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Title: Levers ideas
Post by: Const on September 27, 2015, 11:13
Just now, activating lever (outside of Int/special levels) not worth, because risk is greater than award. How possible to change them?

1) In original Doom, there was levers, which was activated by attack. How to implement them in DoomRL? Simple: if somebody, probably a monster, destroys dangerous lever, that lever activated. Like, mancubus shoot, destroys a lever, and 3 more mancubi summoned.
2) Another idea: instead how levers work now, make them impassable objects, which activated by trying to move in/attack, like doors. So, any enemy can activate them by accident. Anyway, at original levers usually were on walls, not in the middle in room.
3) Vaults. Is it possible to replace their doors by levers? (see 2) And, if that levers activated/destroyed, then entire wall fades. Seems doomish?
4) One of lever functions in original was to get rares, like Megasphere. In DoomRL, probably it is possible to make a lever, which get a random item somewhere in the room? With, probably, small chance of mod, so lever-gambling becomes more interesting.
5) Is it possible to add function 4 to monster levers? So, adding monsters can be balanced by that feature.

Any comments?
Title: Re: Levers ideas
Post by: Xtremekiwi on September 27, 2015, 15:27
Level two: You feel that? That gasoline smell? Oh hell... *takes 5 steps* Argh! Lava! Argh! Lava! Argh! Lava! You die...
If levers toggleable by monsters was implemented, levers effects would have to be overhauled.
Title: Re: Levers ideas
Post by: Const on September 28, 2015, 07:39
     I only suggested "monster can activate levers by misfiring", when they shoot the player and miss/hit lever by explosion. Like, they can destroy barrels. I did not said "monsters can activate levers when they want". So, such situation is possible only if monster and the lever in sight, and can be avoided - there are few turns before monsters do anything.
Title: Re: Levers ideas
Post by: Xtremekiwi on September 28, 2015, 10:55
The first point, yes. But the second one, "Any enemy can activate them by accident". And even then it's too dangerous even if merely attacking can flood the entire damn level with Lava.
Title: Re: Levers ideas
Post by: singalen on October 02, 2015, 02:03
The "shoot-at" lever has to be triggered by player actions (moving between a lever and a monster), so it's a very rare case - way more rare than being spawned near a 2-3 napalm barrels and an Imp. If the game limits trigger to direct hit only, it will become even more monster-safe, while retaining the random element.

The "walk-in" lever can only be triggered by monster if you kick it in with a shotgun, or an explosion, so it's a very rare case too, plus a great opportunity for a skilled player.

I generally like the idea. The lever could become a "wall with a lever", which is more Doom-like.

I also like the "appearing modpack" idea - I'd play even if this stays statistically bad for me.

Hahaha, a mod idea: a lever that makes a slot machine: generates 3 random monsters in a row, or a square of 3x3 monsters. Get 3 Imps in a row, and you get a Plasma Rifle. Get 3 Arch-Viles in a row, and win a Firestorm Pack. Get 3 Nightmare Arachnos, and win a Nano Pack or a GCB. After you kill them, of course.