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Title: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: Kornel Kisielewicz on October 14, 2019, 10:53
Time to outsmart hell itself! The major 0.8.4 update is now live and most notably introduces a full overhaul of Jupiter Hell's AI system! Enemies now can hear you, smell you and humanoids know the value of cover!

Infernal Intellect
The AI system has been completely rewritten - humanoids will now take and stay in cover if close, and most of the enemies will react to the noise you and other enemies make! To make things more interesting, fiends and ravagers can now track you by smell - there's nowhere to hide from them! The new AI increases the general difficulty, but makes (especially the early levels) the game more interesting - just standing behind cover and mashing "F" is no longer the best tactic - sometimes you need to retreat to bait the enemies to follow you, and often you'll be ambushed by enemies following you by scent, or interested in the noise you made.

Weapon Perks
The other big update is the introduction of weapon perks on ADV weapons. Take careful note of them as they might prove much better than regular modded weapons or exotics especially if the perk requirements are met. Perks for example can increase damage based on the type of enemy, your distance to them, whether they are wounded or make reloading of the weapon really fast if its empty, or even automatically reload on move! The perk list will be slowly expanded both in variety as well as adding them to other items in the future!

Quality of Life
Two "quality of life" features have been added - an audible click on wait, and highlighting the last enemies on the level on the minimap (doesn't trigger on levels with summons). We also made "swap time" actually work propely, which also changes a lot - we reduced the 200% swap time weapons as this might be a bit much, especially for seasoned players.

Balance Changes
Due to the AI changes we made some enemy nerfs - Callisto formers are less accurate, and the UV enemy buff of accuracy has been reduced to +10%. Speaking of UV, we also made it so that there are no "lucky drops" of early late game weapons - to provide for a more consistent early game.

We nerfed P-mods a bit, as they basically reduced endgame to P3-modding a rapid-fire weapon - to offset that, summoner armor has been nerfed and now everyone can single-mod ADV weapons and everyone has two levels of Whizkid. This is subject to change soon, as we'll be doing a full mod overhaul in the near future, so stay tuned!

Full Changelog
Code: [Select]
NEW    #852 - ADV weapons now may have unique perks!
NEW    #812 - Major AI overhaul! (see other issues for details)
NEW    #812 - humanoids will now consider (and stay in) cover!
NEW    #841 - most enemies will hear and investigate sounds!
NEW    #840 - fiends and reavers now can follow player scent!
NEW    #850 - waiting now plays an audible click
NEW    #851 - last 3 enemies may be revealed on the minimap
CHANGE #812 - enemies will no longer ignore you if they saw you
CHANGE #839 - AI aware state resets after losing target
CHANGE #833 - UV enemy accuracy bonus reduced from 20% to 10%
CHANGE #833 - Callisto formers have even lower accuracy
CHANGE #833 - wall cover now gives 70% cover instead of 80%
CHANGE #834 - p-mods give +1 on multishot bullet weapons (smg/auto)
CHANGE #834 - nerfed summoner armor slightly
CHANGE #834 - everyone can single mod ADV items
CHANGE #834 - Technician can mod every item twice by default
CHANGE #834 - every class has two levels of Whizkid
CHANGE #835 - min depth for some items added - no early UV chainguns
CHANGE #732 - reduced the emissiveness of lava cave rocks
CHANGE #732 - improved terrain rendering performance
CHANGE #847 - crash handler will work when Vulkan device is lost
CHANGE #842 - crash handler will work when assertion fails
CHANGE #824 - Aim modifier is always lost when switching weapons
CHANGE #823 - Aim resets if loosing sight of enemy
CHANGE #852 - Point Blank now gives +80% crit chance
CHANGE #732 - optimized terrain rendering
CHANGE #845 - decreased 200% swap-times to 150% to prevent surprises:
FIX    #845 - swap time now works properly
FIX    #853 - fixed targeting related crash on level change
FIX    #732 - ADV auto rifle now uses proper sprite
FIX    #732 - minor spelling/grammar fixes
FIX    #831 - fixed crash on trying to drop with empty inventory
FIX    #849 - pad trigger will no longer lock on use from ground
FIX    #846 - 0-damage sources (smoke screen) wont "benefit" from SoB
FIX    #830 - reset enemy number after wipe (fixes enemies left)
Next Update
Due to Game Industry Conference coming next weekend, the next update (0.8.5) will come in around three weeks time, although you can expect a bugfix version or two within the next few days :P

Help us out!
Please tell us what you think of the recent changes, in the comments, on the Forums or on Discord!

Also, we're launching this update with a discount, so if you're a dedicated player it's a great moment to share Jupiter Hell with your communities :)

Thanks for all your support, and see you next update!
Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: khiijol on October 14, 2019, 17:47
loving the more aggressive fiends - here is a yasd of me not getting away from a few exalteds early on. however, i did get a chaingun on callisto L2, not sure if vaults/exalteds were taken into account with the drops?

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Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: khiijol on October 15, 2019, 18:44
new AI is definitely very hard - made it to europa only once in about a dozen runs. getting flanked by enemies or snuck up on from rooms you'd thought had been cleared is an extra challenge, and i'll have to think more strategically about room/exit placement going forward
Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: khiijol on October 19, 2019, 07:30
getting closer - probably would have won if i didn't do something incredibly stupid on the arena (trying to fight multiple siege ravagers instead of just smoke screening away)

some more thoughts:

- grenades, especially gas and smoke, are a lot more useful with the ai upgrade. blocking LOS from ambushing/flanking enemies helps a lot
- likewise rockets become much more practical to use as the primary weapon in the mid-late game due to enemies tending to congregate around doors approaching you
- p-mod nerfing makes the plasma rifle a lot less powerful and about on par with the chaingun in the lategame if powered up, or less powerful if the chaingun is powered up. useful for ammo conservation but not the clear upgrade it once was
- uv enemy accuracy drop sounds on paper like it would balance out the 10% drop in cover but enemies still hit a lot more it seems, especially those with big rapid fire guns
- new adv system is really cool and does help out with weapon balance in the early to mid game

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Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: khiijol on October 20, 2019, 12:12
finally got a win, overall really like how challenging the new ai tweaks make the game

a few more thoughts - smoke screen is a lot less effective with fiends/reavers being able to smell you. i'm not sure if this is also the case for the scout's stealth move, but might be interesting to make gas grenades able to overpower their sense of smell, or to make the phase devices a little more common drops

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Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: singalen on October 20, 2019, 16:55
Bugs and missing shortcuts on Mac:
* there's no video at all in fullscreen with an external monitor set as primary. It disappears on applying the settings, and doesn't come back after restart. There's no other way but edit configuration.lua.
* If JH really supports no-keypad keyboards, it should support: Fn-Up/Down for PgUp/PgDn, Fn-Left/Right for Home/End (begin/end of a list or a mortem, for example). There's no other way to quickly navigate these.
* It would be nice for traditional Cmd-, to open the settings screen.
* Maybe Ctrl-Cmd-F or Cmd-Enter could toggle fullscreen.

* The AI is definitely better, but it feels like the game punishes you for not pressing "." (wait) enough. This is more or less natural, because defensive style is more profitable, but AFAIR the general goal was to make the game faster.
Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: singalen on October 23, 2019, 16:43
More stuff:
* close a Macbook lid with JH running in full screen, and it freezes the computer. Some hotkeys like volume control still work, but the game is on the screen forever, and Cmd-Q doesn't work.
* Not completely happy with chord keys. If I hold Up to run north, then shortly press Left to step west, and then let Left go, I expect Flynn to continue running north, but he stops instead.

Voiceover idea: add a "repeated reaction" property to each voiceover track, if it's a response to action that was already unsuccessfully tried less than 5 s ago. This lets Flynn speak phrases "I told you, there's nothing here!", "Did you hear me the last time?", "Last time I checked there was nothing here", "No shit, there's nothing here!", "Santa didn't bring me anything", "How many times can you reload a loaded gun?" or "No, seriously, nothing to act on here."
Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: mosfet on October 31, 2019, 04:24
The AI is a really positive change for the game. It adds difficulty, but it's rewarding because you can generally learn better habits and get better. In particular it encourages you think about positioning.

I don't want to say too much about this unless I have a chance to do more runs, but it seems like the extra weapon drops and experience in UV mode make the game easier than the lower difficulties level, after the character gets established. In UV you have a good chance of 7.62 rifle, chaingun, or rocket, or all three, to deal with the archreavers in Anomaly. Sure, you get more of them, but it doesn't matter when you can kill them at range before they can hit back. In Medium you might have only a standard shotgun and 9mm rifle for Anomaly, especially if you get a "short" Callisto Mines. On average my UV runs go further, ignoring those that die on Callisto 1. But I'm still a little hesitant to say this is the case. On UV you find a wider variety of weapons so you're more likely to find something that works for your build. I find CRI bots particularly tricky in Medium. Again, though, I'd want to do more tests in case it was just luck.

I ahad one case of a fairly healthy character getting instakilled after opening a door on Europa 1. There were two fire fiends I could see, and 1-2 unseen enemies. All fired, all hits landed, and down went a character with 60% health and 50% blue armor. Maybe this is rare but it seems very unavoidable.

Scent is really neat. I think it would be great to have some ways to exploit it to. Grenades and barrel explosions could disperse scent if they don't already. Maybe changing armor or dropping your armor would cause enemies to find the armor instead. Maybe fiends should check out organic corpses too, out of interest in the blood. There's lots of opportunities for emergent gameplay.

Odd graphics bug: on my dual monitor system with GTX970 and Windows 10, full screen mode, the loading screen shows up on both monitors initially, and the game plays only the second monitor. If you alt-tab away, both monitors will be updated to the most recent image, but the game plays on the secondary monitor still. If full screen is disabled this goes away.

Title: Re: Jupiter Hell 0.8.4 - Infernal Intellect - RELEASED!
Post by: khiijol on October 31, 2019, 08:14
i would agree that UV makes the game slightly easier when you get a feel for the mechanics and what to use on which monsters. the early big weapon drops, higher chances of mods, advs and other useful items from the exalteds, provided you can survive the first couple waves really helps. i really like this feature though, but maybe it would be offset by earlier introductions of reavers. cri bots on UV also tend to get softened up a bit by all the monster infighting, though even one with low health still can hit you super hard