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General Discussion / Dev stream Quotes Part Deux
« on: March 12, 2018, 08:45 »
More quotes, I should drop these in on a monthly basis so here we go.

"Loot boxes will be coming to jupiter hell next week. I'm fucking serious" ~ Kornel 2018 year of the downfall 11:54 AM 1/10/2018

"It can't be helped" ~Kornel 2018 like some sort of anime girl 3:36 PM 1/10/2018

"Funny thing is, this code should work" ~ Kornel 2:06 PM 1/24/2018

"We need to search for - Oh crap" ~ Kornel 2:10 PM 1/24/2018

"Its surprising it actually works at all. Extremely surprising" ~ Kornel 2:59 PM 1/24/2018

"Indie programmers eat shoelaces, rich indie programers eat ramen." ~Kornel 12:52 PM 1/30/2018

"I hate when we get bugged down in code" ~Kornel Freudian slipping 12:43 PM 2/1/2018

"I think I need a drink I'm starting to talk nonsense" Kornel imagining he never talks nonsense 12:57 PM 2/2/2018

"So this works, I'm kinda surprised" ~Kornel talking about his own code 2:11 PM 2/2/2018

"Me and my code have a very abusive relationship, it's like BDSM" ~Kornel 11:35 AM 2/12/2018

"I haven't been doing lua in a long time. What the fuck is lua set local!?" ~Kornel 10:54 AM 2/13/2018

 "Did I misquote that?" ~Kornel misquoting quote 11:29 AM 2/13/2018

"He looks way more taster with horns. This guy has way more straight horns" ~Kornel talking about horns 11:36 AM 2/15/2018

"We'll have a summoner demon that one will poop out shit" *seconds later*"bad wording" ~kornel 12:44 PM 2/15/2018

"I don't understand this. HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD" ~Kornel 1:26 PM 2/15/2018

"I'm a moron, I'm a fucking moron, I'm a fucking moron. Lets remove all this shit." ~Kornel 11:27 AM 2/20/2018

"What we will do will look like a really cheap hack" ~Kornel lampshading a really dirty hack 12:46 PM 2/21/2018

"Oh wait! Oh wait! Now I remember..." - Kornel 12:52 PM 2/21/2018

"What I'm doing right now is a pretty hack." - Kornel 12:55 PM 2/21/2018

 "See? It took just a little bit of thinking... which isn't my strong suit." - Kornel 2018 Feb 21

 "Right, right right, right, riiiight, riiiiiight, rightish, right" - Kornel 12:37 PM 2/22/2018

"Thats bullshit! That's bullshit!" ~Kornel as he deletes lines of code furiously 11:54 AM 2/26/2018 I noticed 12:55 PM 3/1/2018

 "Haha I know what happened!... It's my fucking fault" ~Kornel 12:24 PM 3/6/2018

"There is no escape... There is no escape" ~Kornel 11:56 AM 3/7/2018

*after horrific ear destruction for SFX and getting it to work* "I count that as workign on the first try"
 12:16 PM 3/7/2018
~Kornel master of de Nile

General Discussion / Development stream quotes
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:45 »
This is a post in good fun and defiantly not complete but here are some random quotes from Kornels development stream.

"I need to think about this" *seconds later* "What the fuck am I doing" ~Kornel  2:27 PM 9/20/2017

"It was suppose to be easy, it was suppose to be a 15 minute job. Where did I go wrong?" ~kornel 1:18 PM 9/27/2017 2:23 PM 10/4/2017 <Clearly shocked things worked

"My bitchrate is set to be constant and good" Misheard Kornel being honest with his cursing 2:20 PM 10/18/2017

"These crates are completely bonkers" ~Kornel 12:14 PM 11/8/2017

"Something is wrong it's working!" ~Kornel1:19 PM 11/8/2017

"You can never die enough" ~Kornel 1:59 PM 12/27/2017

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