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Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.8|U|AoSh|Te|10|YASD] Shottyman Bronze
« on: February 10, 2020, 10:40 »
Well, for one, Mines is easier on a Shotgun run due to unarmored demons (for the most part) and while the rewards are less varied, they are still often relatively useful.
Plus Anomaly has one free item. Often it is rubbish, but could be a jackpot. On my last shotgun run I picked up Amp +30% shotgun damage.

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.8|U|AoSh|Te|10|YASD] Shottyman Bronze
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:46 »
Exactly -- especially because shotguns have 1 tile longer range now.

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.8|U|AoSh|Te|10|YASD] Shottyman Bronze
« on: February 09, 2020, 03:02 »
Nice! I have AoSh win on Hard, but I remember I was not able to progress far on UV. I would not think of clearing Calisto Anomaly with a shotgun, though. My strategy was to grab the free item in the Anomaly and move on.

Sometimes RNG is just nasty.
My last UV AoCo run was also doing great, until in mid-Io I opened a door to face 3 exalted regen-deadly-whatnot reavers. As a Marine no chance to run away. They eat health too fast, Adrenaline and three big medkits could only prolong the agony. I don't think there was a way to get out of that situation. 

AoMr UV win, on a second attempt! This is in 0.8.8b with Frenzy bug fixed (Is it? I really forgot to pay attention).
Yes I agree with khiijol who posted a AoMr win earlier that if feels almost too easy.

I mentioned earlier that Gunslinger and Headshot are comparable. Now I am convinced that Gunslinger is stronger. Headshot has higher damage (because of using the best gun available) and less ammo hungry (a big deal for .44 which is the best conventional pistol for most of the game). But it has a shorter range, and a cooldown time. The last point is the biggest downside of Headshot relative to Gunslinger. With Gunslinger and fully modded .44 revolver+ plasma pistol, CRI bots and armored ravagers go down in one shot on crit. No cooldown means multiple enemies can die in a very short time.

By the end of the run I had an ADV .44 revolver and a plasma pistol, both with Auto-loaders. And CRI damage amp +30%.

Marine does not have Scavenger. So, to save precious .44, the third slot was filled with an ADV 9mm pistol that I used instead of .44 revolver when dealing with lower-tier enemies.

Summoner fight was the easiest I ever got. Because archreavers were guaranteed to die to one dual shot, and because of auto-loaders on both weapons, I was easily taking out reavers as they appear, and did substantial damage to Summoner as well. Summoner never had a chance to get close. I had two CRI phase devices on the ready but never used.

Andizee, level 13 Marine, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 12431 turns.
The run time was 2h 15m 9s.
He scored 6163 points.
He was an Angel of Marksmanship!

CALLISTO L2 -> Valhalla Terminal L1
Valhalla Terminal L3 -> Valhalla Command
Valhalla Command - cleared
EUROPA L2 -> Europa Dig Zone L1
IO L3 -> CRI Laboratory L1
CRI Laboratory L2 -> CRI Armory
CRI Armory - cleared
BEYOND L1 -> The Arena
The Arena - cleared

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Marksman Bronze Badge
   * Reach Io on Angel of Marksmanship
  Marksman Silver Badge
   * Complete Angel of Marksmanship (AoMr)
  Marksman Gold Badge
   * Complete AoMr on Hard

He killed 484 out of 484 enemies.

  9 former commandos
  1 former CRI soldier
  25 fiends
  2 corrupted sergeants
  24 former soldiers
  1 summoner
  2 cybeross
  10 siege ravagers
  2 combat drones
  12 former sergeants
  6 corrupted soldiers
  44 CRI marines
  25 cryoreavers
  2 hellish commandos
  5 corrupted heavys
  8 cryobeross
  2 former CRI sergeants
  6 security drones
  6 exalted reavers
  6 plasma ravagers
  12 exalted fiends
  11 armored ravagers
  2 CRI commandos
  31 security bots
  2 military bots
  9 turrets
  23 archreavers
  45 CRI bots
  6 corrupted commandos
  2 CRI soldiers
  8 reavers
  1 former CRI grunt
  3 military drones
  33 fire fiends
  14 CRI turrets
  15 exalted soldiers
  29 former guards
  4 former grunts
  21 ravagers
  5 former heavys
  2 former CRI commandos
  10 rocket turrets
  4 former CRI guards

  Hellrunner L2
  Ironman L2
  Tough as Nails L1
  Reloader L1
  Son of a Gun L2
  Gunslinger L2
  Whizkid L1
  Field Medic

  Slot #1 : ADV 9mm pistol P2AF
  Slot #2 : ADV .44 revolver PL
  Slot #3 : CRI plasma pistol P2L
  Body    : CRI armor P
  Utility : CRI pistol damage amp

  energy cell (x100)
  energy cell (x100)
  energy cell (x86)
  .44 ammo (x31)
  CRI phase kit (x2)
  multitool (x4)
  stimpack (x1)
  small medkit (x2)
  large medkit
  large medkit

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.7|U|AoV|Ma|13|YASD] Whimper...
« on: February 04, 2020, 05:41 »
It's a cool run! Shame to die to Summoner, but cmon, Summoner is supposed to be a challenge, especially on UV. I am not sure but as I remember, using rockets on Summoner in visual range is fine (assuming there is a way of fast reload) in the first two encounters, because Summoner eventually teleports away. It's the third encounter where it closes up the distance.

Well done, congratulations on the win!
I wonder why ADV 9mm pistols and regular 9mm pistols don't mix well together?
I can see why .44 revolver and ADV 9mm pistol could be a problem because of shortage of .44 ammo. But why two different 9mm's?

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.8|U|Te|AoMr|YAVP] - pistol frenzy
« on: February 04, 2020, 01:53 »
Congrats! Have you tried the Headshot built with Scout in 0.8.7 or earlier? I wonder if Headshot with Tech feels stronger.
I also had one attempt in 0.8.8, AoMr as Scout Gunsliger built (YASD). I used .44 revolver+Adv 9mm pistol as main weapons and got into serious ammo management problems. Using .44 ammo with Gunsliger, at least until Scavenger is online, seems suboptimal.

Gunlsinger is great, but I did not get the impression it is too strong, not on UV at least. Though I just had one run (died in Spaceport).
The challenge of the build is that pistols have short range, so enemies need to be lured closer for the full damage. 9mm calibrated is a godsend, but it does not appear every time.

Gunlsinger is comparable to Headshot. Both can be taken before Valhalla Command. But with Headshot you get the double power of .44. There is not enough .44 ammo to do that with Gunslinger.

Ultimately, with Headshot I could use fully modded .44 revolver all the way to the end with Scavenger, swapping for plasma pistol to deal with mechanical enemies. With Gunslinger a more feasible stratregy looks like using dual ADV 9mm weapons, and then switch to plasma pistols in Io, or using some other rare finds.

So I don't see a clear advantage of Gunslinger over Headshot as such; it's the whole package of Marine or Scout vs Tech that could make one build stronger than the other.

I got a slightly better AoNY run and managed to pass Europa Central Dig into IO, but died in IO entry room to CRI marines.

ECD was crazy.
When I enter, I have two almost full chainguns. I immediately see two cryoreavers, straight ahead and down. I switch on Run mode (not enough energy for Stealth) and start running up, to the closest seemingly safe bottleneck. On the way there I reveal more cryoreavers. I pray to RNG not to bump into armored ravagers while running from reavers. My prayer is heard. I am in the bottleneck and dispatch the closest cryoreaver, it takes  3 chaingun volleys. In the meanwhile his mates get close and bunch together. Four of them, next to each other.

Pause. I realize there is no way I have enough firepower to kill them, nor Running or Stealth to get away. And any moment someone else can appear from the other side.

Quick check of the inventory. One krak and one frag. Perfect for 4 reavers together, and a fuel barrel nearby. After that three die and one is left with little health. One chaingun valley solves it. But wait, one more cryoreaver wants my head. So, it's been six of them together. Great. Three more valleys from chaingun solve the problem.

Now I am left with one half empty and one empty chaingun (and full Golden gun), and one large medkit.
And no Running or Stealth.

I start carefully moving around. Anywhere I try to go there are ravagers and armored ravagers. I lure one armored to the same bottleneck and kill him with the remaining ammo. Get blasted in the process. Now I am empty and low on health. Great.

But I cleared the way to two chests. One with ammo and one something elese equally uselesess, that I manage to open without getting ravagers' attention. But now I got energy for Stealth mode. I realize that with empty weapons my only chance is to run to the exit. So I use the last medkit, get as close as possible and start running.

Of course, as I cross the stone bridge, two cryoberos decide to have a walk exactly where I am supposed to go. Boom, boom. They are dead, two bullets from Golden Gun gone. I am visible and armored ravagers are very happy to see me.

So I manage to get to Io, with a smear of health left. A welcome party of two CRI marines end my struggle.

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.7|M|Ma|13|YAVP] - Carried by launchers
« on: February 01, 2020, 08:19 »
Unfortunately, I seem to have missed 3 enemies, which is weird, since every level I left was blue. I guess the reavers in PoD count towards the kill percentage?

I don't think so. Spawns in Gateway and PoD are not counted. I had a few YAAM victories by killing the summoner and paying little attention to the summons.

So, if you like blasting stuff, next step is Angel of Carnage -- lot's of rockets, most likely there won't be shortage on Medium. Marine's Reload Dance is super cool when using rocket launcher.

Angel of New York Reload is really brutal. Relative to a standard game, the biggest problems in AoNY are total randomness of access to dropped weapons in Europa (I have not got past Europa Central Dig yet), the inability to keep good weapons and upgrade them, and being underleveled due to low XP.

A rather typical situation that ended quite a few of my attempts is a pack of exalted fiends or reavers. There is simply not enough DPS to deal with them, due to being underleveled and unable to upgrade weapons. One needs to be lucky to have a loaded .44 revolver or SMG to dispatch exalted fiends. But there is no conventional weapon at all that will kill three exalted, say, resilient, armored, or regenerating reavers without reloading.

Switching weapons is usually not enough. One slot is occupied by Golden Gun which should not be used early. Anticipating the inability to kill almost anything in IO and Beyond, Golden Gun ammo is needed to be saved for the situations where there is no other way. Like running from a couple of cryoreavers, and armored ravager blocks the only way to exit.
So Scout has only two weapon slots left. Often it is a pair of chainguns that won't save from exalted reavers. Even if one of the slots is autoshotty or SMG, these are not going to be enough.

In Callisto it is possible to clear practically everything. I skipped most vaults as they tend to have fiends and bots that don't drop weapons, and occasional bot or turret. But killed the rest, except in one of the levels I run to the elevator from exalted fiends. Military Barracks was a good place to venture in, because of guaranteed lots of weapons.

Europa starts to be really difficult. The distribution of weapon drops is too random. An unlucky level with most enemies reavers and ravagers and exit not nearby, and there is nothing you can really do. A guaranteed level like that is Europa Central Dig. That's where my run ended because I had no ammo and armored ravagers and whatnot were coming from all directions. To be honest, I am not sure how it is possible to get through it on Hard.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

What Moonshine said.  Armored Ravagers, Heavies, and CRI Bots all have attacks that hit very hard.  How are you supposed to survive fighting them if you can't avoid getting hit by them?

Indeed. There are many heavies starting from Valhalla Spaceport, and way too many armoured ravagers starting from Europa Central Dig. No amount of medkits is enough to take on CRI Lab on UV without some degree of shooting into the dark. In Gateway practically everyone is armored ravager or CRI bot. These guys hit very hard and practically don't miss -- when they miss they hit the wall next to you so you get hit anyway.

Maybe it would be more balanced if these guys, especially armored ravagers, were more rare. Of course there should be very dangerous enemies. (And of course it should be risky to walk with half health or no armor.) But they should not be so dominant in the middle to late game, I think.

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.7|M|AoNY|Sc|7|YAVP] Well…
« on: January 28, 2020, 06:22 »
Also tested this out
It seems that you can't skip Beyond L2/L3 through the Arena until every monster is dead.
But you can skip a large part of Beyond 1 through the Arena if you are lucky to find it early in B1. The Arena entrance is often closer to the entry point in B1, in my experience. There is an exit elevator to B2 from Arena, as far as I remember, is that right?

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.7|M|AoNY|Sc|7|YAVP] Well…
« on: January 27, 2020, 14:13 »
Arena is not clearable but exitable, so one could still go into Arena if this is the first elevator to find in B1.

Yes, there could be some clever way to help Tech in this challenge. Like recharging one bullet of golden gun by inserting a P mod. I suppose if advanced assemblies are introduced, they can create new ways to make Tech viable in AoNY

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