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Title: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 24, 2012, 13:48
Doom: The RPG

It was…I don’t know-18 hours ago? We were sent by the UAC to investigate a loss of contact with the Phobos Facility. Deimos had completely disappeared off the grid-nothing was there. So our all-knowing superiors figured that maybe the people on Phobos knew what had transpired. Only…they couldn’t raise anybody-and then we get a distress call from them. The message said that something “Frigging Evil is going on here” and that they needed help right away.
We preparing to leave-it was probably just another search and rescue mission-I remember listening to some of my buddies bitch about it. He was gonna be pissed about it, that was until someone responded that they didn’t give a damn what was going on so long as he got to kill himself something.

This brought up a cheer from my fellow marines, until we got the situation report: Extremely Hostile, threat level 5, heavy causalities are expected. Many of them were clearly nervous but confident they’d make it back.

Little did we know that most of us would never return…

Alright, what I’m going for here is something on the tactical end of the scale: you have several equipment slots-melee weapon, sidearm(can be dual wielded, at the cost of one primary weapon slot), Two primary weapon slots, grenades(4), and a pack. There are many different weapon and pack types available to you, in addition to your standard doom equipment.

Melee Weapons
Combat Knife: Well, it’s a combat Knife
Grinder: It essentially three serrated blades attached to a drill motor and turned into a vicious meat grinder. Very effective against poorly armored targets.
Stunner: The stunner is essentially a large stun baton that can be used to deliver 1,000,000 volts of non-lethal electricity into a target. ZAP!
Plasma Blade: A blade made of Plasma. Cool!

Magnum: A very Heavy pistol that shoots really big bullets
Gauss Pistol: Experimental pistol capable of hitting multiple targets-suitable for most combat situations.
Mobgun: The flare mouthed mobgun is a handgun with little stopping power, but it cuts like so many knives.
Burst Pistol: This gun fire three high explosive bullets in row-very high damage, and very high ammo consumption.
Incinerator: Pistol of unknown origin-seems to be made of flesh and bone-it fires bolts of hellfire.
Laser Pistol: Fires a beam of energy.

Auto Assault 12: Fires a lot of shotgun shells very, very fast.
Impaler: A “Big Daddy” Shotgun that fires shards of depleted uranium that are magnetically accelerated. Completely devastates flesh, bone and armor.
PK-38 Enforcer: High powered gun that fires shotgun slugs instead of shells. Good stopping power.
C-35 Gutbuster: A huge 8 gage semi-auto double barrel-brutally effective close-quarters gun, ineffective at longer ranges
5A09S2 Combat Shotgun: This shotgun has poor range but a lot of spread, also stuns smaller demons.

Sub-machineguns(YAY! The famed SMG makes into doom!)
G3 Commando: 45. Caliber submachine gun. Very potent
Mp5: The classic MP5, good rate of fire, low damage.
M3 Shredder: A powerful 10mm submachine gun that fires “fletched rounds”, sort of like an arrow head. Tends to shred most targets.
P90: Excellent weapon. Can be used in either hand and doesn’t have handles to snag. Also has some decent stopping power.

Assault Rifles:
Bonebreaker: This semi-auto rifle has the power to stop a truck, provided the recoil don’t break your shoulder.
GK36 Grumbar: Fires a 30-06 cartridge at a rate of 760 rpm. A very rugged and reliable weapon.
Pulse Rifle: Fires pulses of energy very quickly. Kind of useful, now that I think about.
K4 Carbine: Fires a three round burst. Highly accurate and can act as an sniper rifle in a pinch, tends to chew threw ammunition quickly though.
E3 General Purpose Rifle: A rifle with good performance, average damage, and about 500 RPM.

Sniper Rifles
Barret M2: A huge, 50. Cal sniper rifle that can penetrate armor completely, also weighs down the marine using it.
M8 Sniper: A sniper rifle with a built in silencer. Poor damage but it doesn’t attract a lot of attention.
Laser Rifle: A long range rifle with no recoil. Only an idiot can miss with this gun.
M45 Marksman: A highly accurate semi-automatic rifle. Effective against flying targets.
SSR-39 Recoilless: Essentially a hybrid sniper/assault, this semi-auto weapon has little recoil and pretty good stopping power.

Heavy Weapons
HMR 501 HMG: A huge, fifty caliber machine gun that is effective at mowing down the masses. Its high impact rounds will penetrate armor completely.
Rolling Thunder: A chaingun that fires explosive fletchetts. 1 ‘round’ is actually 5 rounds: 2 armor piercing, 3 high explosive. Very dangerous, very powerful and ammo is hard to come by.
Swarm Launcher: The swarm launcher fires a swarm of  about a dozen lightweight, high explosive rockets. While it each one has a low splash area, it can be a very effective weapon in terms of crowd control.
Disker: Fires a medium speed explosive disk. Its damage is entirely thermal and concussive and has a splash of 5 meters.
Grenade Launcher: Well, its grenades have a timed fuse of about 3 seconds, but other than that-it’s what it says on the package. Splash of about 25 yards
Mortar: Fires a huge, incredibly powerful explosive shell. This is a heavy, hand held weapon-slows you down, a lot and can clear an entire room.
Plasma Gun: Fires a slow moving ball of explosive plasma. Good sweeping weapons
Hellfire Flamethower: Shoots a stream of plasma flame. Burns anything in its path.

Armor(I’ve included some power armors, so enjoy!)
Scout Armor: The scout armor essentially is an armor suit that allows for more movement through the use of micro-servos. Great movement, doesn’t last long under fire though.
Reactive armor: This armor reduces damage by softening the blow. Great if you need to take on a serious bad ass, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.
Assault Armor: A good, all-around armor. Decent protection, decent movement, and can take some serious hits.
Riot Shield: Well, it’s a riot shield. Good for covering the front, not so good for the back, also prevents the use of anything except SMGs and pistols.
Juggernaut armor: Extremely heavy, powered armor: Highly resistant to damage, but poor mobility.
Shield Belt: A belt that generates an energy field.

Ammo Pack: Allows you to carry lots and lots of ammo
MARS Pack: Multi Application Rocket System. Fires a plasma based shape charge that is far more powerful, not to mention bulkier, than a standard rocket.
Repair Pack: Can repair armor and heal companions
Turret Pack: Allows you to deploy any of the following turrets: Plasma, Laser, Chaingun, Shotgun, Rocket, and Flame Turret
StimPack: Injects you with powerful stimulants-you shoot and move faster, but it causes damage.
DetPack: A pack containing a high explosive charge: great to blast doors and cybies.
Probe Pack: Allows you deploy a remote controlled probe to scout areas: will not survive contact with the enemy.
Snake Cam: Used to peer around corners and under doors.
Sensor pack: Allows the tracking of enemy movement.

Concussive: Blasts opponets off their feet
Flash: Stuns enemies
Frag: A fragmentation Grenade
Gas: Tear gas grenade
Incendary: Its a grenade filled with flames.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Motorheadbanger on May 25, 2012, 02:50
Looks cool. What's next?
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 25, 2012, 05:15
Character Creation, although I'm not exactly sure how that works on this site...I know that others have sperate threads. Hmm...I guess I'll set up a template.

Char Name: Pyro

Melee: Combat Knife
Sidearm: Incenerator (2)
Primary: Hellfire Flamethrower
Grenade: Incendiary
Pack: Ammo
Armor: Juggernaught

Pyro is a convictied felon who was pressganged into the marine core after being charged with about 14 counts of arson. THe man was permenantly sealed into his juggernaught armor and sent mars as punishment. Being completely expendable, the UAC decieded to send him along with sevral other felons attactched to the marine unit station there.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Pricklyman on May 25, 2012, 07:20
So to clarify, what kind of PBf is this...text based with dice rolls? Do the weapons have set stats? (Or are they hidden stats)

Or is it more a storytelling thing?

I'm totally going to create a character, but I just want to know which direction I want to be heading, if you follow my drift.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 25, 2012, 08:09
It's more of a storytelling style RP. I really don't want to do dice-don't have tha material or program to be doing it. THough epect a fair amount of combat though.

However. I may do some dice rolling, provided I can find the right program.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Pricklyman on May 25, 2012, 09:21
However. I may do some dice rolling, provided I can find the right program.

Just one example (which I like) of a good dice rolling program...

EDIT: Just FYI, I'll make a character tomorrow...too tired to do it now! :P
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Motorheadbanger on May 26, 2012, 00:03

And there is always Google.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 26, 2012, 04:27
I found one, like it too. Simple and sweet.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Pricklyman on May 26, 2012, 19:13
OK, so last question before I actually...make a character...

You can just select any equipment you want? So is there any reason why I shouldn't select a plasma blade, being that it is invaluably better than any other weapon. (Also the character I was thinking of creating makes the most sense to have it...lul)
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 26, 2012, 20:51
You can select whatever starting equipment you want, but after that you have to find new gear. Or obtain it some other way, like off a fallen comerade.

I'll be making balance adjustments as we play, so expect some changes to weapons throughout the course of the game, primairly because I did the equipment up last night on short notice.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Pricklyman on May 26, 2012, 21:36
Alrighty then, time to actually make a character...

I'm just whipping up a template for anyone who wants offense, I just screwed around and did some formatting, feel free to use it...

Name: Template



Now for the actual character...

Name: Franklin Hart


Melee: Plasma Blade (3d8)
Sidearm: Magnum x 2 (2d8+3)
Primary: SSR-39 Recoilless (6d8)
Grenade: Flashbang (Blind for 1d4)
Pack: Detpack (10d10, 5 turn timer, 30ft)
Armor: Scout Armour

Franklin was a contract killer. Hired by the mob on at least 30 confirmed hits, he was feared among the Cosa Nostra. Any time his trademark trilby and trenchcoat was seen in the street, people moved aside as a sign of respect, or ran away as fast as they could. Only once did he fail, but we'll get to that later...

Franklin got into the job due to his father, who did somewhat the same style of job, but Franklin always wanted to one-up his father, and when they ended up on the opposite sides of the fight, Franklin didn't hesitate, setting himself up for a reputation of not giving half a s*** about people...just the kill. Franklin had trained for years to perfect his skills, but it all went wrong.

It was a standard hit, or so Franklin thought, but it turned out to be a police sting. Assaulted from all sides, Franklin used his trademark dual Magnums to full effect, but was taken out by a Stunner to the torso. Locked in solitary confinement, the UAC recruiter came to him and offered him an option. Taking every opportunity as it came, he went ahead and accepted. Now we find him alongside his comrades, going to Mars. Although Franklin is still not trusting, he understands the camaraderie that comes from being a Marine, and he is adamant to use his skills to full effect...
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 26, 2012, 23:49
Name: James Harper


Melee: Combat Knife(1d4+1)
Sidearm: Laser Pistol (3d6)
Primary: Auto Assault 12(6d4), GK36 Grumbar(4d5x3, x7)
Grenade: Frag Grenade x2(15ft, 3d6), Concussive x2(stun 1d4 rounds)
Pack: Sensor Pack
Armor: Assault

James Harper is the captain of the unit being sent to Phobos. He’s been in the marines for 14 years and has often been called a surly, yet caring son of a bitch. Due to an incident that involved pissing off a superior officer-he was accused of dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming(told the officer to go fuck himself when he was told to leave behind a squad in the field) he was transferred to the UAC branch of the marines.
It is noted in his personal records that the man does not have a very high opinion of marine high command, not to mention the UAC on a whole, and the officers in charge of the unit on mars have made his attitude known on his record.

Name: Pyro


Melee: Chainsaw(4d6)
Sidearm: Incinerator x2(4d5)
Primary: Hellfire Flamethrower(1d12)
Grenade: Incendiary (1d8 initial, 5pts aftwords)
Pack: Ammo
Armor: Juggernaut
Pyro is a convicted felon who was pressganged into the marine core after being charged with about 14 counts of arson. The man was permanently sealed into his juggernaut armor and sent mars as punishment. Being completely expendable, the UAC decided to send him along with several other felons attached to the marine unit station there.
Pyro is often reckless, even fanatical when it comes to combat. Even though he is a convict, the man understands the concept of loyalty and camaraderie. He will often throw himself into harm’s way to protect his brother marines, and UAC psychologists noticed that he seems to have the mindset of a child-gentle, but dangerous when aroused. In other words-simple minded.

Name: Elene Waterman


Melee: Stunner(stuns)
Sidearm: Mob Gun(2d3x5chance of open wounds)
Primary: 5A09S2 Combat Shotgun (7d3, 30%chance of stun) P90: (2d6x3)
Grenade: Concussive (stun 1d4 rounds)
Pack: Turret
Armor: Riot Shield, Reactive armor
Elene Waterman is one of the marine unit’s technician. The woman is above average in looks, but of average height and weight due to her massive frontal superstructure. She seems to disdain combat of any sort, often using turrets to defend herself and preferring to keep out of sight. She uses the Mob Gun and Shotgun to attempt to wear down and outright stop her opponents rather than kill them: her true love is engineering.

Name: John “Doc” Sayers


Melee: Brass Knuckles(1d3)
Sidearm: Burst Pistol(3d4x3)
Primary: Chaingun(1d6x4), HMR 501 HMG(3d7+5x8)
Grenade: Gas(Causes Poison)
Pack: Repair
Armor: Red Armor
Doc is one of the unit’s medics and doubles as a heavy weapon’s specialist. The man stands about 7ft tall and is built like a tank. His personality is this: stern, but laid back. His is well liked by his fellow marines, and hated by everyone else: he was sent to mars after refusing to bend over backwards for some UAC scumbag wanting some medical records on several marines. He is often looking after both Elene and Pyro

Name: Eric Bellahoff
Melee: Plasma Blade(3d8)
Sidearm Gauss Pistol x2 (10)
Primary weapon: Laser Rifle (5d7)
Pack: Probe
Grenade: Frag(15ft, 3d8)
Armor: Scout
Not much is known about Eric Bellahoff, save for that he’s a world class…moron. The guy is a good scout, but often makes some tactical errors in terms of weapon choice; Eric is a good shot with a rifle of any kind, but still sticks with standard doctrine when sniping-plant your fucking feet when you whip out your big gun-unfortunately he still hasn’t realized you can’t do that with a laser rifle. How he got the job on mars is a complete mystery…

Name: Garrick Lester
Melee: Combat Knife(1d4+1 mounted on E3, Does an additional 2 points of damage)
Sidearm: Pistol (2d4)
Primary Weapon: E3 GPR(2d7), PK-38 Enforcer(4d6)
Grenade: Frag(15ft Splash)
Pack: Stimpack
Armor: green
Lester is the newest guy-as in a rookie straight out of training. Average joe, enough said.

Name: Sarah Farradin
Melee: Chainsaw: (4d6)
Sidearm: Magnum (2d8+3)
Primary: Rolling Thunder ((AP rounds) 2d6, (HE Rounds) 3d7), Mortar (7d12+8)
Grenade: Concussive x1(stun 1d4), Incendiary x1(1d8, 5pts after), Flashbang x2(blind 1d4)
Pack: Detpack(10d10, 30ft splash)
Armor: Juggernaut
Sarah is a demolitionist currently assigned to the unit. She shares the same circumstance as Pyro: being sealed into a suit of armor for crimes, except hers were charges of terrorism, and was assigned to the unit going to mars. She is very beautiful, icy, and sadistic.

Now for the narrative:

“Alright, we’re coming up on Phobos now,” Came the pilot’s voice over the intercom. Some of the soldiers cursed and grumbled as the troopship began shaking violently as it penetrated the artificially generated atmosphere on the moon, “ETA to surface: 2 minutes.” Someone muttered something about the pilots getting a kick out of making their passengers miserable. “Pipe down ladies!” Barked captain James Harper as the complaints began to pick up speed, “We’ll have plenty to do when we land.”

They had been sent with 3 other troopships to investigate whatever the hell happened on phobos-roughly 200 men and women-and in Harper’s opinion that was one too many marines for a simple recon. So while his men were bitching, he wondered what the hell was going on? What was the UAC really up to? His musings were interrupted by the soldier called Pyro tugging on his shoulder plate; the guy was a convict with a mindset of a child-a child who liked to set things on fire. He felt sorry for the guy: probably wouldn’t make it back.

“What’s up Pyro? You allright?” He had to remind himself that this guy wasn’t your ordinary marine. “Scared Capn’.”Came the reply-Pyro’s deep bass voice was shakey. Haper laid a comforting hand on the convict’s shoulder, and smiled: “We’ll be alright big guy, now you just hang in there and we’ll get through this.” But in his mind, he could only see the guy lying on the ground, dead from whatever took him; he was too soft for this work. “Hey Pryo,” Came an icy, feminine voice, “The ship’s gonna crash-hope you got your parachute!” Pyro cringed, trying to tuck himself further into his armor as a woman in similar armor let out an evil chuckle. “Shut it Kerradin!” Came a sharp reply. A 7ft tall, beastly rock of a man sat across from her, Doc, clearly unintimidated by the woman’s heavy power armor and cold demeanor. “The guy’s already got a hard time of it and your messing with him isn’t helping!” The woman was clearly going to respond or explode, possibly both, until the ‘ship suddenly rocked violently. “What the hell?!” Came another voice; A recruit named Garrick, he believed. “Captain Harper to pilot: What the fuck’s going on up there?” James radioed, trying to get a sense of what was going on. “Hydraulics failure,” The pilot responded quickly, clearly trying to get the vessel uprighted, “It’s gradual, so should be able to land safely, other ships seem to be having the same problem.

“Alright, try and get us on the ground in one piece.” The man stood, and addressed the 49 other soldier’s with him: “Alright: we seem to be suffering from some kind of Hydraulic problem, but the pilot assured me he’ll get us on the ground in one-UNNGH!”
The ship hit the ground with a loud BANG-THUMP! “I thought you said safely!” Shouted harper over the radio. “We’re alive and in one piece, can’t say the same thing for the ship’s engines and landing gear though.” The pilot responded smugly, “So quit your bitching captain and get your asses off my ship!” Harper muttered something less than civilized as a retort and then grabbed his weapons. “Lock and load boys. Time to figure out what happened here and check up on the other crews.”

(OOC): Alright, main objective at the moment is to investigate the crash site and then hook up with the other troopships. You are now free to move about the cabin. There are three exits: a hatch on top-pilot’s cockpit, and emergency exit near the cargo hold.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Pricklyman on May 27, 2012, 02:09
(OOC) OK, I'm honestly (the "GM") have created 7 characters, have really not given enough time for other forum members to create characters, and those that have (me) were not even woven into the narrative...

I'm looking at the other PbF's and can't find ANY system like you are using...or trying to insinuate...

I'm sorry mate, but are you supposed to be saying what to do or are we, the forum members? Will you be controlling these 7 characters actions or do we? Perhaps it's just me not understanding something, but the fact remains, I'm seriously...seriously lost...
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 27, 2012, 05:49
Their NPC's, at least a few of the one's worht mentioning. Their under my contorl, and have predetermined fates, provided they don't get killed sooner.

I thought I had listed that in my post. Appreantly not...I was tired and in a hurry when I posted last night. Sorry.
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Pricklyman on May 28, 2012, 01:00
Ah yep, I follow you now...OK.

I'm not going to post any "actions" until others express interest, so yeah...make characters guys! :D
Title: Re: Doom: Hellhole
Post by: Kabrinski on May 31, 2012, 16:54

That's okay pricklyman-I've got plenty of time to come up-and I have-new threats and senarios to make even the most hardend doom and Role-Playing veterans sweat. Come-if you dare! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

P.S.: I wii wait for my first victims pllayers.