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Bug Reports / [|G|Win7] Targeting bug
« on: May 22, 2013, 16:39 »

I took a Tracking Map at the Military Base and was trying to target a goon outside of my FOV using the mouse.

As long as the cursor is 1 tile away from him, everything works fine. But when it's ON him...

...he appears to be protected by a mysterious space-time singularity. Also, when I move it past him (as long as I keep him in the line of fire)...

This happens.

I fired at him and missed. Maybe the bullet did follow the trajectory shown on screen (i.e. it avoided the sergeant and hit a wall) but it's also possible that it just missed. I was able to hit and kill the guy after he got 1 tile closer (still outside my FOV).

In case it's relevant, I have Intuition(2).

EDIT: Apparently it had nothing to do with the monster. The targeting feature just does that. Was I the only one who never noticed it?

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