of Vampyre too. Initially I was thinking of having it be a new unique, but then thought back to the lack of onyx weapon assemblies, and how this would be pretty fitting on a Combat Knife, while also giving Blademasters and any build side-arming melee a reason to keep a Combat Knife in their inventory after getting a Chainsaw, Cleaver, or artifact weapon. The power could maybe be buffed to 6d2 or 5d3, but the power is intentionally weak (being explicitly weaker than a Chainsword), as Vampyre is a very powerful effect (so strong it's widely considered one of the best masteries despite having some of the worst blocks among masteries), so the weapon itself needs to be weak to not be broken. The idea is this won't replace your primary stronger melee weapon, but when an enemy is near death and you're in melee range, you can whip this out (preferably by Juggler) to finish them off and get yourself HP back. Giving up the chance at an infinite durability armor is a big opportunity cost, but if I'm a non-Vampyre build utilizing melee and I haven't found a particularly good armor to use an onyx mod on, I would seriously consider making this, especially if I ended up finding more than one onyx mod.

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 1
« on: September 08, 2023, 03:52 »
BUG #7

When playing Angel of Marksmanship on UV, I have encountered a game breaking bug, where upon killing Carmack, the game crashes. However, instead of counting the win and producing a mortem, the game creates a backup save from at the start of Hell Fortress, with me at the same state I was in when I killed Carmack.

Here's a screenshot from right before I kill Carmack:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And here's a screenshot from booting up that save, notice how my health and armor are in the same exact state at which I killed Carmack (but my Combat Pistol is reloaded because I have Gun Kata, which apparently still reloaded after killing Carmack before the crash occurs).

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

If I kill Carmack again upon booting this save, the game will crash again and create another backup save, leading to an unwinnable game loop. I'll also note that I did not save when first entering Hell Fortress, and that I have gotten a full win before on this beta, so it's not just getting a full win itself that's broken. After killing him a few more times and getting a crash everytime, I just let myself die, where the game crashed and tried creating a backup save yet again. Trying to boot up this save though resulted in this corrupted save notification:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Here's what the actual error message is for this crash:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 9/8/2023 4:47:07
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $000000010006F057 :
ELuaException : Get( failed!
  $000000010006F057  GET,  line 1408 of ../fpcvalkyrie/src/vluasystem.pas
  $00000001000A72F4  WEAPONGROUP,  line 814 of src/dfhof.pas
  $00000001000A67F9  ADD,  line 850 of src/dfhof.pas
  $00000001000CE65A  WRITEMEMORIAL,  line 1114 of src/dfplayer.pas
  $000000010002AC28  RUN,  line 356 of src/doombase.pas
  $0000000100002230  main,  line 147 of src/doomrl.pas

BUG #8

After the corrupted save and the game deleting it, no mortem was saved, but I noticed some oddities with my player stats afterward.

First, it still awarded me the Marksman badges:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

This is however despite the game not counting the win:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Then I have achieved the conditions to rank up, but the game has not upgraded my rank, despite it showing me having all the requisites for the next rank:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Then all the exotics and uniques I collected during the run were counted, but have their collected number inflated. Notice the ones here with a collected number of 9 or more, when I haven't even played that many games yet on this file:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The same bug applies to assemblies too (Nanomanufacture Ammo is counted as having been made 9 times, but this was the first time I assembled it on this file):

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

My medal counts have a similar inflation bug:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Then my kill counts are all fucked up. It says I killed 45 Carmacks on UV, which is obviously bogus, but then the 10 Mastermind kills are inflated as well, and it also says I haven't killed the Arena Master on UV, even though I did so this run (and I'll note that I did not go through the crash to save loop 45 times before dying, I did so only about like 5 or 6 times):

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Well that's everything I can see for now, I'll report if I find any more oddities as a result of this game-ending crash.

Regarding Throw for Combat Knife and Mjollnir, I agree. I was surprised when I looked up that Eagle Eye improves the accuracy and Brute does not. I would also argue that Finesse should improve the speed, which it currently does not. Furthermore, I haven't tested or checked this, but Brute's damage and Son of a Bitch should also affect Throw if they don't already. This also would indirectly give Mjollnir a nice buff.

I'm pretty sure Brute does boost their power, and so SoB should as well, but if they don't already, then yes they, alongside Finesse, absolutely should affect throwing.

Regarding having enemies become revealed when there are only a few left, I'm leaning towards disagreeing. It would be a pretty fundamental change to the game, would affect a lot of levels and builds, and feels very non-canonical. Angel of Red Alert would become a lot easier, Angel of Darkness with it active would be weird, and almost all bonus levels with it would make them much easier (Hell's Arena, Chained Court, Hell's Armory, Spider's Lair, etc).

With Intuition's proposed nerfing going to make AoRA a bit harder, I think this would help balanced that out. And with AoD, I assume it wouldn't apply, as the effect would work like a Tracking Map, which doesn't work in AoD. As for the special levels, I don't know how it works in Jupiter Hell for sure as I haven't played it yet, but like I suggested with the boss levels, you could have it not work in special levels.

We've already discussed buffing Reloader from 20% to 25%, but I'm going to boldly suggest buffing this more to 30%.

I think 25% is enough of a buff, and with 30% reduction for each level, after Rel3, you would hit the minimum time of 0.1 seconds for weapons with a reload time of 1 second without even having to use an ammo box. But I don't outwardly oppose this if you really want to make Reloader desirable for any build, like Finesse already is and will remain more desirable even with this Reloader buff.

Assembly: Mother-In-Law - Rocket Launcher (PPPFN) becomes 6d9 Rocket Launcher with instant recharge firing, blast radius 6. I think this is completely fine.

I like this assembly. Gonna be dangerous for most builds, but it would in particular give Fireangel something really good to abuse their mastery with, a build that otherwise has lackluster endgame potential, particularly in A100.

Medal: Medal of Pacifism - Win with 10% or less kills. I'd be fine with this and swap out one of our suggestions. Not a huge fan of it overall though.

I think this is ok and was thinking of something like this. I would be ok having int instead of the suggested Vash's Cross, though I'm not particularly keen on either idea.

Medal: Shotgunnery Cross - Win and killed everything (not necessarily 100%) with Shotguns/Fists. I'd say scrap this as it's basically just completing Angel of Shotgunnery.

Medal: Marksmanship Cross - Win and killed everything (not necessarily 100%) with Pistols/Fists. Scrap it, see above.

Agreed, these are pretty boring new medals, not to mention that Marksman Platinum already requires 100% kills (on UV, but still too much overlap for my liking).

Medal: Zen Master's Cross - Win and killed everything (not necessarily 100%) without ever using Fists/Knives/Shotguns/Pistols. This is weird, I'd say no.

So this would basically come down to:

*Stairdive to the Chained Court hoping nothing dies along the way until you get the Chainsaw.

*Stairdive and hope you find a Plasma Rifle before anything dies indirectly (and you can't kill a Commando for one).

*Hope you find an early Rocket Launcher and get enough ammo to actually use it as a primary offensive weapon.

*Hope you find the Cleaver (or the other melee uniques if they get the same early generation floor as proposed) very early.

Yeah this medal is just going to be annoying as hell to get, I'm firmly no as well. Also just how would you get past Phobos Base Entry without anything dying, which would immediately nullify the medal when any kill there will be inevitably attributed to fists, pistols, or shotguns?

Medal: Purple Heart - Reach experience level 20+ and die. lolno

Medal: Gutts' Sorrow - Die while wielding Dragonslayer. lolno

I remember hearing about Gutts' Sorrow being dummied out of because Kornel didn't want to award bad play. Getting a medals for these things would be funny, but yeah it's not really an achievement and would be extremely annoying to actually get, as it essentially requires you to throw away a run that is near guaranteed to win and probably also had a ton of time put into it already.

Medal: Klear Cross - Nuke at least 12 levels in one game. This is basically the same as the other nuking medals, which revolves around finding Trigun. Granted, using it 12 times would require at least Ironman x2 with all Trigun nukes. I'd say no.

Oh funny that a variation of one of my initial new medal ideas is actually already in the game. If this doesn't block A100, I would be ok with having this instead of Vash's Cross, though like Medal of Pacifism, I'm not terribly into any of the ideas. If it does block A100, then absolutely not.

Those all seem pretty nobrainer. A few more things I want to suggest that I have forgotten about until now.

Have Brute increase the accuracy of throwing

Brute not affecting the accuracy of throwing always been a weird unintuitive limitation, and needlessly makes early AoB more annoyingly luck-based than it already is, when you have to rely on throwing knives to limit damage from tough enemies but have a coin flip chance at best to actually hit things with them. Then because of how awfully inaccurate throwing is, it then just gets ignored after you get the Chainsaw because it's not worth bothering with it, other than to blow up barrels. Melee builds will also never want to invest in Eagle Eye, and two of the melee masters block Eagle Eye even if they wanted to, including Malicious Blades, the build that is supposed to specialize in knives. It's not like this change would suddenly make early AoB easy either, as throwing still leaves you empty handed (unless you got the Mjollnir), and without Juggler, it's gonna take time to switch to another weapon, so you can often only safely throw one knife from long distance per enemy, if you got a chance to do so at all (Pinkies close that gap really fast).

Fix bridges being blocked off on floors with rivers

Each floor with a river is supposed to have a bridge over the river to ensure players don't get put in a position where they're forced to walk through acid and lava to reach the rest of the floor. However, these bridges can spawn in a way where they lead to a blocked off room, such as in this screenshot:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Or the bridge just gets walled off completely, such as in this screenshot:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

If you don't have some means of fluid immunity, and don't have some means to blow up walls or got a sturdy walls event, then you're just in a screwed position, especially so if it's early in the game where you probably won't have the medkits to burn tanking damage running across acid/lava into potentially a waiting enemy ambush. This seems like a no-brainer fix to me, but I could see it being possibly too complicated to fix level generation to have more reliable bridges.

When there are only three or less enemies left on a floor, reveal their locations

A feature from Jupiter Hell that Svankensen suggested in the Discord server a while ago. I think it would be nice to have in DoomRL too, especially when playing builds without Intuition, where hunting down the last few enemies can get tedious (as anyone trying to get 100% kills in A100 without Intuition can attest to). It should have the limitation though that it doesn't apply in the boss levels, as part of the intended challenge with the Cyberdemon and Mastermind is not knowing where they'll be. Maybe it's too major of a new thing to add, and could be argued that it makes the Quartermaster and other AoRA-related badges easier by too much (though Intuition getting nerfed is going to make them harder too). Another possible complication is how it would work with reviving enemies or any other spontaneously spawning enemies (would it be "turned off" if more enemies spawn after three were left, would it permanently "stay on" once you get to the final three no matter how many more enemies spawn in, or would it only continue to show the original final three enemies but none of the revived/spawned enemies?) I would like to see some discussion on this, if it's even possible to add in the first place.

Allow Scavenger to scavenge melee weapons, armors, and boots?

Scavenger is an ok mastery, but moreso because its blocks aren't as major as other masteries' blocks and so it can be played as a pseudo-masterless or pseudo-Sharpshooter build, rather than because the trait itself actually does all that much when it's entirely luck-dependent for it to do anything significant. Being able to "recycle" mods you don't need through cheap assemblies for a chance at a more helpful standard mod is nice to have, but the main appeal of the trait is it's supposed to give you much better odds at getting those highly desirable rare mods. Problem is, the odds still aren't any good; the limitation of being only able to scavenge ranged weapons means more than half of the exotics and uniques you won't be able to scavenge at all, so you could very well go an entire standard game without even getting a single chance to scavenge a unique for a potential nano or onyx mod, and in A100 you still will probably get very few chances at it (in an A100 run I just did with Scavenger, I only found two uniques that I could scavenge, and less than a dozen exotic weapons). Additionally, scavenging an exotic or unique means you can't use it yourself, so you might not get to utilize Scavenger because it would be counterproductive to give up such a good weapon for a random chance at a rare mod that you would have wanted to use on said weapon in the first place. Considering that, I think it would be fair to weigh the odds more in the favor of Scavenger making a difference over just going masterless. If people think this buff would be tilting the odds too much, I would be fine with scavenged armors and boots having lower odds at giving you the good stuff (say exotic armor and boots have a 1/8 chance each of giving you a sniper or firestorm mod while the standard mods each have a 3/16 chance, and unique armor and boots have a 1/3 chance of giving a power mod, a 1/4 chance each of giving a sniper or firestorm mod, and a 1/12 chance each of giving an onyx or nano mod).

If this change is accepted, I would also propose the following guaranteed mod drops: the Mjollnir and Shielded Armor will always produce an onyx mod; Malek's Armor will always produce a nano mod; and the Lava Armor will always produce a firestorm mod (also the Anti-Freak Jackal should always produce a firestorm mod too regardless, as it is practically a beefed up Demolition Pistol and currently nothing produces a guaranteed firestorm mod).

Increase the generation weights of all the Elite Formers and Lava Elemental

Yet for another proposed change for the Elite Formers, I think they should appear more often in the later depths of A100. Currently they all have a generation weight of 1, being as rare as a Cyberdemon and Agony Elemental, despite not posing anywhere near that threat. It would also help to increase the variety in deeper A100 so you're not fighting so many damn Barons and VMR. I would bump their weights by the following; the Elite Former Human up to 8 (as much as a Nightmare Imp), the Elite Former Sergeant up to 6 (as much as a Nightmare Demon and Nightmare Cacodemon), the Elite Former Captain up to 5 (inbetween the aformentioned two Nightmare enemies and Nightmare Arachnotrons), and the Elite Former Commando up to 3 (as much as a Nightmare Archvile and Shambler).

The Lava Elemental similarly has a generation weight of 1 despite being a much lesser threat than a Cyberdemon or Agony Elemental, or even the Shambler that has a weight of 3, unless you for some reason still do not have Cerberus Boots by the time you could even encounter it. I think bumping it up to 3 to match the Shambler is fair, but if you don't want to make it too rough for players with no lava-immune boots, then go with a weight of 2.

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