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Title: Dodging behavior change
Post by: shark20061 on March 15, 2012, 23:42
The way dodging works in the game is a little odd and the most interesting cases occur when you enter a monster's line of sight.

When you enter a monster's line of sight, they have a chance to attack you right away (since in the turn order, you move first).  The oddness of this is that, since you moved, you have a chance to "dodge" the projectile they fire, which if you came around a corner, means they could hit the wall next to you.

What would be nice is if this behavior was flipped over: instead of having a chance to dodge a projectile when you enter their line of sight, maybe there's a chance they attack you *after* you leave their line of sight, with a chance to dodge there.  So you can end up running back behind a corner and on the imp's turn, he throws a fireball that you "dodge" past the corner and it hits the wall in the back.  That would be a nice touch.
Title: Re: Dodging behavior change
Post by: Creaphis on March 17, 2012, 09:57
This would, of course, make the game much deadlier overall, as the first shot from a monster would be much more likely to hit you, and you would get hit an extra time after leaving a monster's line-of-sight if you forgot to move diagonally to the monster's line-of-fire.