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Isnt their the Blue wrighting that appears and says i feel safe.

Forum / Re: DooM RL Soundtrack Question
« on: November 14, 2008, 16:07 »
Newgrounds isn't my favorite site, but it being the only site that takes movies and audio instead of games. I suggested the idea of me getting permission cos if i do thins, it may bet people interested in the DooM RL game and other RL games. Though the problem is, im not sure if Kornel had to like use permission to use the music or something. And really, the only reason i have for submitting it on this site, is the game is great, and more people should play it. I picked the music as the DooM music is very good and doubtable one of the best fps music i have ever heard. Though Alien trilogy had more of an atmospheric feel to it. I still have it on the PS

Forum / DooM RL Soundtrack Question
« on: November 14, 2008, 14:54 »
I just got a good thing that could advertsie the DooM RL game. I have justed created a NewGrounds account, and was listening to the soundtracks and thinking how great they were. I just want to ask, if i can have permission to submit on to Newgrounds Audio on your terms. If you say yes, you will get all the credit and it most likely boost the publicity of this game. And again if you say yes, would i have to get Permission from Id Software, just asking cos i dont want to get sued. You all so will get to coose the songs i may submit.

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