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DiabloRL / How to extract original sounds and music
« on: November 02, 2010, 03:05 »
Sorry, I don't manage to extract the files.
I double-click on mpqx.exe, and then nothing happens. My original diablo cd is in the drive, but I don't get asked the path of diabdat.mpq, why?

This sub-forum is filled with Iron (class) YetAnotherVictoryPost threads.. what are those kind of challenges about?

I love this game, the new beta is awesome and I would like to improve its difficulty.

Two big suggestion that will help me a lot:

1) When I shoot in a direction, and then I press "f" again, the game remembers my previous direction only if it was in the green shooting points, and not if it was in the green. I think making the game remember even with the red would save a lot of time for intuituin-like strategies (people who shoot to very far monsters out of their view).

2) When in simple but confused situations I just quickly press "f", "f", "f, "f", waiting for all those imps and soldiers to die under my chaingun.
Often I accidentally continue to press "f" when no more monsters are anymore in sight; this result in me getting those message "Find a more constructive way to commit suicide" and "You see: Palmiro Togliatti (not hurt)" alternatevely.

The problem is: in those situation it is very important for me to know if the last message was "Find a more constructive way to commit suicide" or "You see: Palmiro Togliatti (not hurt)".
Because in the first case I have to press "f" and then shoot in the direction I know there are monsters; in the second case I just have to shoot in that direction without having to press "f" before.

And this is annoying because I have to choiches:
A) Reading what was the last message (annoying)
B) (this is what I do very often) Pressing the directional key in the direction I want to shoot.. hoping the last message was "You see: Palmiro Togliatti (not hurt)". If the 50/50 chance goes bad, I can have two results:
b1) I make one or two steps toward the enemies and they shoot a couple of bullets at me; superficial wounds
b2) I make two or more steps toward the enemies and I discover there were also a Baron of Hell and a Searg.. ok, you got my point.

Possible solution: eliminating this 50/50 situation and making only one possible result when the player is "f"erserking.
This means: not accepting shooting on himself as a move; when this happens, you still get the "Find a more constructive way to commit suicide" message, but the game doesn't continue: if you press a directional key, the cursor moves (not Palmiro Togliatti), and if you want to go somewhere you have to press "esc" and exit the aim menu.

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