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Releases / Doom : Repercussions of modding
« on: September 15, 2014, 06:43 »
That was sleeping on my hard drive and since it's somewhat playable I thought it would be a waste to not make it available.

It basically lets you play as the demons. You start as either a lost soul or a former human then are given the option to change when you level up, after picking a trait.
Ultimately I want to replace the traits, but that will obviously have to wait for a future version of DoomRL.
CyberDemon and Mastermind are somewhat done but not enabled and archvile/painelemental spawn hostile monsters instead of friendly ones (then again, I'm hoping for a future version of DoomRL allowing friendlies).

EDIT: if you have a crash on launch download the fix here
repacked with fix and fix of fix. Take the numbered archive.

EDIT : updated to 0.1.1, brief list of changes here, more details in changelog.

items.fists doesn't exist and when I look into the log of beings I don't see anything that points to a weapon for melee, I believe it's coded into the AI or something.
Anyway, here's the question :
-How do I change default melee damage (the one used by melee_ranged/former_ai monsters and the player when he has a ranged weapon equipped)
Also, how do I change its sound?

Now about timers. How do I make them?
For example, I want to make a weapon that will drop bombs on the ground that will not instantly explode, letting the player and enemies play other turns for a bit before that happens.

Releases / Evolustuff (1.0.3)
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:34 »
Each time you kill something that grants you XP, one of your equipped item (weapon, armor, boots) will strengthen with 1 of the following :

Weapon :
fire speed
reload speed
magazine size
damage dice
damage side
number of shots
ammunition cost of shots
damage type
explosion size (only for weapons already having splash damage)
special (flags, ie : regenerating ammo)

Armor/boots :
armor rating
speed bonus
knockback resistance
special (flags again, such as no durability, no breaking...)

note on automated mode :
Automated mode will always (randomly) choose for you what will upgrade. Denying automated mode will give you a small chance (7%) to choose by yourself what item you wish to see upgraded. However it slows the gameplay down a bit since you have to go through a confirmation process.

Due to the inherently imbalanced nature of such a mod, I put most of my efforts to keep it balanced (early version made me steamroll the game at any difficulty)
Actually, I think I put more hours playtesting and tweaking than actually writing stuff.

The mod is RAW (how do I maek wad?)

download mirror [1.0.2]

Modding / How to check for a weapon's group?
« on: April 28, 2013, 06:38 »
I tried using
Code: [Select]
if == "weapon-melee"But does the following error
Code: [Select]
Unknown property "group" requested on object of type TItem!
Why is that so? the property works when creating a new weapon, it's also there using the table logger from there, so it definitely exists. I am really confused.

Bug Reports / [] lua error on deimos lab
« on: April 13, 2013, 15:34 »
Happens upon kill the shamblers.

Timestamp   : 13/04/2013 23:31:03
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua call OnKillAll caught ELuaException!

Call path     : levels.deimos_lab.OnKillAll
Call params   : ()
Error message : Call(levels.deimos_lab.OnKillAll) Lua error : lua\levels\\deimoslab.lua:179: attempt to index local 'special1' (a nil value)

Modding / What are the items numerical IDs?
« on: April 13, 2013, 02:37 »
I need the id to be numerical rather than a string and numerical IDs aren't listed on this page :
On the same matter, how do you assign a numerical id to your own items?

Modding / About traits, doc needed
« on: April 02, 2013, 02:35 »
My need right now is to know what argument to call for a function.
I want something like :

player.hpmax = "ironmanlevel"*10+"myvalue"

Thing is, I don't know what I must put in place of "ironman".
Or if possible, instead of ironmanlevel*10, the amount of HP granted by ironman.

What we have here doesn't explain anything about the needed "run" function, for example.
It would be nice to have such things explained.

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