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Bug Reports / Game-Crashing bug!
« on: September 23, 2009, 16:46 »
Everything goes well as I progress through the game... I walk down Hell, I reach Cybie...

And when I kill Cybie and the game gives me the message that I have defeated him, the game crashes and saves my game right on Cybie's level, and I don't have the ammo I used to kill him.

I had a nuke with me, so I whipped it out and used it to see if it was just an ocassional bug. The nuke killed Cybie and me, indeed, but when it said that I had destroyed him, the same error occured again!

Then, it saved my game, once again. I loaded it again, and this time let Cybie kill me without putting a fight, and in my mortem, it says I sacrificed myself to destroy the Cyberdemon. What the hell, game?

Hello, fellow male and female berserkers! Today, I'm making a list of suggestions of my own crop for Kornel's game, BerserkRL.

First off, some monster suggestions of my own, because, let's recognize it, the true point of the game is the monsters. Each one is a world, and has a behaviour and a strategy to follow in order to destroy them. Here, I submit a list of monsters I propose, after making sure no one has suggested them:


The weakest monster of them all, bust also the most numerous. They don't have any special abilities, they just try to swarm you, or serve as support for beasts and other monsters. Some of them may be riding other monsters, even!


A fierce demonic steed, probably a bloodthirsty demon wolf, or a monstrous boar, or some other man-eating quadruped. Fast and resilient, its bite may only sting a bit more than goblins, but it can prove being annoying.


A goblin riding a steed. They share the speed and strength of a steed, but when killed, the goblin jumps out of it and keeps fighting!

-Blood Knight:

A human turned into a vampiric knight by the powers of darkness. It is clad in armour, unlike most monsters, and wields a sword that sucks your blood when it hits you, stealing some hit points from you and giving it to its owner... Or even draining the blood from the floor or the corpses! A pretty dangerous creature if it comes late in the level, when there is a lot of signs of bloodshed.

-Stone-skinned Stalker:

It appears in mountain levels. At mere sight, it look like a simple rock... but if you ever get near it, it reveals its true aspect and attacks you by grabbing your arm hard so you can't get away from it! This, obviously, has the direct inconvenient that you can't move for a while, and can get easily swarmed by other, nastier critters...


Appears in towns and, if implemented, in castles. It is a headless undead knight wielding a very big sword like the one you have. It can do impaling attacks, meaning it can attack you without even needing to approach you, and even if there's another monster between you and him.

-Fallen Angel:

She looks like a gothic lolita girl... But as she approaches you, you notice the red eyes, fangs, claws, batlike wings... She can throw highly damaging, but fortunately highly inaccurate, unholy bolts at you, and if you allow her, she can use her powers to revive the dead as ghosts, although she can't create them as fast and in such a mass-production feeling as the wraith makes skeletons.


An revived corpse, like skeletons, except this one packs a weaker punch. On its advantage (And your disadvantage), it has the fact that it is incorporeal, meaning it can evade many of your blows before it falls. Fortunately, the Fallen Angel can't create ghosts as quickly as a wraith can create skeletons.


A forest exclusive. The unholy cross between a human and a beast, probably fruit of a rape. Its beast blood gives it the killer instict of one, and also a lot of agility. Its ability to stand on two legs gives it skills a regular beast lacks, like making a feint over you both to dodge your attacks and counterattack you.


A heavily armored marine creature. Normally, it dwells in the bottom of the sea, but sometimes, when it doesn't find food in the abyssal dephts, it goes to the surface by night, looking for prey, whether animal or human... Beware!

And I could keep going and going with monster ideas, but I think you get the message, right?

Next in the list, new terrain suggestions!


A shore nearby the sea, the perfect place for romantic snuggles by the moonlight... And also the perfect place for hellish creatures to surface out of the water, looking for victims...


The interior of a large castle, full of passages. It once was a powerful human fortress, but the servants of Hell slaughtered all the people in there, and now, only the shadows of those who once were their guardians lurk around the dark corridors, with only one mission in mind: Destroying any living being they find, for the greater glory of their new masters, the masters of Hell.

And, as a dessert, suggestions for game modes:

-Endless Wave Mode:

This is like Endless Mode, except that, every night that passes, you face only ONE kind of monster. With every night you survive, a new type of monster appears to challenge you. If you are lucky enough to survive all monster types, the cycle repeats itself ENDLESSLY, except that, every cycle, the monsters get stronger, and stronger, and stronger...

-Panic Mode:

This is like Massacre Mode, except that your Berserk Gauge is replaced by a Fear Gauge. When it fills up (It fills up the same way as the Berserk Gauge), you PANIC! and your abilities get nerfed! Pain makes the Fear Gauge fill up faster, and lower HP = less fear required for PANIC! Basically, it is the opposite of Berserk.

-True Berserker Mode:

Again, this behaves like Massacre Mode, except that you're PERMANENTLY BERSERKED! You have no powerups whatsoever, meaning you have no knives or Fairy Dusts, and of course, even if you had the arm cannon, the bombs or the crossbow, you couldn't use them. Not a single powerup to save your sorry hide, only your lust for BLOOD!

And there you have it. More suggestions soon. In the meantime, tell me what you think about it, okay?

And, just in case you're wondering, the title is sarcastic. XD

AliensRL / My introduction, and some food for thought.
« on: March 26, 2008, 13:27 »
This post, as I have said in the subject, will be used as my introduction in the forums and as some food for thought related with the Aliens Roguelike.

My name is Sachiko Kotobuki. I am a Japanese Rogueliker that has been in the world of Roguelikes since she put her hands on ADOM. I am 23 years old, and I play Roguelikes since 17. My brothers and my mother are always 'wondering what do I see in all those ASCII graphics', so I'm unable to speak with others about Roguelikes. That is, until I found out of these forums...

Now, the food for thought.

I have been playing the Aliens Roguelike since a long while already, and although I keep being torn to pieces because of my stupid mania of 'opening the door to see if there's something worth inside' instead of just taking enough supplies to reach the Queen and blow her brains off. But little by little, I am starting to master this thing.

I play this game because I'm a fan of Roguelikes. However, although the atmosphere is ideal, there are some things that, well, look a bit shocking to me.

First off, the Alien castes. Juveniles, Workers, Hunters, and the like. As far as I know, their original names would be 'Chestbuster' for Juveniles (Since the young stage of a Xenomorph is the Chestbuster, then it immediately turns into an adult one), 'Drone' for Workers, and 'Runner' for the hunters (Since the runners are the hunters of the Alien hive, fast and experts in stalking, but lightly armored). Warriors is an official alien caste, but, seeing how resistant the warriors are, I think that they probably should be called 'Praetorians' (Which are the warriors of the hive). Either that, or make them a bit less armored and have a heavily armed, heavily armored caste in the levels near the Queen called Praetorians.

Also, if you plan to expand the game, what about adding an outdoors area where you start before entering the colony? If you plan to add new weapons, The SADAR Missile Launcher is a must, as well.

More comments tomorrow. My login time today is over.

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