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Post Mortem / [0.9.6|UV|Te|YAAM] My first UV win! (Rapidfire Tech)
« on: December 28, 2020, 19:29 »
Yay! An ultra violence win with a combat-oriented technician! I was a little gutted, since literally the run before this, I was way ahead of the curve, fighting the summoner with a huge amount of resources, but after knocking down his first stage, I didn't realise just how poisoned I was, walked 3 tiles, and died!
Luckily, immediately after that I put in this run. Getting whizkid early for tinkerer seems a good way of stockpiling resources. I'm a little dismayed at just how few traits the technician has that actually make a difference in combat early-on. It seems that if you're not going for pistols, the only traits that affect combat are hunker down, and sustained fire, and of those, sustained fire actually rarely makes any difference - you're 2-shotting everything for the entire of the first episode, and it seems you can take a hunting rifle (to one-shot some targets), but no traits have the same effect.

Shotguns with quick-swap seem really valuable to me. Particularly if I get an elephant gun or jackhammer and mod it with autoloader. That gives an excellent 'panic button', where you can drop smoke, back up, and keep firing the shotgun into the smoke cloud as you retreat (autoloader working well here).
When there's not a need for a panic button, however, this was simply a matter of hunkering behind walls and firing bursts from wind-up weapons (chaingun/hyperblaster). I'd switch to SMG if something got close, but that isn't shown in the mortem because there came a point where hyperblast+chaingun is just a better use of weapon slots.
I was lucky enough to enter the armory with full keycards, and the rewards from that are awesome! Still, while my weaponry was better this run, I had less healing items than I had in the previous playthrough. That's perhaps more down to finding an armor that gave extra inventory slots than any flaws in the loadout or strategy, though.

I was kinda committed to making a tech work without using the 'wizard' traits (summoning, poison cloud), but I think doing so resulted in combat that felt a little too straightforward. On that note, I think the thing I miss the most, transitioning from doomrl, is knockback. Without knockback it feels like fights are a lot more 1-dimensional. That, and of course terrain destruction, but I can see how terrain destruction is ill-suited to this game.

I'm also a little curious about the mods. Now that 'precise' has been removed from most items, I can't see many modding strategies that do much more than a) skip turns of swapping or reloading, or b) just add damage numbers to a weapon. Precise was different in that it encouraged a player to use the 'aim' function instead of just firing until things are dead, so I sorta lament it's passing, even if it did feel a little overpowered when correctly exploited! I'll be keen to see something like assemblies make an appearance, as well as the bosses and new special levels!

Anyway, I'm going to have a good play with the other classes before moving on to nightmare games. From my limited experience it feels as though the technician is less well suited to a straight-forward strategy like this one (it feels much stronger to use poison gas or remote hacking strategies).

Lots of fun had with this game anyway! I'm glad to finally have a PC set up that can run it! :D

Anyway, here's the mortem! :
Sylph, level 14 Technician, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 23605 turns.
The run time was 3h 27m 7s.
He scored 6562 points.

CALLISTO L3 - Lockdown
CALLISTO L3 -> Callisto Mines L1
Callisto Mines L2 - Infestation
Callisto Mines L2 -> Callisto Anomaly
Callisto Anomaly - cleared
EUROPA L2 -> Europa Dig Zone L1
Europa Dig Zone L3 - Exalted Summons
Europa Dig Zone L3 -> Tyre Outpost
Tyre Outpost - cleared
IO L3 -> CRI Laboratory L1
CRI Laboratory L2 -> CRI Armory
CRI Armory - cleared
BEYOND L2 -> Limbo
Limbo - cleared
BEYOND L3 - Exalted Summons

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  Explorer Ribbon (+50)
   * Visited all encountered special levels
  Conqueror Ribbon (+100)
   * Completed all encountered special levels
  CRI Bronze Badge
   * Win any game with 100% kills
  CRI Silver Badge
   * Win a MEDIUM or higher game with 100% kills
  CRI Gold Badge
   * Win a UV or higher game with 100% kills

He killed 525 out of 525 enemies.

  41 archreavers
  27 fiends
  6 plasma ravagers
  2 military bots
  15 exalted fiends
  10 rocket turrets
  16 turrets
  4 security sentrys
  1 former CRI grunt
  12 CalSec bots
  10 exalted reavers
  8 CRI soldiers
  9 former CRI soldiers
  1 Summoner
  3 corrupted sergeants
  1 CRI bot MkII
  2 hellish sergeants
  21 ravagers
  11 CRI turrets
  2 combat drones
  20 former soldiers
  14 former guards
  2 former heavys
  23 fire fiends
  7 siege ravagers
  1 former sergeant
  3 exalted soldiers
  10 cryobeross
  6 CRI commandos
  52 CRI marines
  1 guardian bot
  8 hellish soldiers
  3 military drones
  4 hellish heavys
  8 corrupted soldiers
  6 hellish commandos
  4 former grunts
  9 toxic reavers
  25 ice fiends
  2 former CRI sergeants
  20 armored ravagers
  44 CRI bots
  6 reavers
  2 corrupted commandos
  8 cybeross
  2 security drones
  23 cryoreavers
  1 kerberos
  6 former commandos
  7 CalSec sentrys
  1 toxiberos
  2 security bots

  Skilled L2
  Packrat L1
  Sustained fire L2
  Whizkid L2
  Hunker down

Trait order

  Slot #1 : AV3 hyperblaster P2A
   * Hunter 1
   * Exalted bane
   * Deadly 1
   * Molten 1
   * Critical 20
   * Point Blank 2
   * Spin-up

  Slot #2 : 12ga jackhammer B2
   * Autoloader
   * Swap Harness
   * Frenzy 2

  Slot #3 : 7.62 gatling A
   * Critical 25
   * Frenzy 3
   * Spin-up

  Body    : CRI combat armor P
   * Plated

  Head    : combat helmet PA2
   * Plated
   * Long-range tracking
   * Critical 10

  Utility : AV3 auto AMP
   * Auto gyro-stabilizer
   * Auto precise
   * Auto accelerator

  energy cell (x100)
  energy cell (x100)
  energy cell (x8)
  7.62 ammo (x90)
  gas grenade (x3)
  EMP grenade (x3)
  CRI phase kit (x1)
  multitool (x4)
  stimpack (x1)
  large medkit
  large medkit
  large medkit

Any idea whether this build is still viable now that precise is gone from the accuracy mods for most weapons? I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to build sniper characters since I can only find precise on incredibly lucky drops, or from modding smgs...

Wait, nightmare is actually possible to beat? I cant even reliably beat im too young to die! Hundreds of tries and Ive beaten the game twice I think?
Yep! Top doomrl players are tackling challenges (with some success) on nightmare like 'play angel of darkness + angel of marksmanship getting 50%+ kills' or 'complete the game with only 10/10hp (usually it's 50/50hp) with levelups off!

Standard N! play is pretty tame in comparison!

Are you using corners for cover and dropping medpacks to pull monsters out? With those alone no-nightmare games should be pretty straightforward to beat. x

Discussion / Special levels-Pass or play?
« on: October 24, 2020, 06:36 »
Remember Horos' awesome 'nightmare advice' topic from a few years ago?
I wanted to edit my post in there with a 'years later' update, but the topic is locked.
Now, as I thought a bit more about it, I decided this place was quiet enough to justify revisiting it.
During one part of the discussion, I talked about how I tended to play N! Conqueror runs as a 'standard' playstyle. This moved the topic into a discussion about special levels on N!, and I posted a lists of which ones were always beneficial, which were situational, and which usually left me closer to game over than I was going in.
Now, only 3 years later, I've got a N!, Conqueror; 100%kills; Full Win (JC) with almost every master trait. I just did it with scavenger, which was loads of fun!
As such, I thought posting a new list would be a great demonstration of how much the skill in the community has increased in the last 3 years!
(I'm including my original list below, for comparison's sake)
Here's my new list:

Always beneficial:
- Hell's arena - Nowadays this level usually takes me 1 or 2 medpacks. Easy-ish, average rewards
- Military base - Shellbox(~50%), medkits++, modpacks, envirosuit! Very easy, good rewards
- Basic Chained court - Very easy, good rewards - Using 0-1 medpacks, leaving with mods, chainsaw, and berserk for days.
- Hell's armoury - Clear level from second-leftmost doorway, farm overcharged plasma guns to ease shambler battle. Quite easy, awesome rewards
- The wall - Deadly on low ammo. Worth doing if you bring extra ammo in! Easy-ish, poor rewards
- Halls of carnage - I now use (homing)phase device to skip this level! Worth it for BFG+xp+bulkpack. Average difficulty, average rewards
- Limbo - I still just don't struggle with this level, but consensus suggests I'm an outlier here! Somewhat hard, Incredible rewards
- The lava pits / Mt Erebus - Rocket jumping: great. I think the nuclear BFG trivialities these levels. Very easy, average rewards
- Phobos lab - A tricky level, but there are *so* many medpacks, you can almost guarantee coming out stronger. Hard-ish, good rewards.
- City of Skulls - Ok, I realised that the shell box completely trivialises this level! Yeah, I was stoopid!! Very easy, poor rewards.
- The vaults - Zero healing  = health deficit. If I've got the staff, I'm always game, but bring extra medpacks! Hard-ish, unpredictable rewards.
- Deimos lab - Some builds are in mortal danger from 2xshambler. At least supercharge is accessible with rocket dig! Somewhat hard, Incredible rewards.
- Chained court + - Years back I thought 'close to a deathtrap'! These days I lose 1, maybe 2 medkits on it and it feels much less 'chancy'. Somewhat hard, great rewards

- Containment area - The only level I graded up! Barons can be inescapable, where not even rocket jump extricates. Hard, underwhelming rewards.
- Plains of torment - Shell box trivialises the (otherwise hard) ambush, but disappointing rewards = 'situational' level. Somewhat hard, poor rewards.
- Spider's Lair - Tricky at times, but BFG+battery is good, and with decent time-management, spiders aren't too deadly. Hard, average rewards.
- Unholy Cathedral - Obv. great for melee build. Otherwise it's XP+artifact for a cost of medpacks + speed mods / traits. Hard, poor rewards.

Not worth it
- Mortuary - It's not that I leave the mortuary worse-off than I entered it... It's that my chance of dying in the mortuary is *significantly* higher than the entire rest of the run put together! Extremely difficult, incredible rewards.

It really shocked me, just how differently I categorise them now, with only a few years of practice passing by!!
(The old list:)
Always beneficial:
- Hell's arena (if you're not fussed with conquerer, and health packs are running out, only say 'yes' once... You get a lot of medpack as a reward for an easy level, and you'll have a super-easy chained court!)
- Military base for sure.
- Basic Chained court for sure.
- Hell's armoury for sure
- The wall - pretty basic.
- Containment area - but I use most of the rockets I get there!
- Halls of carnage. BFG nice!
- The lava pits / Mt Erebus - If you have envirosuits or cerb boots, the lava element you get from here is like an extra life.
- Limbo : Not too tricky, and great rewards. The nuclear BFG is just beautiful! <3

- Chained court + is close to a deathtrap, but the modpacks and staff are great later on, so it's a 'die now or be strong later', and the extra experience often pushes me into enough experience to get hellrunner in time for phobos lab!
- Phobos lab if you are fast enough to outrun a nightmare demon, if not it's a deathtrap.
- Deimos lab is pretty much always beneficial if it doesn't kill me. There's a very real chance of having hell's armoury or deimos lab make the rest of your run *far* easier. From *any* rare modpack, you can assemble a tower shield, gravity boots, nano(machic) weapon of your choice, plasmatic shotgun, or demolition ammo pistol, and every one of those items it worth risking your life for.
- Unholy Cathedral. This is great for melee characters, and possible for most non-melee character, but certainly not worth it - you will be expending modpacks and maybe even traits specifically to get your character able to, and your reward is a melee weapon and some experience! For ranged characters with juggler I'd not-worth-it . Without juggler it's awful! For melee characters it's incredible.
- The vaults - For about the last 10 runs, the only items I've carried out of the vaults (WITH key) have been ammo boxes. Maybe it's bad luck? The lack of health here makes it situational.

Not worth it
- City of Skulls - Huge ammo drain, and the reward you already collected from the wall! I for one think this level needs a better reward! The skulls are ok for the mortuary, but most BFG owners have other answers.
- Plains of torment - Pretty dangerous but nothing too taxing. Terrible, terrible rewards though. At least this one has supercharge!
- Spider's Lair - Absolute deathtrap. Nice reward (particularly the energy cell pack), but yeah, deathtrap.
- Mortuary - I clear corpses with skulls or the BFG, wait until I'm getting overrun, then homing phase to the nuclear BFG, bunker in the corner until all cover is destroyed, then bunker in the closeby corner until all the cover is destroyed there too. After that, sometimes I manage to clear the level. I die here a lot, certainly more than anywhere else.

I know this is an old topic, but since it's near the top of the list of threads, I figured you might like a little input!
I've found that most of the corpse disposal in the difficult part of a nightmare run involves doors, and this in turn kinda boosts rapid fire or pistol weapons since they finish a monster without knocking its corpse out of the door!
I totally get what you're saying. I guess after a while I got used to enjoying the nightmare 100% play style, but it's very different from the core gameplay!
I guess a part of me likes how corpse disposal nerfs shotguns a little. I will add, though, that waiting on the spot consumes the vast majority of turns on any difficulty in ideal play, and by vast I mean vast: 95%+.

I couldn't disagree more with the notion that juggler is not useful in the early game. Even without stacking shotguns and using mousewheel, it's still one of the very best early game traits.
In fact, considering I usually play on nightmare going for angelics, finesse-juggler is often my beeline at the very start. I totally agree with your opinions about master traits, and more often than not I finish masterless, but juggler, for me, is the prime example of a reason not to go for master traits!

This run was truly magnificent!  Thanks so much for sharing!

I think I picked the third level of EE without any thought. By that time I was powerful enough, and waasn't really paying any attention to the level up screen - I just wanted to get through the last few levels. To be honest the second level of EE was probably not needed, and cateye would have bee far more useful if I needed a more powerful marine, which might have been key had I rolled the mortuary!
The lack of a firestorm hyperblaster was a big shame yeah! I think I might have added the tech mod before killing the shamblers. I really wanted every advantage I couuld manage for those 2 guys!

Juggler was incredibly strong early game. I don't think I would have managed the arena without that pile of 6 shotguns in my inventory for juggling, but I don't know, when I don't get juggler first the damage of the chaingun is very noticeably higher.

Which angelic badges do you have? I kinda know which ones are 'in reach' right now, and I'm betting it's a lot like the ones you have.

Discussion / Re: Doomrl Guide
« on: May 02, 2019, 10:17 »
As long as we're talking about artifacts from older versions, the "monsters clump in the center of the map" thing was patched out in one of the later versions. I can confirm they don't do it anymore in Nice guide, though. I'm learning a lot. The shooting through doors thing is blowing my mind.

They don't do it as much, but I still feel they do so. Try sitting in the corner of the level on something big like 'ciity of skulls', and just see how many thousands of turns pass by without you being disturbed.

great run, pretty sure shamblers do respawn on nightmare
Yep, you're right. Just had to kill on of the bleeders like 4 times over!!

Thanks for the wishes!

I just remembered a question that came up as I played this - do shamblers respawn on N! ?
I know the arena halts corpse generation, and often, other bosses like the arena master don't regenerate. I did this run assuming that everything that wasn't an arch vile could respawn - I'm guessing that the lava elemental might not, but I haven't had a chance to test this and can't find info anywhere.
OK, simply put, which monsters drop a corpse, but *don't* respawn on nightmare?

Hey! Figured I'd post here as it's my first angelic since returning/starting a new player.wad

Thoughts -
Finished the arena with no medpacks left. I've found this pretty normal for standard N! games.
Chained court went really badly, with both berserk packs being destroyed by barons, and I finished the level again out of medpacks, after having to tank the arena master with a chainfire chaingun.
Anomoly went well, but I used tons of rockets to destroy corpses/
Phobos lab seemed much easier than I remember it. I was hugely prepared with running mode strategies, but ultimately almost waltzed through. I didn't, because carelessness near the end lost me 2 large medkits to furmer humans - a mistake I'll not make again.
Deimos Lab: I fudged a little, and lost my agility boots standing in acid, which is why the tactical boots were so delayed in this run. Still, managed to finish this without too much trouble. 2 shambles are ridiculously scary (I'm assuming they respawn too if corpsed?), but luckily having a stack of 12 overcharged plasma rifles and juggler stops them from being too much of a tall order!
Cathedral: AoD was defeated with HR:2 and Finesse-3. An unmodified chainsaw made him easy work,but I did use both hatred skulls to hasten the task. Looking back I might have been better saving them for Mort/Limbo.
Lumbo: Despite using the hyperblaster, and regularly juggling to the scythe, I had major ammo issues this run. I had to do a good cell farm on every available level in hell to keep myself in cells. I had an extremely tricky time in limbo, at one point having to rely on rockets as my only weapon while I fought my way to the cover on the left, after which I could clear out all the N! cacodemons, then open the right bridge, and camp in the left cover until I got a N! Arachnotron to farm. I'm convinced that, had I rolled the mortuary, I wouldn't have completed it. This is despite entering limbo absolutely armed to the teeth with about 6 stacks of energy cells.
Lava pits was cleared using long-range nuclear BFG firing, and I had taken some really serious damage by the time I'd mapped the level and collected the extra environment suits. I think this is the level that makes me really miss a rocket launcher when I've been using missile launcher instead.
I was in two minds whether or not to fight carmac, but with decent armour, a few medkits, and an incredibly good trait build for hyperblasting, I went ahead. It took me 2 reloads. Had I realised there were 2 angelic medals up for grabs if I finished him I'd have certainly risked it. I wasn't so much playing for medals, as just to conquer N! 100%.

Demolition ammo combat pistol was an absolute gem! Total gift from above! It could just as easily have been a normal pistol, but I was lucky enough to spot a combat pistol in the armoury. I was unfortunate to get 2 firestorm packs in the armoury, but I was happy to get a win without onyx or nano. The corpse destruction of demolition ammo (or plasmatic shrapnel) is incredible on N!, and I kinda like how it stops the lack of onyx or nano from feeling like a rip off!

 DoomRL ( roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Sylph, level 18 Hell Baron Lt. Colonel Scout,
 nuked the Mastermind at the Hell Fortress.
 He survived 3425803 turns and scored 1067097 points.
 He played for 8 days, 22 hours, 44 minutes and 35 seconds.
 He opposed the Nightmare!

 He killed 2626 out of 2626 hellspawn. (100%)
 This ass-kicking marine killed all of them!

-- Special levels --------------------------------------------

  Levels generated : 11
  Levels visited   : 11
  Levels completed : 11

-- Awards ----------------------------------------------------

  Medal of Prejudice
  UAC Star (gold cluster)
  Aurora Medallion
  Explorer Badge
  Conqueror Badge
  Grim Reaper's Badge
  Hell Armorer Badge
  Hell Champion Medal
  Heroic Silver Badge
  UAC Platinum Badge
  Veteran Diamond Badge
  Veteran Angelic Badge
  Elite Platinum Badge
  Elite Diamond Badge
  Elite Angelic Badge
  Demonic Platinum Badge
  Reaper Platinum Badge
  Longinus Platinum Badge
  Longinus Diamond Badge

-- Graveyard -------------------------------------------------


-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 29/60   Experience 181064/18
  ToHit Ranged +6  ToHit Melee +6  ToDmg Ranged +2  ToDmg Melee +2

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

  Class : Scout

    Ironman          (Level 1)
    Finesse          (Level 3)
    Hellrunner       (Level 3)
    Son of a bitch   (Level 2)
    Eagle Eye        (Level 3)
    Juggler          (Level 1)
    Dodgemaster      (Level 1)
    Whizkid          (Level 2)
    Triggerhappy     (Level 2)


-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   cerberus red armor [0/0] (69%)
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   hyperblaster (2d4)x3 [0/40] (T1)
    [c] [ Boots      ]   tactical boots [0/0] (100%)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   nuclear BFG 9000 (8d6) [40/40]

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] double shotgun (10d3)x2 [2/2] (P1T1)
    [b] demolition combat pistol (5d2) [15/15]
    [c] minigun (1d6)x10 [200/200] (F1)
    [d] missile launcher (6d6) [4/4]
    [e] BFG 9000 (11d6) [100/100] (P1)
    [f] red armor [4/4] (196%) (B)
    [g] phaseshift armor [2/2] (121%) (B)
    [h] Angelic Armor [7/7] (100%)
    [i] Azrael's Scythe (9d9)
    [j] 10mm ammo (x140)
    [k] shotgun shell (x70)
    [l] rocket (x14)
    [m] power cell (x70)
    [n] power cell (x60)
    [o] small med-pack
    [p] small med-pack
    [q] homing phase device
    [r] power mod pack

-- Resistances -----------------------------------------------

    Acid       - internal 25%   torso 95%   feet 25% 
    Fire       - internal 25%   torso 95%   feet 25% 
    Plasma     - internal 0%    torso 50%   feet 0%   

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    321 former humans
    188 former sergeants
    147 former captains
    228 imps
    110 demons
    497 lost souls
    68 cacodemons
    36 hell knights
    92 barons of hell
    246 arachnotrons
    250 former commandos
    66 pain elementals
    108 revenants
    67 mancubi
    51 arch-viles
    16 nightmare imps
    20 nightmare cacodemons
    56 nightmare demons
    48 nightmare arachnotrons
    2 bruiser brothers
    2 shamblers
    1 lava elemental
    1 agony elemental
    1 Angel of Death
    1 Cyberdemon
    1 Spider Mastermind
    1 John Carmack
    1 Arena Master

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

  He started his journey on the surface of Phobos.
  Entering level 2 he was almost dead...
  On level 2 he entered Hell's Arena.
  He left the Arena as a champion!
  On level 5 he stormed the Chained Court.
  On level 5 he found the Arena Master's Staff!
  He defeated the Hell Arena Master!
  On level 7 he sneaked into the Phobos Lab.
  He broke through the lab.
  On level 8 he encountered the Phobos Anomaly.
  On level 9 he entered Deimos Lab.
  On level 9 he assembled a hyperblaster!
  He destroyed the evil within and reaped the rewards!
  On level 10 he assembled a demolition ammo!
  On level 11 he arrived at the Containment Area.
  He emerged from the Containment Area victorious!
  On level 12 he found the City of Skulls.
  He wiped out the City of Skulls.
  On level 14 he ventured into the Halls of Carnage.
  On level 16 he found the Tower of Babel!
  On level 17 he invaded the Unholy Cathedral!
  On level 17 he found the Azrael's Scythe!
  He then destroyed the Unholy Cathedral!
  On level 19 he assembled a tactical boots!
  On level 19 he entered the Vaults.
  On level 19 he found the Frag Shotgun!
  He cracked the Vaults and cleared them out!
  On level 20 he was foolish enough to enter Limbo!
  On level 20 he found the Angelic Armor!
  He managed to clear Limbo from evil!
  On level 22 he entered the Lava Pits.
  He managed to clear the Lava Pits completely!
  On level 23 he assembled a cerberus armor!
  Then at last he found Dis!
  He nuked level 24!
  He defeated the Mastermind and found the TRUE EVIL!
  Then finally in Hell itself, he killed the final EVIL.

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 The missile hits the cacodemon.
 You dodge! Boom!
 The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile
 hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John
 The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile
 hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John
 Carmack. You are hit! You are hit! You are hit!
 The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile
 hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John
 The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile
 hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John
 Carmack. John Carmack reloads his rocket launcher.
 The missile hits John Carmack. The missile hits John Carmack. John Carmack
 dies. Congratulations! You defeated John Carmack! Press <Enter>...

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 109 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 90 of those were killed.
 And 7 couldn't handle the stress and committed a stupid suicide.

 12 souls destroyed the Mastermind...
 6 killed the bitch and survived.
 6 showed that it can outsmart Hell itself.


WAYY off-topic:
I've loved the ideas of travelling, dancing, and modelling for most of my life, but only did the photoshoots part, and that only as a side-hobby. I don't think I'm anything like talented or appealing enough to make a career out of dance or modelling, but I've saved a lot of money and renting my house out while living in a van kinda gives me the disposeable income to stay afloat doing things I enjoy.
For the last 3 months I've been building a campervan out of a cheap work van that i bought (so that it looks like a 'normal' van when parked on the street, and I'm less likely to get asked to move along!) I've finally reached a point where it's something I would consider 'live-able', so I guess freedom begins. I'll be unlikely to visit you in it though - I live in the UK.

Discussion / Re: Doomrl Guide
« on: April 05, 2019, 08:42 »
The juggling shotgun thing was an artifact from previous versions. I'm not sure whether the power armour thing was. Did they scrap plate armour? ;)

Discussion / Re: Doomrl Guide
« on: April 04, 2019, 01:32 »
Code: [Select]
shocket - for a big-boom kinda guy (rockets and shotguns)
Note - this build can no longer be used, with the requirement changes of

finesse -> juggler -> EagleEye -> ToughAsNails -> ToughAsNails -> badass ->
IronMan -> FireAngel -> EagleEye -> Intuition -> Intuition
This is a somewhat different approach. While still maintaining a strong
shotgun-juggling based early game (see shottychain, above), this build doesn't
move on to using the chaingun.
Instead it skips right over into Fireangel.
This build capitalises on the knockback effect to protect the player, but also
has 'tough as nails' offer an extra armour bonus, as well as an immunity to
splash damage. It is strong in dealing with arachnotron caves, where dual-
wielded rocket launchers and even rocket jumps can help keep the spiders at
This combination then allows the player to get the 'intuition' trait, at which
point he can start using the plasmagun without wasting his cells, since he
knows where the enemies are. Intuition also allows strategic rocketing groups
of enemies, and late-game ammo problems aren't quite as much of an issue since
mancubi and revenants drop rockets.
A slight variant on this is taking finesse and whizkid instead of the second
eagleeye and intuition.

CrackShot - for the strategic player
A very quick rush to intuition, allowing the player to see the position of
monsters, and have the ability to hit them reliably with a chaingun. This build
then gives the player a good dodging ability, to avoid ranged attacks from
barons and cacodemons. Finally, it further builds up rapidfire skills, to
obtain an awesome plasmagun attack by the end of the game.
This is a build without master skills that is surprisingly consistent
throughout the whole game - accurate chaingun at the start, intuition very
shortly after the arena, dodgemaster in time for arachnotron caves, and a
strong plasmagun to make use of the cells in the lategame.

Light weapons guy
Finesse -> Juggler -> SonOfAGun -> SonOfAGun -> SonOfAGun -> Dualgunner ->
Hellrunner -> Hellrunner -> Dodgemaster ->

This is an experimental build, not very powerful, but an incredibly fun one to
The build focuses on switching constantly from pistol to combat shotgun,
occasionally using the rocket launcher, chainsaw, overcharged plasma rifle, and
bfg when necessary.
Essentially, this build monopolises on the awesome power of the pistol when 3
traits are spent on 'sonofagun', combined with the incredible knockback power
of finesse + combat shotgun. When using good tactical defense, a single pistol
can often kill a baron while it approaches (something a 3-trait chaingun user
will struggle to do), but in the event that a target gets close enough to shoot
back, the player can use juggler to instantly switch to a combat shotgun and
initiate a knockback loop for 5 shots, easily enough to finish off the pistol-
wounded target. Provided a good defensive position is used, this marine can
kill all targets without exposing himself to enemy fire.
Playing the build features a massive amount of weapon switching, and reveals
the pistol's surprising ability to penetrate armour at range - to such an
extent that it's not worth carrying around cells until a BFG is found.
Plasmarifles are carried, but should be overcharged on pickup for that single-
shot power.
After every fight a light weapons guy should equip dual pistols. Upon seeing a
monster, he can use these pistols, but be sure to change to a shotgun before
the enemy gets close enough to fire back. If the finesse shotgun pushes an
enemy back out of this 'danger range', then switch back to a single pistol -
even without dualgunner, sonOfAGun makes for an awesome pistol attack.
Furthermore, the build requires very little ammunition to use - 2 stacks of
shells, and another 2 stacks of bullets, are more than enough to clear most
levels, freeing up inventory space for rockets, medikits, cells, and armour. At
about level 10 ammo should be hoarded, ready for the trek through hell where
ammo can become a serious issue.
A bulk mod on the pistol is a big help, and a power or agility mod is also
This build's main weakness comes from arachnotron caves... Running mode and
dodgemaster help alleviate the problem a little, but it's hard to find a good
shooting spot in such levels, which leads to regular skipping of caves - don't
try to get 100% kills using this.

There are, of course, many other effective builds to call upon. I included the
above simply because they are very effective builds that make use of all the
game's ranged weapon types, which makes for a character that is both powerful,
and fun to play.

  Weapon/challenge-specific builds........ [WEDS ]
And now we'll cover which builds to go for in various special situations:

The primary disadvantages of the pistol are the reasonably low damage, and the
clip size.

SonOfAGun -> SonOfAGun -> DualGunner -> SonOfAGun -> SonOfABitch -> SonOfABitch
-> SonOfABitch -> EagleEye

This pistol build does not bother with GunKata, but instead focuses on getting
pistol damage so high, it reliably knocks opponents away from the player. With
a good application of tactical defense and a power-modded pistol, focusing on
damage is a good way to tackle a pistol challenge, but I'd still advise taking
hellrunner -> dodgemaster before confronting the cyberdemon.

SonOfAGun -> SonOfAGun -> DualGunner -> HellRunner -> HellRunner -> DodgeMaster
-> GunKata -> SonOfAGun
This pistol build, on the other hand, selects the GunKata trait. GunKata allows
a player to use his pistol while performing other actions (namely, firing while
dodging, and reloading whenever a kill is made). It's a very powerful trait,
but to use it well the player is required to see opponents and dodge shots,
both of which could be considered avoidable dangers were a different character
build taken.

The main advantage of the shotgun is the ability to knock targets away when
they are trying to approach, and the ability to hit more than 1 target with a
single shot.
The shotgun's biggest disadvantages are the time it wastes being reloaded, and
it's inability to penetrate armour at long range.

Finesse -> Juggler -> Hellrunner -> Hellrunner -> Dodgemaster -> Reloader ->
Reloarder -> Shottyman -> FireAngel -> Finesse -> ToughAsNails ->

A very versatile and powerful way of using a shotgun. This build uses the
'juggler' trait to almost completely eliminate the large reload times on
shotguns. Instead of reloading shotguns in combat, a marine can just use his
juggler skills to instantly pull out a fresh, loaded shotgun.
However, this build does nothing to improve the shotgun's inability to
penetrate armour at range, and as such well-armoured opponents are difficult to
fight later in the game, hence the use of 'fireangel' to RUN past revenants,
mancubi, and arch-viles without suffering damage.

Reloader -> ToughAsNails -> ToughAsNails -> Badass -> Reloader -> Shottyman ->
ArmyOfTheDead ->
This shotgun build, on the other hand, usese 'reloader' to reduce the reload
time on the shotgun, and 'ArmyOfTheDead' to attack armoured targets. It is a
powerful shotgun build, but reloader does not completely eliminate the
reloading disadvantage of the shotgun. Compared to the above 'fireangel' build,
using an army of the dead shotgun character is harder in the early and mid
game, and only becomes the more powerful shotgun build when stronger enemies
start to arrive.

Rapidfire weapons include both the chaingun, and the plasmagun. These weapons
are very similar in their application. The plasmagun is undoubtedly the better
of the 2, but has a rarer and heavier ammo source. Rapidfire weapons have the
advantage of a very high single-target damage, but consume ammunition quickly,
and generally cannot knock a target back (unless a player tries very hard to
acheive knockback effects, which will completely spoil the rapidfire weapon
because targets knocked back will often be missed with subsequent bullets in
the salvo)

Ammochain build:
Finesse -> Juggler -> Finesse -> SonOfABitch -> SonOfABitch -> TriggerHappy ->
Whizkid -> AmmoChain -> SonOfABitch -> TriggerHappy -> Ironman -> Ironman ->
Behold, the awesome power of ammochain! This build is pretty much the best way
to reach ammochain for me - Juggler makes shotgunning your way through the
early game incredibly easy, and your infinite-ammo plasmagun will still arrive
in time to defeat archviles (at 'the wall' for ultra violence games). Not much
to say that hasn't already been said.

Eagleeye build:
EagleEye -> EagleEye -> Intuition -> Intuition -> Hellrunner -> Hellrunner ->
Dodgemaster -> Finesse -> SonOfABitch -> SonOfABitch -> TriggerHappy ->
SonOfABitch -> TriggerHappy
This is a different way of using rapidfire weapons. It handles the early game
using pistols and chainguns, and moves straight into intuition 2 to see where
all monsters are on the current level. After that, it sets up a bit of defense
(only really needed for nightmare difficulty), then moves on to making the
marine better at wielding his chaingun/plasmagun.

Challenges and difficulty        [CHTY ]
  Normal game................... [NOME ]
By 'normal game' I'm referring to completing the game (with any ending) on any
skill level other than nightmare, with no challenges or particular badges being
Under these conditions, the game is a relatively easy challenge once you've got
used to the general tactics detailed in this guide. Specifically, though, I'd
go with a character build that uses the 'ammochain' trait if possible.
Ammochain is useful not only for it's infinite ammo and powerful plasmagun,
it's of particular significance in a standard game because of the inventory
space it saves - this allows the player to save phase devices, enrivosuits, and
medikits to help him tackle any levels he comes across.
Usually, in a normal game, the best way of succeeding

  Challenges.................... [CHES ]
There are many 'angel of' challenges in doomRL. Completing them all is a much
more difficult challenge than a simple victory, but perhaps best tackled
through badge hunting (thereby killing 2 birds with one stone [Why you'd want
to be killing birds is beyond me.])

  Badges........................ [BAES ]
Badges are doomrl's way of giving lasting challenge and appeal to determined
players. Each badge features a different test of a players skills. It’s
possible to try for more than one badge in a single game, but the more
difficult badges (diamond and platinum) are exceedingly difficult, and a player
would be well advised to focus on one at a time when she reaches this level.

  Nightmare..................... [NIRE ]
DoomRL is a very different game on nightmare difficulty. This is because
dropping a gift and waiting for monsters, or waiting on the spot until a
monster walks into your vision so that you get the first shot, is not an option
- any amount of waiting will allow enemies to respawn, and the longer you stay
on a level, the quicker monster respawn times become (from 10% per 'tick' to
100%). At 100% per tick, which kicks in after a few thousand turns, a typical
room of monsters will regenerate far more quickly that you can even kill them,
let alone get past them.

Playing on nightmare generally consists of 2 tactical shifts - the first is
that you want to try to kill enemies while they are standing on an open door,
water, acid, lava, or a corpse from another monster. If they die like this,
they don't leave a corpse, and thus can't be resurrected. The second is about
speed - try to get everything done in as few turns as possible, to minimise the
effect of enemy respawns. Always consider walking down stairs when you see
them, and try not to walk through the same area more than once (or twice, if
you have to).

I personally have a great deal of difficulty playing on nightmare skill level.
Giftdropping is exceedingly effective for leading monsters into doorways to deny
them a corpse, but those monsters that do not pick up items, or those that can
survive a turn or two of sustained firing, are incredibly difficult - it's hard
to deny them a corpse, because they don't die when you want them to.Probably
the worst are cacodemons and hell knights - at the stage they show up (level
3+) you don't have the equipment to properly deal with them, but avoiding them
denys you experience, meaning you end up meeting arachnotrons in caves without
the traits to beat them.

This being said, there is one effective strategy for stomping in nightmare -
selecting the 'angel of max carnage' challenge game. This gaurantees hits, and
gaurantees maximum damage. In nightmare, this is invaluable, as it lets you
deal with tricky opponents like hell knights as quickly as you would usually
deal with imps. In fact, on angel of max carnage, if you pick the relevant
traits, a plasma gun will kill an arachnotron, hell knight, baron, cacodemon,
and revenant in a single turn, making nightmare games comparitively easy under
this 'challenge' game.

Outside of 'angel of max carnage', each level should be examined as you play it
- sometimes, if the layout is right, it's possible with a lot of patience,
giftdropping, and waiting, to completely clear a level using corpse denial.
This should be attempted on the first 5 levels or so for items and experience.
Other levels don't have the right layout, or the right monsters, to make this
possible. On such a level, a player must adopt the opposite strategy - not
patience, no giftdropping, and no waiting - you should rush through the level
while the regeneration chance is at 10%, and try to kill and pick up as much as
you can on your way to the stairs. Most of the later levels, including any that
involve mancubi or revenants, should be tackled this way.

                  S                        A                                 
                  C                        M                                 
                  H                        M                                 
                  E                    R   O     T                           
                  M                    E   /     O                           
   N              A          A   T     L   S  C                               
   A              T    D     V   I     O   H  L  H   D                           
   M              I    M     R   M     A   O  I  I   P                           
   E              C    G     .   E     D   T  P  T   S    Special
Pistol                2d4  (  5) 1s   1.2  1   6 +4   2
shotgun               8d3  ( 15) 1s   1.4  1   1  -   7   Shotgun
Combat Shotgun        7d3  ( 13) 1s   0.7  1   5  -  12   Shotgun
Double Shotgun        8d3x3( 43) 1s   2.0  2   2  -   7   Shotgun
Chaingun              1d6x4( 14) 1s   2.5  4  40 +2   2.6
Rocket launcher       6d6  ( 21) 1s   1.5  1   1 +4   4   Blast
PlasmaGun             1d7x6( 24) 1s   2.0  6  40 +2   4.7
BFG9000               10d8 ( 44) 1s   2.0 40 100 +5  27.8

speedloader pist AT   2d4  (  5) 1s   0.4  1   6 +4   2.6

gravity boots ANA  movespeed +80%

Biggest f. gun PFSN 20D20(210) 1s   n/a 100    100      Plasma/Regen
Nanomanufacture BBBN base -    n/a n/a    n/a      Infinite Ammo
demolition ammo TTTN                                        AOE 3x3
cybernano armor PPNO indestructible
Ripper           TPBN 12d6( 42)

plate armour onyx + power on red armour
tactical shotgun power + tech
grappling boots tech + tech

combat knife knife
green armor garmor
blue armor barmor
red armor rarmor
steel boots sboots
protective boots pboots
plasteel boots psboots
Small Health Globe shglobe
Berserk Pack bpack
Invulnerability Globe iglobe
Supercharge Globe scglobe
Large Health Globe lhglobe
Megasphere msglobe
Computer Map map
Tracking Map pmap
Light-Amp Goggles gpack
armor shard ashard
10mm ammo ammo

shotgun shell shell
rocket rocket
power cell cell
10mm ammo chain pammo
shell box pshell
rocket box procket
power battery pcell
pistol pistol
shotgun shotgun
double shotgun dshotgun
combat shotgun ashotgun
rocket launcher bazooka
chaingun chaingun
plasma rifle plasma
small med-pack smed
large med-pack lmed

phase device phase
homing phase device hphase
envirosuit pack epack
thermonuclear bomb nuke
power mod pack mod_power
technical mod pack mod_tech
agility mod pack mod_agility

bulk mod pack mod_bulk
lever (floods with water) lever_flood_water
lever (floods with acid) lever_flood_acid
lever (floods with lava) lever_flood_lava
lever (harms creatures) lever_kill
lever (forces explosions) lever_explode
lever (destroys walls) lever_walls
lever (summons enemies) lever_summon
lever (Armor depot) lever_repair
lever (MediTech depot) lever_medical
lever (opens the lab) lever_spec3
lever (lowers walls) dis_switch
schematics (basic) schematic_0
schematics (advanced) schematic_1
schematics (master) schematic_2
Backpack backpack
lava element lava_element
teleport teleport
stubitem stubitem

Exotic Items
chainsaw chainsaw
combat pistol ucpistol
blaster ublaster
super shotgun udshotgun
assault shotgun uashotgun
plasma shotgun upshotgun
tristar blaster utristar
minigun uminigun
missile launcher umbazooka
napalm launcher unapalm
nuclear plasma rifle unplasma
laser rifle ulaser
combat translocator utrans
BFG 9000 bfg9000
nuclear BFG 9000 unbfg9000

medical armor umedarmor
duelist armor uduelarmor
bullet-proof vest ubulletarmor
ballistic vest uballisticarmor
energy-shielded vest ueshieldarmor
ballistic shield ubalshield
plasma shield uplasmashield
energy shield uenergyshield
onyx armor uoarmor
phaseshift armor uparmor
phaseshift boots upboots
gothic armor ugarmor
gothic boots ugboots
acid-proof boots uacidboots
firestorm weapon pack umod_firestorm
sniper weapon pack umod_sniper
Onyx Armor Pack umod_onyx
Nano Pack umod_nano
shockwave pack uswpack
blood skull ubskull
fire skull ufskull
hatred skull uhskull

Unique Items
Butcher's Cleaver ubutcher
Subtle Knife usubtle
Mjollnir umjoll
Trigun utrigun
Grammaton Cleric Beretta uberetta
Anti-Freak Jackal ujackal
Jackhammer usjack
Frag Shotgun ufshotgun
Mega Buster umega
Revenant's Launcher urbazooka
Railgun urailgun
BFG 10K ubfg10k
Acid Spitter uacid
Charch's Null Pointer unullpointer
Cybernetic Armor ucarmor
Medical Powerarmor umedparmor
Shielded Armor ushieldarmor
Necroarmor unarmor
Lava Armor ulavaarmor
Malek's Armor umarmor
Enviroboots uenviroboots
Nyarlaptotep's Boots unboots
Hellwave Pack uhwpack
Hell Staff umodstaff

Berserker Armor uberarmor
Dragonslayer udragon
Angelic Armor aarmor
Longinus Spear spear
Azrael's Scythe uscythe
Arena Master's Staff uarenastaff

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