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Title: [U|AoPc+AoOC|7%|YAVP] Probably the fastest game I've ever played
Post by: ih8regin on March 22, 2020, 01:24
Not being the brightest mind over there, I tried to perform an UV AoPc run for several hours, the best attempt ending at Anomaly with BBs getting me rekt with ease. Maybe I can't just pass them properly, and should use another tactics, but I then decided to go for luck-based approach with AoOC. This game ended up being very lucky with level 7 stairs being close enough after having to use a homie (yay! A homie in reach in AoPc!) on level 6 vs a ton of arachnotrons. Then of course it went BAM. I wonder if someone can actually to a full win with AoPc? Also having no benefit with UV over HNTR for AoPc is kinda strange. Also got a gold badge outta this run - nice.
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