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Bug Reports / Extremely poor performance
« on: September 02, 2021, 12:22 »
Got a few messages on my review on Steam from Epyon and found my way here after his/her attempts to help me out with this issue there.

The game runs extremely poorly (0-5 fps) after playing for a little while (10-15mins) - Tabbing out and after a while back in again fixes it momentarily "sometimes" but it just comes back.

I've tried Vulkan and OpenGL, both are afflicted by this same problem. I've disabled all overlays available - And before it starts lagging it performs absolutely perfectly (Both at 144hz and 60hz, changing to 60hz does not change how long it takes before it starts lagging though)

There is no major load or distinctive difference in load on any resource of the PC while it happens.

Attaching dxdiag as that is what Epyon requested! Also attaching the log.txt if it helps.

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