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Discussion / Doom RL Let's Play
« on: November 11, 2014, 14:24 »
I did a run on Nightmare mode, and here's the video of it.

Off Topic / Re: Sum Gai's indi game trailer thread
« on: July 01, 2014, 02:10 »

You are space-Macgyver. You've crashed on a planet and have nothing but the wreckage of the escape pod and whatever you can lay your hands on. You need food, shelter, and weapons with which to defend yourself from hostile aliens.

Those poor aliens... They still think that they're the dominant predators...

Off Topic / Re: Sum Gai's indi game trailer thread
« on: June 14, 2014, 11:43 »
Created a new trailer and added it.

Chaos Seed.

This SNES action RPG has never had an official release outside Japan. But fans have just recently translated it into English.

It's not like anything I've ever played before.

Off Topic / Re: Sum Gai's indi game trailer thread
« on: June 08, 2014, 15:08 »
Created a new trailer and added it to the playlist.


I love Joakim Sandberg's work. And of all his freeware games this is my favorite.

Off Topic / Re: Terran Marines vs Ultramarines
« on: June 08, 2014, 15:07 »

Even with their nukes I just don't see the Terrans winning.

But judging by the events of the expansion for the original Starcraft, if a powerful foe shows up and starts kicking everyone's ass, the Terran, Zerg (under Kerrigan), and Protoss would likely ally themselves against the ultramarines.

...But I wouldn't be surprised if they lost anyway. Because frankly Warhammer 40K stuff is all on such an insane power level.

Off Topic / Sum Gai's indi game trailer thread
« on: May 19, 2014, 03:10 »
I don't know why I didn't do this ages ago, but I made a playlist of my various game trailers.

What's on the playlist?

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Trailer       3:45
Megaman DL Trailer       2:02
Alter Aila Genesis Trailer       2:53
A glimpse of Super Mario Fusion       2:18
Distorted Travesty 1 trailer       1:26
Distorted Travesty 2 trailer       1:37
Psycho Waluigi Trailer       1:39
Doom RL Trailer       2:01
Megaman Day in the Limelight 2 teaser       0:52
Giana Returns Trailer       1:01
Tyrian 2000 trailer       1:35
Overlord/Supremacy Trailer       1:16
Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams trailer       1:44
Simfarm trailer       1:01
Memories of Mana Trailer       2:01
Survivor: The Living Dead Trailer       0:36
Genetos Trailer       2:03
POKeMON Fusion Generation Trailer       0:56
Simon's Quest Trailer       1:17
Re: Prince of Nigeria Trailer       0:59
Chalk    1:23
MKF version 0.5: Coming Soon  1:40 (note, it says 'coming soon' but it's already out)
Chaos Seed  1:36
Garden Gnome Carnage 0:43
Notrium 1:34

And more to come, since I really enjoy making trailers for some reason and will keep adding to this playlist.

It does nothing to draw attention to itself, it's very easy not to notice. Actually blinking would draw the eye to it.

The change in brightness is so subtle, in fact, that didn't notice it despite playing the game for 400+ hours. So thanks for pointing that out to me.

Discussion / A couple inaccuracies in the wiki
« on: May 12, 2014, 15:41 »
I already edit a couple wikis and have long since forbidden myself from taking on any more (It really is a massive time sink). But here's a few things I noticed while using the Doom RL wiki.

Effect    You gain three hp (6% without Ironman) per enemy you kill, up to 200%.

This is no longer true. The amount of heal gained depends on the enemy you kill. A Cyberdemon heals a hell of a lot more then a former human, though I am uncertain of the exact numbers.

Cerberus armor:
Resistances    Original; 70% fire, 50% plasma, 70% acid

This made me assume that if I modded red armor it would result in 95% fire resistance. I'm not sure if it would keep bullet/melee/shrapnel resistances of the original armor, or if the last patch changed the way cerberus armor works. But at the very least a note should be added to the comments section so others don't made the same mistake I did.

It would be be nice to have some warning that power-ups are about to wear off. Particularly invincibility and enviro-suits. So you don't get caught in the middle of pools of lava.

A sound effect would get annoying quickly (especially with the beserker trait). And blinking the color filter would get similarly unpleasant. But if, using the light-amp goggles as an example, the word 'lit' that appears in the hud were to start blinking when you only have 5 turns or light left, it would draw attention to itself without being obnoxious.

I would really like this very minor gameplay tweak.

I've got a tiny favor to ask. I just want floor with a tracking map, enviroboots, switch that floods the floor with lava (that gasoline smell event) all within a single step of where my character spawns. Also a bunch of random enemies who're vulnerable to lava (anything that's not flying or an arch-vile). Also experience gain shut off (or just set the character to such a high level the exp won't level him up)

Basically, I was playing the other day and had the enviro-boot + gasoline smell combo after having just picked up a tracking map. It was so awesome that I really wanted to record it for a clip in a review of Doom RL that I'm putting together. Unfortunately the laptop I was playing on doesn't have the right software to record video (It comes out looking like shit when I try). And to get that combination of rare item and rare even again would require...      Well many, many more hours then I care to spend.

If you can set up a mod or save file or what have you so that I can put on the boots, grab the tracking map (so I can see all the enemies melt), and flip the switch. You'd have my gratitude, and a personal thank you within the video when I'm finished with it.

The exp thing is just because I'd rather not have the traits menu pop up over and over while I'm trying to record everything dying.

Requests For Features / Re: New unique items
« on: May 10, 2014, 20:19 »
The stun is a pretty awesome idea.

I figured a large effect wouldn't be that big a deal for a unique drop. After all we find medpacks all over the place.

Requests For Features / Re: Megabuster needs major buff
« on: May 10, 2014, 05:42 »
What if the mega buster was 'cursed'?

Make it's regular fire 'f' was always 3 shots, and the alternate fire 'F' was your special. Alternate reload 'R' being used to cycle through available special attacks. Possible even bringing up a menu similar to when you use a mod pack and it asks you a (armor),b (boots) or w(weapon). Except the menu would ask a (acid). l (lightning), ect.

The regular 3 shot attack is strictly inferior to a chain gun (and the mega buster can't even be modded), so why not make that attack cost nothing, like a nanomanufacture weapon, and make only the special attacks cost energy?

Lastly, I know Megaman only gains new moves by defeating his enemies, but I find the idea of gaining some sort of 'atomic blast' by nuking a floor and surviving just makes me smile.

Requests For Features / Re: New unique items
« on: April 30, 2014, 04:22 »
Here's one I've been wishing existed a long time:

Auto-phase device
If it's in your inventory when you die, then instead of dying you are teleported.
Depth: 1+
--Note: It might also heal the player, as no-one want to be teleported only to be immediately shot again before getting a turn.

(I haven't actually read all 57 pages of this thread, so you'll have to forgive me if someone's already posted something similar to this)

Off Topic / Worlds of Wanda (an Indigogo project I found)
« on: October 30, 2013, 13:55 »
Boy it feels weird to talk about something so cutesy as Worlds of Wanda around here.

So there's this Israeli guy making a puzzle game that's actually pretty fun. He ran out of money and started an Indiegogo (basically the same thing as Kickstarter) for $7,000. He only has a dozen days left and so far hasn't been doing so good.

Here's a trailer

But it's really better you download the demo and give this game a try for yourself:

And here's the Indiegogo page with more information:

Announcements / Re: Announcing: Jupiter Hell!
« on: October 15, 2013, 16:11 »
You've got my support.

I eagerly await more info on this project.

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