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Discussion / Re: Corner shooting oddities
« on: April 10, 2013, 13:00 »
I radarshoot with shotguns constantly in my games.  The only real downside is hitting barrels and destroying items, and it's not enough of one to stop.

I mean, this is the entirety of hell's arena. Radar shoot around until you find a cacodemon or baron, drag it to a corner, and cornershoot it to death. Really, I do the same thing for the whole game up until the enemies start becoming easy/run low on shells/etc. Build doesn't matter, actually, I do this on every build. Melee, Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun. It seems to be the optimal strategy to me.  I guess I don't really consider corner shooting or radar shooting to be what makes DoomRL unique. What I thought made it unique when I first started playing was the music, the sound effects, the weapons (almost all ranged), the class and trait system, mods/assembles, special levels, saved data between games (schematics, medals), etc.   There's a whole lot that is unique about this game.

I would rather than corner shooting have something more intuitive (as opposed to having a tutorial to explain it) or explicit. I think corner shooting is less interesting because almost all the time it's a no-brainer to do it. Just the math on how long it takes to get to a corner, how likely you are to get hit in getting to the corner, and how long it will take you to kill the enemy leads to me heading for the corner. I don't know what exactly might be nice to have instead. I agree that you can't just remove it, because there needs to be some form of strategy in the game. Maybe if enemies with ranged attacks that could blow up walls would attack the corner. Or maybe just something to even out fighting without a corner a bit. Reloading while moving? Another thought that interests me on LOS is non-radial LOS. it was an FPS, maybe you could only see in a cone.

Discussion / Re: Opinions on new special levels needed!
« on: April 08, 2013, 23:04 »
looking again, I see that the soul spheres on deimos are just behind acid. with protective boots (not too unlikely even if you haven't found any up to now, because of all the crates..) you can pick those charges up for about 20% hp. One way or another, it makes them really easy to handle, and you get more rewards than hell's armory. The exception would be if you are playing a build with serious trouble damaging the shamblers. But the way I play I like it a lot better. At this point if I find an onyx or nano pack I'm golden. If I find firestorm/sniper pack/schematic could still be rough.

Discussion / Re: Opinions on new special levels needed!
« on: April 08, 2013, 13:54 »
Deimos lab. I have not found the two shamblers to be too tough.  If you keep your envirosuit from the base or phobos lab, you have two soul spheres to kill the two shamblers with. It just makes it rather easy, and you get an extra rare modpack for it.. So if anything I prefer it to show up. The rewards are too great, usually after this the rest of the game is a breeze.

Phobos lab is certainly one of the toughest, and it is kinda lame walking face into nightmare demons, especially two of them. I have usually ended up burning a lot of resources in here, but I haven't died on it yet. And right after is phobos anomaly, so your resources are replenished...

In the games I have played everything after deimos lab has ended up being a cakewalk. With all the new levels, I seem to hit that critical mass earlier and more guaranteed with all the mod packs there are now (even though I am still getting schematics instead of mod packs). The 2 games I completed I finished the bosses without taking more than 2 hits (for 1 hp each, thanks to berserker - which I seem to be able to reach in time for the cathedral after getting 2 whizkid and a master trait - don't know if this was or was not the case before, I did melee little before).

Discussion / Re: Corner shooting oddities
« on: April 08, 2013, 13:43 »
It would be. you'd have to rebalance the game to make it work.

As it stands, if I get THAT hell's arena (you know which one I'm talking about), on a lot of builds the game is called right there.  Because without corner shooting, that is pretty much that. Granted, could salvage by just leaving the level after the first wave. It just dominates the first half of the game too much for my tastes, and that balance feels like a contributor to RNG death. I wouldn't want to touch UV without corner shooting / radar shooting though.

Discussion / Re: Corner shooting oddities
« on: April 08, 2013, 00:18 »
Not a big fan of corner shooting. Depending on build, it can eventually become unnecessary, but then that's generally because eventually you start laughing at everything in sight.  But before that, it's just too strong, skewing things in favor of damage/speed traits even more than they already would be. Oh well.

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