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Requests For Features / New class: Outlaw
« on: March 25, 2015, 21:46 »
A brand new class! Maybe many of us have dreamed of classes to introduce, but I think I could really have as much fun exploring this class as I did the marine, scout, and technician. What I came up with:

Starting characteristics: 1) sees exact HP of enemies, 2) Triggerhappy immediately accessible.

The master traits promote a generalist approach, so the class would appeal to players who want to keep their options open.

[Melee] Overkill: Every time you shoot a monster at point-blank range, you also swipe it instantly with the weapon in your prepared slot.
Req: Brute (3), Hellrunner (2), Son of a Bitch
Blocks: Berserker, Finesse, Eagle Eye

[Pistol] Quickdraw: All inventory management, item use, and lever pulling is instantaneous. Only moving, attacking, reloading, and waiting take time.
Req: Finesse (2), Juggler, Son of a Gun, Level (6)
Blocks: Reloader, Iron Man, Tough as Nails

[Shotgun] Brainwave: All of your explosives land exactly on the spot you aim for, as long as you can see it.
Req: Shottyman, Intuition
Blocks: Badass, Triggerhappy, Juggler

[Burst] Scary Guy: Every time you hit an enemy, you drain 100 energy, allowing you to essentially stun-lock single targets. Also, if you aim directly at an a monster, every hit has a 50% chance to throw something out of its inventory (ammo, medkits...) anywhere in a circle of radius 2.
Req: Badass, Iron Man, Eagle Eye (2)
Blocks: Hellrunner, Triggerhappy, Whizkid

[General] Lucky Bastard: When dealing damage, roll two sets of dice, picking the bigger outcome. When receiving damage, also roll two sets of dice, picking the lower of two outcomes. But if that's a crap idea, just modify every enemy’s accuracy by -4 or something.
Req: Eagle Eye (3), Tough as Nails, Intuition (2)
Blocks: Son of a Bitch, Son of a Gun, Shottyman

AliensRL / first impressions and some negative feedback
« on: May 26, 2012, 02:06 »
My first several characters died quickly, while I was still learning the ropes. Then one character survived an unpleasantly long time.
Honestly, I am amazed at how boring the game becomes. I know that busywork is common in roguelikes, but AliensRL takes it a notch further. The levels are huge and the difficulty between towers is about the same. Going through the complex room-by-room is a rote affair. Even after considering critical hits and range modifiers, combat is very predictable. Most of the time, I feel like I’m following an algorithm for clearing rooms. The vibe is less sci-fi horror and more under-equipped pest control. By the way, that is a huge departure from the marine campaigns in AvP games, where I constantly fling my character around, praying to actually see an alien and jumping when I do.
Why does the map not memorize anything besides barrels, floors, walls, and corpses? I can’t form stashes, so I have to leave many supplies lying all over the place, to be picked up later. I can’t keep track of them all! Plus you might have to swap weapons if you e.g. run out of .44 ammo, and after you gradually fill up on that ammo, the original weapon can be hard to find. This is not realism, this is just unpleasantness.
Do want: A macro that reloads all weapons and switches to the primary weapon.
Do want: An option to walk around unless an alien is in view. Pressing coma+direction is very uncomfortable, plus you cannot control the number of spaces you move. The cramped environments of AliensRL make me press direction keys in quick succession, and in familiar territory, an alien can sneak up unbeknownst to me.
The grenade system is well-implemented IMHO.
One odd quirk I found is that meat-shields do not really exist. Take #aA @# as an example: if I burst-fire at ‘a’, then ‘a’ will take most of the damage. Should I interpret this as aliens being very small compared to grid squares?

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