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I tried running the game under windows 10 on a late 2015 iMac 4k that ran the game fine under mac os and i get the following error with the game crashing at startup:
Code: [Select]
00:00:00.01 [NOTICE  ] Jupiter Hell  0.9.0c (beta) Logging started
00:00:00.01 [NOTICE  ] Detected application pref dir: len: 0
00:00:00.01 [NOTICE  ] library "steam_api64.dll" : loading...
00:00:00.14 [INFO    ] nv-steam : SteamAPI initialized
00:00:00.19 [INFO    ] nv-steam : Hello, ido.yehieli!
00:00:00.19 [NOTICE  ] Configuring...
00:00:00.19 [TRACE   ] Lua state created
00:00:00.19 [NOTICE  ] Loading Lua buffer 'lua::configuration::scheme'
00:00:00.19 [TRACE   ] Lua state created
00:00:00.19 [NOTICE  ] Loading Lua buffer 'lua::configuration::scheme'
00:00:00.19 [INFO    ] Loading module "jh"...
00:00:00.19 [NOTICE  ] Creating World...
00:00:00.20 [TRACE   ] Lua state created
00:00:00.20 [NOTICE  ] Creating Interface...
00:00:00.20 [NOTICE  ] library "discord_game_sdk.dll" : loading...
00:00:00.31 [INFO    ] Cannot connect to discord!
00:00:00.31 [NOTICE  ] audio_interface : Creating FMOD audio engine...
00:00:00.31 [NOTICE  ] library "fmod64.dll" : loading...
00:00:00.42 [TRACE   ] Lua state created
00:00:00.42 [NOTICE  ] Loading Lua buffer 'style'
00:00:00.42 [NOTICE  ] library "SDL2_64.dll" : loading...
00:00:00.44 [NOTICE  ] Creating device...
00:00:00.44 [NOTICE  ] Creating window...
00:00:00.46 [INFO    ] sdl::window_manager - autodetected 4096x2304
00:00:00.46 [INFO    ] sdl::window_manager : platform - Windows
00:00:00.46 [INFO    ] sdl::window_manager : video driver - windows
00:00:00.46 [INFO    ] sdl::window_manager : display - Generic PnP Monitor
00:00:00.46 [INFO    ] sdl::window_manager : number of displays 2
00:00:00.46 [INFO    ] sdl::window_manager : number of drivers 2
00:00:00.57 [CRITICAL] Video mode set failed: Getting Vulkan extensions failed: vkEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties returned VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED(-3)
00:00:00.57 [DEBUG   ] 0: ???: 0000000000000000:0000000000000000[0000005A5254ED68,0000000000000000]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 1: ???: 0000000000000000:0000000000000000[0000005A5254ED68,0000005A5254ED60]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 2: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:00000000002B3F15[0000005A5254ED70,0000005A5254EDB0]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 3: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:00000000002B3FBD[0000005A5254EDC0,0000005A5254F010]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 4: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:000000000023A688[0000005A5254F020,0000005A5254F040]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 5: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:0000000000239024[0000005A5254F050,0000005A5254F070]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 6: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:0000000000238F71[0000005A5254F080,0000005A5254F0D0]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 7: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:00000000002388A2[0000005A5254F0E0,0000005A5254F1A0]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 8: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:0000000000096561[0000005A5254F1B0,0000005A5254F300]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 9: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:00000000000CB011[0000005A5254F310,0000005A5254FE30]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 10: jh: 00007FF7949C0000:000000000026BED6[0000005A5254FE40,0000005A5254FE70]
00:00:00.58 [DEBUG   ] 11: KERNEL32: 00007FFDC8440000:0000000000017BD4[0000005A5254FE80,0000005A5254FEA0]
00:00:00.58 [CRITICAL] Game has crashed! Please send this crash report to chaosforge team!

This is the computer model (I7-5775R, Iris Pro 6200, 16gb ram).

Announcements / Re: DoomRL featured on Roguelike Radio!
« on: September 28, 2011, 03:54 »
I think you are mixing me with Darren - I never said anything about assemblies or schematics although I might not disagree with him.

I also wasn't talking about DoomRL specifically, only about your comment regarding "unlocking only takes a few hours".

As I said I also don't mind the unlocks much either, I just think "a few hours" is a lot of time & a game designer shouldn't think it's ok for something to take "just a few hours" unless there is a good reason for it to take this long. Especially for something you might need to do more than once.

In our example the thinking should start with "is there a really good reason to have challenge modes start locked?" and only lock them if the answer is yes. It seems to me they were made locked by default instead.

Announcements / Re: DoomRL featured on Roguelike Radio!
« on: September 28, 2011, 02:32 »
I am not 'advanced' player. None at all, and I am first to admit it. Yet I have seen good deal of endgame features, simply because I have the time to spend on the game. Now I know not every one has the time - you yourself admitted you don't have it, and I understand how life can severely limit the time available for gaming and other luxuries. But that's not a problem with the game. Some games are aimed at the, excuse me the term but it feels appropiate here, 'casual' player, some do not.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't still keep an eye on not wasting the players' time tho- I think it's one of the most important aspects of game design: give the player a meaningful experience and don't waste their time!

Announcements / Re: DoomRL featured on Roguelike Radio!
« on: September 27, 2011, 06:21 »
I never keep my records from version to version, but it doesn't matter much anyway since it's quite easy to unlock everything within a few (successful) playthroughs, which shouldn't take more than a few hours.

This is a bit off topic, as I don't really care much about the unlocks, but as a side-note I must say I find it funny that you consider "a few hours" a short time...

With full time work and plenty of other obligations on my time I rarely spend a few hours per week playing games altogether (not to mention playing a single game for a few hours at a time).

Add to that the indie-games explosion of the past few years, with the sheer bulk of really good cheap or free games it had brought, and most games don't get a few hours of play from me in total .

Basically only games I really liked do, and DoomRL is one of the very few games that I've played for longer than that.

I also see this attitude with others here, like Malek claiming it only takes "a few games" to learn assemblies - a few games is what most players will ever play before moving to the next game...

It's basically the same "mistake" I feel the DCSS team has made, with concentrating on stuff mostly only advanced player will ever see: a ton more people will play levels 1-10 than 15-25 and it would be wise IMO to make sure these levels are as interesting as possible.

Discussion / Re: My Roguelike Cardinal Quest is finally online!
« on: August 11, 2011, 04:11 »
Not yet, but I'll make one in a few weeks.

I honestly didn't think a 5 euros game needed a demo...

Discussion / My Roguelike Cardinal Quest is finally online!
« on: August 11, 2011, 03:43 »
My game Cardinal Quest is now finally available on for windows, mac & linux!

Cardinal Quest is an arcade-style dungeon-crawler inspired by 1980s classics such as Gauntlet, Red-Box D&D and Golden Axe: Choose your champion and begin your quest to slay the Evil Minotaur!

Three distinct characters await you, each providing their own unique experience:

The Fierce Fighter - who can stir himself into a berserk frenzy.
The Stealthy Thief - a mysterious assassin who dispatches his foes from the shadows.
The Mystical Wizard - able to bend the forces of the elements to his will.

Have fun,

Announcements / Re: Cardinal Quest : Roguelike seeking funding!
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:02 »

$1205 - thanks a lot guys :D

Announcements / Re: Cardinal Quest : Roguelike seeking funding!
« on: January 25, 2011, 04:14 »
Will check it out, thanks!

Announcements / Re: Cardinal Quest : Roguelike seeking funding!
« on: January 25, 2011, 04:01 »
You know for such small files you can always use free file-sharing sites such as :)

Hopefully it didn't contain a .exe since gmail filters those out IIRC.

Announcements / Re: Cardinal Quest : Roguelike seeking funding!
« on: January 25, 2011, 03:49 »
Mail it to

Announcements / Re: Cardinal Quest : Roguelike seeking funding!
« on: January 25, 2011, 03:47 »
What will make your game stand out from other rogue-like games?

It is more like a mix between an arcade-game and a roguelike: no tons of key-bindings to learn, just start up and get into the action immediately (not unlike many of Kornel's games, of which I am a huge fan). 

The magic system for example is also in the process of being reworked and I believe will be quite unlike the way most RLs handle the issue:

The spells you can cast are determined by finding wands in the dungeon, which have unlimited charge but a considerable cool-down. The Cool-down depends on your character's spirit stat, which in turn is determined by your class (like all stats) and the items you have equipped/worn/wielded.

I personally prefer ASCII to tiles, will it be an option?

No, sorry.

Announcements / Re: Cardinal Quest : Roguelike seeking funding!
« on: January 24, 2011, 14:05 »
Cheers Kornel!

Here's some concept art for you guys to feast your eyes on:

And a gameplay video:

DiabloRL / Re: DiabloRL Beta Testers needed!
« on: July 23, 2010, 08:40 »
Reporting for duty - sign me up!

Off Topic / 7DRL Challenge 2010: March 6th to March 14th
« on: January 27, 2010, 17:05 »
What is it: Seven Day Roguelike Challenge.

When is it: March 6th to March 14th 2010.

Official announcement:

Bug Reports / Re: Linux version displays characters wrong
« on: December 20, 2006, 14:13 »
Actually it works, but it doesn't quit but rather prints:
There are no items in sight.

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