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Requests For Features / Re: Archvile tweak
« on: May 05, 2009, 16:13 »
Check out the definition of the word "mean".

The sum of the numbers in a list divided by the amount of numbers in the list?

If you're concerned that this would make AV's too much easier to kill, then up their damage.
From the your proposal, only this will be implemented, I bet.

Ahahahaha....true. =(

Requests For Features / Re: AoB improvement discussion
« on: May 01, 2009, 07:31 »
It'd be interesting to have a non-unique melee weapon that uses ammunition, like the Ripper or a shotgun glove or something. It'd add a bit more variety to melee characters for certain.

Things like an electric powered chainblade are feasible. The "Doomishness" of such a thing is debatable. But on the other hand, if a chainsaw has enough petrol in the tank to run it for the 20ish levels you'll have it, then why wouldn't a single 9V battery work in a chainblade?

Combining the two possibilities, though: Chainsaw Mods! If an AoB clears the Chained Court, then ~5 levels later you come along a new red staircase, which will contain 1-2 chainsaw mods, which require ammunition as their raw power.

Possibilities include:
Electric Turbo Motor - increased chain speed! (weapon damage, requires cells)
Gunpowder Extractor - carefully timed explosions! (weapon speed, requires bullets)
Shotgun Booster - harness the knockback power! (movement speed, requires shells)

Depending on how you want to work "balance", either you could only use one mod EVER, or you can apply two mods, but only have one supply of ammo loaded. The chainsaw then has a clip (of varying size, perhaps clip size mods can then be applied with Whiz Kid?) which one loaded will be depleted with use. In the case of speed or damage, every attack (even if it's a miss) will use up ammo. And in the case of movement speed, every move will use up ammo. Perhaps every second move if you're running.


Requests For Features / Re: AoB improvement discussion
« on: May 01, 2009, 01:49 »
How do you make a dagger faster, or more accurate?

Hollowed and reinforced hilts reduce overall weight, thus adding speed.
Gyro balancers in the guard (or quillon) reduce stupid flailing, thus increasing chance to hit.
Blood channels (cannelures) on either side of the blade allow greater depth of stabbing, thus more damage.
Skulls painted on the side of the hilt allow you to fit more energy cells into your Turboslicer 1000, though no-one really knows how.

Discussion / Re: Help Wanted!
« on: April 28, 2009, 07:25 »
I just recently joined the forum when I got a bit of free time and decided to help with DiabloRL...only to discover that the Valkyrie code is no longer compatible with the source. Either that or FPC 2.2.4 is having issues. Or both. More importantly, to your topic:

Web Programmer

Skills needed
  • good knowledge of PHP/Ruby/Python and the ability to deploy it on a shared hosting environment
  • knowledge of MySQL
  • knowledge of how to handle binary data in that language

Responsible for
  • writing a scoreboard and player database ( parsing of score.dat/player.dat )
  • writing rankings, charts and handling of player data
  • designing a fun and exciting system of browsing the forementioned data
  • maintenace of the system once it's completed, integration into the forum

Difficulty : medium
Responsibility : medium
Time investment : medium

I'm reasonably competent with Php. Ruby and Python no, though. I'd be willing to pick them up, but probably there are others who are more qualified for this position. MYSQL and the 1's and 0's and I get along fine. Except for the occasional lover's spat.

C++ Programmer

Skills needed
  • very good C++ skills
  • knowledge of STL and Boost
  • good knowledge of roguelikes
  • Linux/MacOS X/SDL/OpenAL/OpenGL knowledge a big advantage

Responsible for
  • cooperation on the development of the Neko library (the new roguelike engine)
  • bugfixing and testing

Difficulty : high
Responsibility : medium
Time investment : medium

I'd say I've got -almost- very good C++ skills. Albeit it's been about three years since I've written anything with the language. Hmmm...about the same amount of time since I got hitched... >.>

I've used STL and Boost libraries, but not truely in depth. They've also probably changed a bit since I've last coded.

There is a large section of my life that's dedicated to Roguelikes. My only downfall is I like to try to decimate games. See every ending, every possible combination of reactions from alignment, et cetera. I usually get bored with this before I complete my goal.

I really enjoy bugfixing, testing, and general streamlining of code. One of my big joys in life was to revisit my old code after writing something new and go "Wow. That could be done in three less lines." and spend a week perfecting it before moving on to new projects.

The wife is currently at University, giving me heaps of free time, except for when she steals the computer for an assignment.

Afterthought: Depending on Melon and my time difference, we could collaborate on the C++ programming? But then it's more of a Dev Team than an individual effort.

Bug Reports / Empty Inventory Teleport
« on: April 24, 2009, 09:00 »
I was just fiddling around and found an interesting quirk to the empty inventory bug in

If you open an empty inventory your game crashes and saves. Upon reloading you appear on the level you were last on but with a new configuration, as if you've just gone down the stairs. All stats of monsters from previous crashes are added (hence you'll get a really low percentage if you keep doing this).

However, if you happen to open an empty inventory on Phobos Base 1, upon continuing you'll automatically appear on Phobos Base 2.

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