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Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: September 23, 2012, 11:01 »
Napsterbater - I still think you're a bit off the mark with your level 1 analogy. Level 1 characters can't exactly handle, say, the mortuary, but I could still write up a general strategy for dealing with the mortuary, or the arena, or the wall, or the lava pits, or the armoury, etc. Any of these 'general' strategies can work with minor adjustments for any build.
Alternatively, I could write a guide for beating any of these levels with ammochain without taking a hit.
I'm sure you can see the difference, and it doesn't mean that the 'general' guide is pointless or appropriate for a level 1 character.
Try the new Angels of Confidence/Overconfidence sometimes. A level one character can do Hell's Armory, a level two/three character can do UC. Heck, even the Wall could probably be done with a level one character. The only thing that changes is traits, it's not like you get more health or stats, unless of course you pick those traits. With equipment and tactics, a level one character can be quite deadly.

But UV CC+? Fuggeddaboutit! You need to make the most of every last boost from every trait you pick.

Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: September 22, 2012, 23:21 »
Just a note - not having to tailor your build doesn't mean 'can do it with a level 1 character'. I don't know where you got that idea from. I'm after general strategies that can work, at some resource cost to the user, for pretty much any reasonable level 4-5 character (ie not a specific character). Level 1 characters have nothing to do with this.
What I meant by this was that if you were looking for a strategy that would guarantee victory for a character that would work just as well for a dualgunning pistolleer as a shotgunner, well you might as well have one that would work for a level one character, because both builds are very different and have different things available by the time they hit CC. Even a sharpshooter vs. Gun Kata build are going to need different strats due to the fact that GK is much more likely to have HR, and even one level of HR means you can dodge your way to victory with the Barons. With EE/SoG you have to play the waiting game and while the captains won't be as much of a problem, the Barons will. Saw's the best way to kill the AM at any rate, the tricky part is getting to him.

Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: September 22, 2012, 23:10 »
One thing you may want to try is putting blue on as soon as you see the AM. That may make that battle go a lot smoother.

Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: September 22, 2012, 23:05 »
Oh, I usually don't bother with armor for CC+. I go in with green and come out naked, not bothering to put on more until I hit the next level. I usually also have a couple of medpacks left. It's hard, and requires tailoring your early game towards just one level, but in my opinion the XP and A-mods are worth it in the long run. If you think it's too hard or not worth doing, then feel free to skip it, it's not absolutely necessary unless you're after a certain badge/challenge.

Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: September 22, 2012, 22:58 »
Thanks, trying this now. So far, in 3 tries, I've not had a chance to corner shoot the top baron without getting seriously wounded by former captains, ripping apart a suit of armour and a medpack.
Radar shoot out the top-left and bottom-left before going after the Baron. There are two captains just outside vision range of the door that will come after you if you don't deal with them first.

Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: September 22, 2012, 22:56 »
That said, CC+ on UV is hard, it's supposed to be hard, and there's really no way to do it reliably without a build-specific strategy, because that would mean you could do it with a reasonably equipped level one character, and that just isn't going to happen. I think the basics of beating it are, kill the Barons first, go out the left and around the back, (otherwise Barons tend to destroy the saw/zerks) then deal with the captains with ranged weapons and the AM in melee, zerked, with medkits. You shouldn't need to compromise your build, (say, by using one of the A-mods on the rocket launcher) but you will have to tailor your start strategy up to that point. (save your medkits)

Discussion / Re: Need expert help with the (un)chained court.
« on: September 22, 2012, 22:40 »
I just started playing UV, and I'm having decent success with a Shottyhead build. Start Rel -> Rel, then pick up HR while in the Arena, then go Finesse or Shottyman depending on when CC generates. You need Shottyman for CC+. Ideally you'll have Shottyman, Fin1 AND HR1. Finesse helps with the Barons. You can turn on run mode, sidestep until the Baron moves/fires, you'll probably dodge, then you can shoot and he won't have enough time to catch you flat-footed. Use a small medpack after you're done to replenish run mode and health rather than a zerk. You should not be using any medpacks at all until CC, save them for CC and the Wall.

Try to kill the Barons without using a zerk or grabbing the saw. You can usually corner-shoot the top-left hand Baron pretty easily from the top left door, you may also get lucky with the bottom-left hand one. If not I try to lure the Baron into the pathway and then push him into the lava with a shotgun blast. Then I usually go around to the top from the left hand side and grab the shells, hopefully there's another Baron in the top-right that you can corner shoot from there, if not, I switch on running and take them on out in the open, being careful not to let the Baron blasts destroy the A-mod. With HR, Fin and SM, it's doable, especially if you can get a Supercharge before going down the Stairs.

Once the Barons are out of the way, I grab one zerk and the saw and make my way towards the AM, shotgun in hand. With SM and zerk the fight through the captains is simple, but once I get to the AM it gets a little dicier. This fight is what you saved all those medpacks for. Switch to the saw and cut him up. Grab the staff and use it to kill off the remaining captains in your vision range. Then you have to clean up, radar shooting with a shotgun works well as you probably won't have a whole lot of health left. Then pick up the other zerk, make a shiny pair of Tac Boots and head for the stairs.

AliensRL / Re: Shooting out of vision barrels
« on: September 18, 2012, 03:45 »
(barrels can't move, how in the holy hell can one miss them if they know their position?)
Go get a Nerf gun, set yourself up in a room with a box or whatever on the other side of the room, turn the light off (or close your eyes) and see how many times you can hit it. Bet ya it won't be a lot.

I figured as much. Definitely not a language for quick-and-dirty stuff, though.

Ahh, this was much easier in Ruby. Here's 50 generated names. See attached .rb file for source.

Speed Speedthick
Meat Hugeslam
Hair Hardpunch
Rock Vanderface
Stump Bonerip
Cheek Runstump
Big Thrustsplint
Fist Manmeat
Plank Boldsmoke
Fist Steaklift
Cheek Beefrip
Fist Flintrun
Bolt Bodydead
Butt Chunkgristle
Plank Slatesteak
Run Runsquat
Cheese Rollsmash
Smash Brickbeat
Fast Ripslab
Rip Slatehuge
Crunch Liftbig
Buff Largebuff
Fast Bodylarge
Brick Largethrust
Punch McNeckiron
Chest Beatknob
Lamp Neckslate
Splint Hardjunk
Lump McThicksmash
Jaw Meatthick
Buff Stagslab
Rust Cheesecheek
Slag Crunchsmash
Buff Crunchsmash
Knob Fridgerod
Face Blastlots
Fist Rockthick
Cheek Bodylarge
Hack Touchthick
Buck Smokefist
Squat Thickgristle
Stag Runhair
Punch McHardcrunch
Man Plankbrick
Beat Largelarge
Butt Buckdead
Large McFlintman
Hard McGristlemeat
Beef Slabgroin
Drink Bighack

I started to try to make a generator in Lua, so it could maybe be worked into the game using a function, but I'm finding out I really don't like the way Lua does things. I guess I'm spoiled by Ruby, but Lua seems to do things in strange and non-intuitive ways.

I set up three tables, one for first names, one for the first part of the last name, and the last one for names that could go anywhere. The idea being the code will join the first name and the anywhere name table and pick one randomly for the first name. Then it will join the "first part of the last name" table, and the anywhere name table to pick the first part of the last name. Then it will just use the other name table to pick the second part of the last name. Then it will add a "Mc" to the name 10% of the time, put it together, capitalize the first letters of the two names, and return a string. Simple, right?

But Lua doesn't allow me to really join two tables temporarily. If I make a function to do that, it joins them permanently, I either have to undo the join manually, copy the two tables into a new table, or some other weirdness. If I wanted to be this careful with my data, I'd be using C. All functions tend to modify in place, I don't understand why Wikipedia says it can be used functionally, just because a language has first class functions doesn't mean it's functional. Everything seems to have side effects in Lua. I can see how it would be a giant pain in the butt to manage them if you were to ever start seriously coding in Lua. No thanks.

That shouldn't be too hard, as all three names you quoted have exactly three syllables, and they're all either words or first names. The first name can just be picked randomly, but the second one might take a little finessing, as "Runfast" is a bit different from the other two, being <verb><adverb> rather than <adjective><noun>. You wouldn't want to end up with "Jack Runguts", just doesn't have the same ring.

If you want to collect a whole bunch of different possibilities, then I could write some simple Ruby code to put them all together.

I like your style, sir!

Requests For Features / Re: Small fixes buffs/nerfs for DoomRL
« on: September 04, 2012, 17:37 »
Actually, if you had real weapons/ammunition, ejecting the mag, sliding 5 rounds into it, one at a time, then inserting it back in would take more time, not less, than just ejecting the mag and inserting a fresh one in. Especially with drum feeds like a minigun would have.

Ammochain does not render you immortal. On the contrary, by blocking TaN, it renders you more mortal. Malicious Blades on the other hand...

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