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Discussion / Turns out DoomRL works on Android with Winlator
« on: February 04, 2024, 02:15 »
I'll spoiler the post I did on Bay12 (Dwarf Fortress).

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So, yeah, works fine. And since Winlator is kinda open-source, all it would need is its RTS keyboard overlay to be changed to a DRL specific one. Essentially a touchscreen overlay at the sides, for the buttons you'll actually use in DRL. Not that hard, I'll make up a decent overlay in the next few days (I did it for the Dos version through Magic dosbox, and this one will probably be easier than that).

We could use it as a Wine-wrapper to deploy one of the best roguelikes ever on Android, in a way. There might be a bit of clicking before playing, but meh. Still worth it. DoomRL in your pocket can only be a good thing.

I finally got around to making a reasonable touch interface for the old dos version of DoomRL, so I figured I'd share the setup with others.

It requires the Dos version of DoomRL (0.8 or so), csdpmi* extracted into that directory (added below), and the paid version of MagicDosbox (available on the google playstore).

I'm pretty sure I've got every button you'll need to play configured and set up as a touch control. Other than a->t for inventory, but you can just use your soft keyboard for that. I might try to squeeze in a few extra buttons for that somewhere for version 2.0 though. Fair enough, someone could probably port a newer version if they wanted to these days, but at least this works NOW. Just import the overlay below, and change the directory in MagicDosbox to where you installed DRL.

The old dos version of DRL is pretty easy to find, so I haven't included it.

Here's the touch overlay for MagicDosbox and the csdpmi file required for the old version of DRL:

((oh, the heady old days where there was one difficulty setting, shotguns were 6d3, and sergeants carried combat shotguns by default :) ))

((Chaosforge doesn't seem to want these files attached (0 byte files?). I'll happily email the proper versions to any that want them))

Off Topic / SNES savestate, SNESDroid: Genghis Khan II
« on: April 29, 2015, 23:03 »
An AI vs AI (vs AI......) savestate from Snesdroid of Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Grey Wolf.

Yep, I couldn't take a screenshot.

Has anyone else got some of the stranger little 4X snap saves from old school games?

Go go Japan! Be the Mongolian Horde!

Discussion / Limbo training 101 - with saves (massive spoilers)
« on: October 04, 2013, 04:05 »
In another part of my very ad-hoc series, I thought I'd put up a savegame for one of the newer HARD levels, so whoever wants to can get in some practice on it. Limbo, ie: the even eviler Mortuary.

How different is Limbo to the Mortuary? Very. For one, it's harder. Second, there's lava all over the place. Third, stuff just seems to be harder to kill. It gives the same rewards as the Mortuary, but it'll kill you deader, quicker (like the original wasn't bad enough). Knockback into said lava destroys as much life as the enemies do, groups end up spread out more (making BFGs and rockets less effective, though shotguns are slightly better) and there's a higher chance of viles spawning near you (not exactly a bad thing, except that they tend to surround you more often).

So this save is just a little thing for newer players to get a bit of practice with if they want. It also gives me somewhere to leave a save online so I can practice a bit from different PCs when I'm bored. It is save-scumming, so preferably do it in a fresh install of DoomRL ( so you won't end up changing your player record (there's no 100% kill-rate or anything on the save, but best to not sully your records with my feeble attempts).

The save makes the level as easy as possible, with as many options for tackling it as I could get into one save. It's a MFa run on HNTR, with WK(2) and Jug for weapon switching. Heaps of shells, cells and rockets and an onyxed red armour. A tac shotty, a F.DB shotty, a laser rifle, a bulked BFG and a rather silly missile launcher. There's a bit of other random stuff (nukes, phases, a medikit and a skull) to try stuff out with as well. You start with a fair bit of invincibility, berserk, and a heap of life, so you'll be good to muck around a bit if you want.

It was just one of those freak runs where the game front loads mods and weapons at you, even before you can use them, but it's handy for practicing a few different styles of play in Limbo.

It actually doesn't get easier than this, so hopefully players can get a bit of a feel for the level with the save. The filename is: "save_fireangel_limbo." Copy it to your DoomRL directory and remove everything from the filename other than the word "save."  Load up DoomRL and press continue.

Have fun (and rocket everything. Or plasma it. Whatever.)

Discussion / Another Doom tribute: Triangle Doom
« on: September 26, 2013, 18:43 »
In my somewhat ill disciplined and never-on-time tinkering in the world of roguelikes, I've decided to do a Doom tribute based on another pseudo-roguelike engine. My initial idea was to do it under the X@com engine, but it was a bit fiddly, yet very cool. I'll probably come back to it at some stage (the X@com engine is one of the most sophisticated ascii roguelike engines currently (sort-of) in development. X@com: The Fall of Mars will be completed one day as a mission/mod-pack).

So what other engine could convey the Doom style experience in a roguelike manner? The roguelike style experience specifically? Well, there's one. Triangle Wizard. I do a little bit of bug-hunting and typo fixing from time to time for the dev, so I'm fairly familiar with it's workings. It's also completely moddable, with enemies, spells (weapons), items, etc all changeable very easily. It also happens to be a realtime-roguelike engine, giving you more of an opportunity for circle-strafing goodness. There's also the matter of particle effects. Lots of particle and graphical effects.

Strangely enough, the mod would be a regression of the basic Triangle Wizard gameplay. Less weapons (spells), less enemies, less items. Some of the mechanics will have to be mucked around with (reload is essentially casting speed, spell regen virtually doesn't exist (it's a nano pack worth's of goodness), armour is resistance items, a chainsaw is a decent melee weapon), but I think it can be done. Rather easily in this case.

So the point of this post is: should I go ahead and do this thing? It's just for a bit of fun and so I can draw more attention to Doom, a certain excellent roguelike and Triangle Wizard, simply because they're some of my favourite games. Would you play it if it was done well? Can you think of any major stumbling blocks (assuming you understand T.Wizard modding. Currently both levelling traits, class/race/god combos and mod-packs are on my "I'll have to work out something" list.)? Would you think of it as a horrible thing to do (considering I should be doing graphics/concepts for something else right now)?

Hell, I'll throw in some Doom Arsenal tribute mod references as well. Just so it's about the 4th step along in the game/roguelike/game/roguelike chain of Doom tributes :)

Edit: f'ing advocates. Yes, this is fair use. Just, but justly.

Discussion / Whilst this may seem like a pointless post.....
« on: June 29, 2013, 07:31 »
Make thingy GO!

Discussion / New build variants for
« on: May 01, 2013, 18:11 »
I figured I'd open a discussion on build variants for What do people think are good now? Bad? Overpowered as hell? Also take into account the relatively large amount mod-packs (although they're nicely randomized now, no free tac boots for you) and the guaranteed weaponry you get (2MLs but no nuclear-plasma etc). My comments will mainly be on the standard game, challenges are too specific for general thoughts.

Just on a brief look-see, masterless builds can now be absolutely awesome. Easily competing with a lot of the masters and often surpassing them. Here's what I think are two of the main reasons why. Shottyman and Juggler.

The changes to SM allows you to reload RLs and MLs with a step-reload. This is both convenient and incredibly powerful. It also fits into the meta-game perfectly. Reloader gets you through the Arena easily for your RL, SM gets you through CC+ easily (even on UV) by simply zerking past the guards and rocketing the AM to death. It's turned a shotty run on UV into an almost guaranteed two mod-packs, using just the 9 rockets the game gives you. Sure you'll have to pick everything else off with your shotgun, but once the AM is down, everything stays down. This leads onto the Wall, which gives you a backpack, ML and donk-loads of rockets. Bruisers are easier, Shamblers are easier, everything just falls into place nicely. It's really, really good now.

Onto Juggler. It's been buffed to let you retrieve a weapon that's LOADED now. It used to be handy, now it's fantastic. Whilst these extra weapons take up inventory slots, the amount of firepower you can dish out is amazing. There's 2 MLs in the game now, so for god's sake, hotkey MLs in the keybindings section. Between 8+ rockets on call, plus whatever shotties/plasmas/BFGs you're carrying, pretty much anything and everything is toast. It works with everything though, from chainguns/plasmas to, well, anything. All that for two traits. Build as you want, shotties/rapids/rockets or a combo, but you get a big boost to firepower/reload no matter the build.

Anyway, I'm not sure if they are, but I'm tempted to think of these as the new go-to traits in this version. Either of them can be built into your favoured gun type, but both together works well as a general build. Rel->Rel->SM->Fin->Jug works for pretty much any build barring rapid-fire (although you can move over to it in later game, it's only 5 levels worth). You can whack WK, Int or BA in there if you want for each class specific trait (you're half way to WK anyway for Marines and Scouts), or just build out from there. Is it as good as a 5-level master with no trait blocking? I'd be tempted to say it is.

I'd chuck this up as a new OP build anyway. It also looks deceptively like it would fit into MSh and MGr, as well as a probably a couple of other masters. I'll have to try it out.

As a question, does Master Gunrunner with SM both shoot and reload whilst running? Because with a decent shotgun or anything explosive, that would be awesome. Scary, dangerous, but awesome. Khe, khe, khe........ "Bugger it, I'll just press TAB and see what happens." :)

Discussion / Technical outline for ChaosForge tilesets.
« on: July 08, 2012, 18:03 »
This is not meant to be a final version or anything, merely a draft to open up discussion on the subject. I've recently put my hand up to do some tile work for CF, and others have as well. This gives us all the chance to contribute, but it also raises some problems. Are we all going to work with the same technical specs?

I myself have a bit of knowledge of programming and understand just how much easier it is for both spriters and coders to complete a project if everyone is working from the same standpoint. While it may seem redundant in todays 16.7 million colour, 3D accelerated world, tiles and sprites as a whole have tended to be 256 colours, with a definate palette scheme for the programmers to play with. There's good reasons for this. Palette swapping, colour duplexing and colour cycling are all mainstays of games, because they work. They're quick, they're easy, and they don't hog cpu time. They also make a spriters life easy, because while you have to stick to a certain work scheme, you won't have to redo a sprite a hundred times just because one is a slightly different colour or is glowing. Basically, that ends up as a coders problem. But it's also a boon for coders, allowing them far greater versatility in their designs and options, and they will have the format for doing their GFX magic all nicely laid out for them. They've got a standard programming scheme to use, it really does help if us artsy types don't mess with it too much. It helps a lot for them to have a standard graphics scheme to work with as well.

So I prepose that we set up a tech-spec document for the graphics format for CF products. This will be a draft document at first, to make sure that any contributing artists can work easily withing it's limitations. It also gives potential coders time to consider the ramifications and abilities it will give them from their perspective.

I'll reserve the next couple of posts so we have room to update it, and I'll start by putting up what I think would be a good design draft. Some may consider it an overly limiting factor on their creativity, but once you've seen what it can do, I think you'll enjoy making your art under such a system. How many times have you ever used more than 20 colours in a 32x32 sprite anyway? That's 6 shades of those 20 colours mind you, so there's still plenty of options.

Anyway, I'll do another quick post stating why I think such things are handy, and almost necessary for future CF projects. Mainly it's just so all the spriters and coders can come at anything they're doing from the same level. It's a lot easier to make 20 standard palettes for us to use then to resubmit the same tile 20 times with a slightly different colour scheme. Plus, programmers love reserved palette entries, it's amazing what they can do with them

Here's the file for triangle wizard 13.0(?) for slightly better priest/god descriptions. Use them as you will.

Just lists each god's signature spell when choosing a priest and condenses the text a bit.


Discussion / The new strongest build is........?
« on: November 07, 2011, 16:09 »
We've all had a bit of time playing now. Lots of deaths, lots of good finds, probably even a few victories. A couple of versions ago, ammochain was touted as the BEST build, with good modding, good fire speed and good damage with no ammo requirement.

Things have changed. There's 3 classes now, stacks more master traits, "instant" advanced traits for each class and plenty of assemblies and gubbins to play with. So the question is, what's the most powerful and why?

It's all a matter of opinion and your favourite playstyle. But there has to be one (or two) "strongest" builds for each class, surely. I'd like to hear other people's opinions.

Strangely enough, my favourite is still actually MAc. Or MAc/MAD. Mainly because it now requires reloader for both. You can go Rel->Rel and take out the Arena very easily, and then change as you want. Go for some nice plasma death or hardass shottyness, it's your choice. Having the option to go either way for the first few levels allows you to scope out the place, see if there's something amazing early on, then go down your chosen path.

MAc having a shottyman option rounds out the build nicely and badass after any level-up provides the passive defense it was always missing. You can still even go for modding if you want, it just takes a few extra levels to get there.

While MAD is the same, tough, shotgun-y goodness it's always been, except you can tack Survivalist on the end if you want. Yep, 180 life, two natural armour and the ability to heal-up to that limit with any healing sources. With anti-armour shotguns and some great assemblies to back it up. Or you can just slip in whatever other traits you like with the slightly faster MAD limits if you want.

Going for Rel->Rel->BA->SM/SoaB doesn't penalize you one bit, and lets you go down either path happily. Two (assuming you do take SM) extra levels until MAc isn't bad, as you'll have shotgun backup now, and MAD could use a tad of extra damage if you don't want MSur at the end. Both strong builds, just stronger now and happily interlinked for the first few levels.

The strongest? They're up there with the best. Strong, versatile and not lacking in either early or late game? The (MAc?/MAD?) build is that for sure. Either path is a game winner.

HP plasmas and tactical shotties FTW :)

Edit: I meant badass. Too many rapid-fire builds. BA rocks for the arena bonus and to tack MSur on the end of MAD. SoaB not quite so much....

Requests For Features / Friendly fire, Doom->DoomRL
« on: November 06, 2011, 07:18 »
In the new enemy thread, I got a little side tracked at one point and began ruminating about the old friendly fire battles you could set up between baddies in the original doom. I know this is somewhat accounted for in the dodge mechanics, but it would be nice if your enemies would actively TRY and kill each other, not just miss you. This is assuming the code is in place for working out who hit who if it's not Doomguy doing the hitting.

I'd like to know people's ideas on how they'd implement such a system?

Heres my slightly expanded thoughts:

There could be four different team types, each with a hate counter (four counters each team). I'll list who is on who's team below, but the crux of the matter is that each teams counter goes up as it hits any other team(even their own). It goes down as time passes(1 point a second for all hate counters). Whichever team's counter is highest for any particular creatures "turn" (shooting, movment) , they will then attack or move towards the closest member of that type of team's creature, otherwise they'll just stick to normal AI.

There's a few things to consider. Doomguy's counter never goes below 2 for all teams(so is usually the main target). A same-team attack only counts for 1/2 a hate point(to stop regular mobs imploding quite as often, and to show animosity of daemon groups to each other). It's hits not damage that counts for hate points(so the little guys still pull aggro).

Team 1: Doomguy, aka you, aka bullet magnet. Never goes below 2 hate points on all other teams counters.

Team 2: Former marines. That is, former humans, seargents, captains and commandos plus any boss types that get added. One bad shotgun blast and the daemons may chastise their new servants.

Team 3: lesser daemons. Daemons, imps, knights, barons, bruiser brothers. A little more caution with the acid balls, please sir?

Team 4: tech daemons. Arachnotrons, revenants, mancubi, archviles, all bosses. Hated by all below them, but hard enough to keep them in line.

You'll note that skulls and pain elementals aren't on the list. This is so they retain their niche somewhat. They always hate doomguy.

The numbers may have to be tweaked, on both doomguy's basic hated level and on the cool-down speed of the hate counters, but it would give many little nuances to the game. You could set up battles. You could have stealthy weapons (high damage, single hit, sniper-stealth. Pistols, assault rifles and hyperblasters really start looking good). You could also have more little challenges/items/level types (how hated are you?). You could also have a few more enemies a level to compensate.

So, do you like the idea, even if it's not implemented as above? And how would you do it if you were coding/designing the system?

Requests For Features / Pre-Assembled Weapons? Good/bad idea?
« on: October 26, 2011, 20:20 »
I was thinking a little bit about the game the other day and the availability (or lack thereof) of the harder to get mods. As well as the extremely unlikely conditions that I would have to come into to actually even consider using some of the unique weapons that are in the game. There's absolutely no reason to run around with a unique pistol if you're not doing a pistol build, it really won't ever be your main weapon. It will be a better pistol, but you'll probably just use whatever you feel the most comfortable with depending on your build or favoured play-style.

So I began wondering if being able to find pre-assembled weapons might be a good thing. It lowers the need for WK levels in the game, but would it address any problems or merely add to the randomness of good weapon finds?

AFAIK you only "learn" an assembly when you make it or find the schematics for it. So actually picking up a weapon/armour and using it won't affect the known assemblies (or the medals/badges linked to such things). But would including pre-built weapons skew the game too much? I understand that many assemblies are simply "fill-ins" and substitutes for uniques and specials, as well as giving many builds a good list of very viable options to excell in their roles. But if pre-assembled weapons were added to the game, using a rare/special/unique style of drop system (as well as minimum levels for appearance), does anyone think it would add to or reduce the fun, "special-ness", or difficulty of the game unduly?

Your thoughts?

I've found out that I'm the slowest player on earth. Or Scout class makes me think. Or I'm hungover already.

Scout +Int(1) at level doesn't seem to be squat. Int(2) at level 2 is scarily good. Everything's a pseudo-shotty build just due to accurate "scouting". Fits really. A tactical (or even combat) shotgun just makes it stupid. Horde shells. horde good shotty mods, Boom!, hope. Profit?

Marine Badass at level (1) isn't quite so psycho, even at level 4-6. But being able to think "I reckon my Doomguy could use twice as much life right now", at any level, is seriously hard. Really, really hard. Plus you start with essentially Ironman(1) and huge power-ups. 50% berserker P/U's or invulnerablilties sounds even more than "one level" ending sometimes. Just spooge on some extra life on your next level-up. Very, very good.

Haven't Technician'd it yet properly. Instant whizzkid just seems to be a great little mod dump though. A couple of levels in to your build, just mod up whatever crap you want, be it a master-trait build or not. Much testing to be done. Instant-ish medipacks sound great too. Big armour and weapons and quick life gain. Much testing.......

I'd have to say that the scout seems the most powerful in early game (Int->Int->Fin->Jug or Fin->Jug->Int->Int is bloody amazing) but more playtime will probably change my mind a lot on that.

From mucking around with Int(2) scouts, it seems like the monster AI is, if anything, less agressive. Way more play-time needed, but watching things walk-in and walk-out of your vision, without firing a shot is somewhat strange. Big purple monsters, yayyyy, run-away-got-blasted-into-goo-due-to-AI-rather-than-bullet-magnetizing-me monsters, not so good.

More initial thoughts soonish.

Discussion / How much of should we wiki?
« on: September 04, 2011, 16:44 »
Much to my fiancee's distress, I'm probably going to sit on my butt and play a good 5-6hrs of doomRL today. I'll start with a fresh install etc, just to check out how common things are and the difficulty of unlocking modes in the new player environment.

But how much should I wiki as I find new things? The new player classes seem alright, as well as the master traits. These are all accessible info from the get-go. What about updates to monster AI?

Should we hold off for at least a couple of weeks for assemblies, weapons and items? At least give people a good chance of getting them as a "new" inclusion, a great find, not just a wiki read.

Anyway, thanks for the great work Kornel. With the rate of new gubbins you're adding to the game, I'm hoping my relationship will survive. :)

"Must not go into completionist mindframe, must not....."

Off Topic / Potential YAVP on rlProspector
« on: June 20, 2011, 20:28 »
This is my current savegame for rlProspector. It's a space exploration/mining/trading/fighting roguelike that I think has some pretty massive potential once some bugs are worked out and features are sorted.

It's not finished yet, I just can't think of anything that could kill me other than a random asteroid strike or seismic event under my ship.

300k+ credits. Great weapons and armour. Stacks of redundant equipment. Big away team.

Really I've just got to muck about and explore a lot more planets and grab some more resources. I haven't done half the special planets, or got the best ships etc. It's just that I don't seem to need them now. At all.

The is for magellan to look at the savefile in progress and see how broken it is. Issues are:
#1. Captain hallucinated himself into safety aboard ship. I think. Anyway, known bug.
#2. Equipment on auto equip not going onto officers.
#3. Massive cash bonuses for not really that many resources. It might be due to playtime (I did most of this in one stint).
#4. Firing off the top or bottom of the map crashes the game. I think it has to do with terrain damage. Burn some ice, hit a creature, beam goes off map, game crashes. It keeps your save file (with map uncovered and resources gathered kept) with you in orbit around the star you were at. May have broken save file. It is damn handy sometimes for a bugged special planet though (robot factory planet with indestructable defense turret in testing was bugged. Not done on savegame).

Anyway, here's the save file. It's in a zip file with maximum compression (done by izarc I think). It's 315kB in size. The file name is and should be extracted into the savegame directory of rlProspector. Extracted file name is sam.sav at a size of 16,000kB. Have fun magellan or anyone else that plays around. I'll post the YAVP once it's done.


ps I hope this is cool to chuck up here Kornel. It's a smallish file that probably won't be d/l'ed much. rlProspector doesn't seem to have an attachment system on their forums, so I'll be linking from there to here. Feel free to remove it if it's against board rules. Just trying to help out the RL community (and brag a bit. This is pretty good for only having done 10-15 games of Prospector in my opinion :) )

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