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Title: IronBeer's Sound Overhaul Mod
Post by: IronBeer on April 30, 2013, 12:11
I was debating whether or not I should make this public, but I ultimately decided to do so. The mod is exactly what it sounds like in the title- I've gone through and thoroughly overhauled the sounds on a lot of the things in DoomRL, particularly the weapons and items, though some monsters did get improved sounds as well. The balance impact should be minimal at the very worst- basic monsters only gained more "individualized" attack sounds, and the only monsters to get "unique" pain sounds are the bosses.

My mod incorporates Malek Deneith's "Boss Monsters" sound mod (,4304.msg37867.html), and GrimmC's mods for the (Combat/Double) Shotgun and the Combat Knife (,4302.0.html), and repackages all their lua controls under one file.

Download Link! (mediafire) (

Installing the mod is pretty simple:
1.) Drop the "wav" folder and the "newsound.lua" file into your DoomRL directory.
2.) In your config.lua file, you will need to find the following line:
Code: [Select]
dofile "sound.lua"and change that line to say:
Code: [Select]
dofile "newsound.lua"This line is near the beginning of config.lua, and should be easy to find.
3.) For the weapon sounds to work as intended, you will also need to find
Code: [Select]
SoundEquipPickup = falseand set it to "true" if you have not done so previously.

Known Issues:
*I developed this mod under 0996, so I don't have sounds for the new unique items featured in 0997. If anybody runs across the ItemIDs for the new loot, please let me know ASAP.

To the best of my memory, the specific additions and changes the mod makes are:
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Also, to the best of my memory, the sounds that the mod uses are sourced as follows:
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