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Title: [0.9.0c|H|AoB|Ma|YAAM] Pure Hard Melee Run
Post by: Klobzic on May 04, 2020, 16:24
Terra 0_9_0, level 15 Marine, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 10546 turns.
The run time was 2h 8m 18s.
He scored 5396 points.
He liked it HARD!
He was an Angel of Berserk!

CALLISTO L2 -> Callisto Mines L1
Callisto Mines L2 -> Callisto Anomaly
Callisto Anomaly - cleared
EUROPA L2 -> Conamara Chaos Biolabs L1
Conamara Chaos Biolabs L2 -> Containment Area
Containment Area - cleared
IO L2 -> Io Black Site L1
Io Black Site L2 -> Black Site Vaults
Black Site Vaults - cleared
The Shattered Abyss - cleared

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  Explorer Ribbon (+50)
   * Visited all encountered special levels
  Conqueror Ribbon (+100)
   * Completed all encountered special levels
  Berserker Gold Badge
   * Complete AoB on Hard

He killed 467 out of 467 enemies.

  7 former commandos
  9 former CRI soldiers
  6 exalted ravagers
  43 fiends
  3 corrupted sergeants
  10 former soldiers
  1 Summoner
  1 Swordmaster
  7 cybeross
  5 siege ravagers
  4 combat drones
  11 former sergeants
  10 corrupted soldiers
  9 CRI marines
  14 cryoreavers
  3 corrupted heavys
  5 cryobeross
  3 former CRI sergeants
  9 security drones
  6 exalted reavers
  7 plasma ravagers
  10 exalted fiends
  3 kerbeross
  15 armored ravagers
  8 security bots
  35 turrets
  42 archreavers
  3 CRI bots
  2 corrupted commandos
  27 reavers
  1 former CRI grunt
  1 military drone
  53 fire fiends
  3 former guards
  10 former grunts
  54 ravagers
  6 hellish soldiers
  3 exalted kerbeross
  2 former heavys
  4 former CRI commandos
  8 rocket turrets
  10 toxic reavers
  2 toxibeross

  Furious L2
  Hellrunner L2
  Ironman L2
  Tough as Nails L2
  Rip and tear L2

Trait order

  Slot #1 : AV3 katana
  Slot #2 : AV3 machete PB
  Slot #3 : demonic sword
  Body    : blue armor
  Utility : ADV pistol damage amp

  accuracy mod pack
  gas grenade (x3)
  EMP grenade (x3)
  krak grenade (x1)
  frag grenade (x3)
  frag grenade (x3)
  CRI phase kit (x1)
  stimpack (x1)
  small medkit (x1)
  large medkit
Realy harder than UV AoB run in doomrl. Corner luring all time. Every fiend bites u 2 bleed. U cannot use adrenalin because of lack DPS via low fury. Odds equalizes after clearing Calisto anomaly (AV3 machete). Later levels is littlebit easier, but two times i went near 5 hp. Main problem - big pain ruining accuracy. Hellrunner must have BEFORE rip&tear. "Running" is real fun to charge in crowd.
After 0.9.0 game is real shine. Waiting 4 future development!
Title: Re: [0.9.0c|H|AoB|Ma|YAAM] Pure Hard Meele Run
Post by: thelaptop on May 04, 2020, 19:23
Nice melee-only run!  I should really try that for myself.

Note that I've added some mortem tags for you -- please use those in future to make sure your mortem looks all nice and formatted.

Title: Re: [0.9.0c|H|AoB|Ma|YAAM] Pure Hard Meele Run
Post by: khiijol on May 05, 2020, 07:39
great run! im really having a lot of fun with melee runs too, havent gotten anywhere on UV yet but had a good one going in europa until i did something stupid
Title: Re: [0.9.0c|H|AoB|Ma|YAAM] Pure Hard Melee Run
Post by: Klobzic on May 05, 2020, 13:57
Impressed by melee runs too.
My best DoomRL experience is UV Ao100 Run ))
Title: Re: [0.9.0c|H|AoB|Ma|YAAM] Pure Hard Melee Run
Post by: Tormuse on May 06, 2020, 08:21
Nice win!  :)  And YAAM too!  :o  I haven't had that much luck with AoB games so far; the best I've done is clearing everything up to Callisto Anomaly.