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Title: [0.8.9a|E|AoM|Sc|13|YAAM] Finally an ADV Energy Pistol
Post by: Moonshine Fox on February 29, 2020, 11:49
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Boy, what a run. Yeah it was on Easy, but all I needed for my next rankup was a single silver medal, so I figured picking up a Marksman Silver wouldn't be too difficult. Turns out it was. My last five runs ended with me overconfidently trying to battle it out with CRI Marines and getting utterly shredded by Plasma Rifles.

So today I took it very carefully, and in the Military Barracks (after seeing nothing but ADV Shotguns the entire run) I got TWO 9mm Calibrated. Turns out, with Gunslinger, those two puppies are amazing, in spite of the lacking damage. The ability to confidently snipe anything is incredbily powerful, and bots that usually cause a huge problem for Gunslinger runs are no match for two 9mmC.

They carried me all the way to Io, where I picked up two Energy Pistols and progressively modded them up until I finally got an ADV one. I can't remember where I got it exactly, it might have been in the Io Vaults, but not sure. For once I got the Vaults having three keycards, so getting in was easy. The other two vaults were forcefully opened with my remaining 9mmC. It took a lot of ammo, but at this point I was at 150+ Cells, so it was worth spending some more to get in.

The Summoner died in three shots. Saw him, shot him for 40% of his health. Saw him, shot him for another 40%. He spawned a Reaver instead of teleporting and I said "Hasta la vista, motherfucker!" and dead he was. All in all, good but very easy run. I should have expected as much playing on easy. But also very fun!