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We cannot discern a forced user shutdown from a power loss. Right now to safely savescum you need to save on each stairs, copy the file, reload, etc. It's tedious, as it should be. If we made an autosave at each level start, that would make savescumming trivially easy, and also ON DEMAND (in contrast to needing to prepare).

I think that in most cases it's enough to savescum only once per several levels.

Most people that savescum, do so, because they've yet to discover the huge potential for thrill and excitement that permadeath offers. By providing them with a trivial way to do so, we forfeit the chance of them actually playing the game as intended.

Well, it makes sense. But I suspect that understanding of FUN is more of internal thing, and that people who can enjoy roguelikes and similar games will find it anyway.

There is a solution - we could autosave on each move - however, DoomRL's internal design choices make it VERY hard to implement saving on the spot ( I could give you a long technical explanation but it's late and I'm tired, just trust me that the amount of time to implement that would be much better spent elsewhere ). That still would allow on-demand savescumming, but not after getting into a deadly situation. I quite possibly might implement that for Jupiter Hell though.

BTW, the mortem.txt may be just a text file, but there's a small checksum embedded in the score value, so I can actually spot blatant edits :P.

What about making mortems generated when game is restored from autosave with line about it?

Well, it's not a very easy way, teleporting into the middle of Barons Of Hell mob may be quite FUN. In Dwarf Fortress sense of the term. Also, it's luck based anyway.

Search shows that there was the same bug with knife,6914.msg61132.html

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 05.08.2016 21:52:22
Error level : CRITICAL
Message     : Player action exception!

Error message : Access violation

Timestamp   : 05.08.2016 21:53:01
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $004A4203 :
EAccessViolation : Access violation
  $004A4203  TBEING__ATTACK,  line 1438 of src/dfbeing.pas
  $004B5832  TPLAYER__DOFIRE,  line 720 of src/dfplayer.pas
  $004B6B5B  TPLAYER__AICONTROL,  line 1017 of src/dfplayer.pas
  $004A34DA  TBEING__ACTION,  line 1242 of src/dfbeing.pas
  $004A361B  TBEING__CALL,  line 1264 of src/dfbeing.pas
  $0041F64F  TDOOM__RUN,  line 378 of src/doombase.pas
  $00401CC5  main,  line 111 of src/doomrl.pas


If power stability is an issue, there are definitely bigger problems at play that the dev-team cannot help solve...

Well, sometimes even if it's usually not an issue, it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Also, I don't understand why somebody shouldn't fix the problem they can solve just because there are problems they can't.

Discussion / Re: Call for Uniques/Exotics
« on: August 02, 2016, 06:16 »
What about Assault Rifle, like in Brutal Doom, or new Doom? Common, 2d5 damage, accuracy +5, clip size 30(45?), 1 shot without TH(2 shots?), no Chainfire(I'd suggest Single Shot instead), probably add Former Private armed with it(after all, in the original game basic zombies had rifles in their sprites). And a slightly better version can be added as exotic AR Mk.2.
To avoid confusion, the AR assembly can be renamed to Marksman Rifle. BTW, it's really underpowered, if the original gun does N shots with dX damage, then:
1)It costs you Tactical Boots(A).
2)It does less damage per round than the original gun. (2d(X-1)+SoB)/2 instead of dX+SoB.
3)It spends more ammo per burst than the original gun. 2(N/2)+2TH(BTW, how it's rounded in case of Laser Rifle?) instead of N+TH.
4)It deals less damage: (N/2+TH)(2d(X-1)+SoB) instead of (N+TH)(dX+SoB).
IMHO, changing recipe to APB or something, and making shot cost 1 ammo, would be enough to make it useful.

Once I used a phase device to get behind the wall as an Angel Of Marksmanship and stuck there. It was quite amusing experience. :)
There are teleports in the central room of Vaults, for those who use phase devices to get inside. Maybe a similar way to return without explosives can also be added to The Wall and Containment Area?

This request has come up a few times.  (I myself brought it up once or twice)  I agree that it's very annoying, but the answer came back that no, they're not going to add that feature.  I think it's mostly because of concerns that people will use it to cheat.  (ie deliberately turn the game off if it isn't going well, so you can go back to the autosave)

Sorry, but that does not make much sense. First, it's already easy to backup save file. So, genuine players will benefit from it much more than cheaters. Second, there are some possible measures: autosave can be made separate from normal save, so it will have unusually high number of saves, also it can be marked, so mortem will be generated with the line that game is restored from autosave. Third, if you care that much about people bragging about things they did not(Seriously, what kind of person would do that? I doubt that there are many such people here), then just remember that mortems are plain .txt files.

Because it is very annoying when you have a really good run and then your power suddenly goes off.

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