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Title: [0.9.1|H|AoC|MAD|YAAM] Piercing the veil of difficulty
Post by: mihey1993 on June 18, 2020, 11:15
As in DoomRL, so here, the angel of carnage is the easier version of main game :D Especially since here MAD affects rocket launchers that deal slash damage, like shotguns.

As always (and as expected) hardest part of this challenge is surviving the first moon. Bots, unlucky versions of exalted all eat into my rocket supply, making it sure i never rose higher than 30 for most of it. However, since now Mimir exists, and imo is easier than valhalla would ever be, their danger is significantly mitigated in last level you have to contend with the most bots until IO. Especially good is the AV3 rocket launcher guaranteed to rocker user on mimir, since it is the one you can see in the mortem - with improved accuracy and reloading time,added toxic was just a bonus allowing for some ammo saving with ravagers and cri marines.
After level 7 it was smooth sailing - getting necessities to further mitigate danger this challenge poses, then simply riding through the hordes upon hordes of enemies too squishy to contend with might of a piercing rocket :D
Summoner itself was more of a pushover - if i didnt try murdering his aids, i d likely have even less hassle there. but my amount of unused medkits speaks for itself :D

All in all, this is far easier than playing base game and trying to go for MAD or any other masteries.

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Title: Re: [0.9.1|H|AoC|MAD|YAAM] Piercing the veil of difficulty
Post by: thelaptop on June 18, 2020, 19:17
Ooo the MAD option!

I'm still tickled that MAD affects rockets.  Really tickled!

But, nice win!  Maybe I should try AoC again with MAD in mind.  The last time I played it was 0.8.8b, which had no Masters (I think).