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Title: [0.9.2a|M|Sc|YAAM] Finally got my asskicking
Post by: Moonshine Fox on September 03, 2020, 03:17
Been struggling hard to get 100% kills for some reason. I've taken great care to find every enemy and kill them, yet ended up with less than 100% for so many runs and it's driven me nuts. Anyway, enough of that!

Decided to go with my favorite boi, the Scout Gunslinger! Started out finding a spare revolver on floor 1, so I had one ready for when Gunslinger popped. It did short work of everything in Callisto. Dove into the Barracks to see if I could find upgrades, and lo and behold, two AV2 9mm. They carried me leisurely through Europa and into Io where I ended up picking up one Plasma gun to conserve ammo use. 9mm is rare down there.

Only a level or two later I decided "fuck it" and picked up a second plasma gun and PB modded both. One had the honor of becoming C-modded in Tyre Outpost. It was quite handy against Reavers.

Once into Beyond I dove into Limbo as ammo was getting low and I was real worried about not lasting through the entirety of Beyond. For some reason, it feels like Limbo makes Beyond shorter.

Found an AV3 Energy Pistol in Limbo that I ended up modding with the mods I had on hand. Summoner died in the third salvo.

I don't think I'll ever pick up Gun Kata again. It's real neat being able to fire on the move, but when you're already starved for ammo, you *really* don't want to take potshots at things and it gave me unreasonable stress in the latter parts of Io and Beyond. All in all, good run!

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