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Discussion / Original IP roguelike for the Chaosforge?
« on: August 24, 2012, 08:16 »
I was on the IRC server, and a few people were talking about IPs and the Chaosforge. For anyone that may not know, IP is short for Intellectual Property; it's more commonly known in the video game/movie/etc business as a franchise.

Doom, for example, is the IP of id software, which spans Doom books, movies, etc. To date, all of the publicly released Chaosforge games (as far as I know) are based on existing IPs; Doom, Berserk, Aliens, Diablo. All of these games are indeed awesome and a lot of fun, but as a result of being based off of other peoples' IPs, it limits the Chaosforge on their marketability.

I am not a member of the Chaosforge, nor do I work for them or represent them in any capacity, informal or formal. I am just a fan and player of these games. However, I wanted to poll to see what kind of interest the forum community had in an original IP, even just the idea.

If the Chaosforge made their own IP (in essence, a roguelike game that was not based off an existing franchise/license), then they would be eligible to get additional funding from Kickstarter (not that everyone isn't awesome for donating or pitching in, but more funding sources = more possibility). And, even though this is continuing on the same "what if/theoretical tangent", once completed, a game that was wholly the product of the Chaosforge would be eligible to be sold on something like Steam and actually generate revenue for the Chaosforge. As I said, I am not a member, I have no idea if they have any intention to branch out into being a business, or if the whole point of the Chaosforge is merely producing some of the best fan-based games known to man. There's no mission statement of any sort I could find.

If you're still with me, thank you for reading all of that, and that brings us to the poll I've made. If the Chaosforge was going to take a stab at making a roguelike of their own IP, what would you like to see? Or, if you don't like that idea at all, that's also an option on the poll. I apologize if there's been a similar topic in the past or some discussion of the same nature; I wasn't able to see anything laid out as point blank as this and I was curious.


Discussion / Optimization, the Wiki, and more!
« on: August 15, 2012, 11:04 »
I was kind of curious to see what everyone felt was considered "optimized" for DoomRL. I don't mean in general; I'd like to look at things one by one specifically.

For an example, the pistol. If you were going to use the pistol and only the pistol and no other weapon (not even other types of pistols), what would be the "best" mods to put on your pistol? I'll explain a little more...

AlterAsc raised an interesting point when he was explaining his choice of mods/traits when using rapid-fire weapons, and it basically boiled down to the notion that an optimized version of any particular weapon would be the version that provides you the most DPS (there are possibly only two exceptions to that rule as far as I could see, rocket jumping and wall breaking), since most of the time in DoomRL, you're aiming to kill something and to kill it as quickly as possible.

It's true that there are many different playstyles and builds in DoomRL, but I think it should be possible to hash out some rough "optimized builds" for specific weapons based with maximizing DPS. I've recently gotten hooked on the Wiki and am in the middle of doing a huge overhaul to the weapons sections, but I lack the technical knowledge to do it successfully on my own. I've already templated all the weapons, all the weapon families, set up game data/strategy tabs, updated the front page, and have organized strategy sections for the weapons based on family and individual weapon. Most of those however, are empty. There were a few existing articles that I moved/incorporated. This is where everyone else comes in!

As AlterAsc also pointed out, making the DPS too high (I believe 12 for most ranged) will cause knock back, which at the moment is triggered before damage, meaning that multiple shots will push the enemy back and cause them to avoid the damage from subsequent rounds. I assume this is not intentional and will be amended in a later version, so assuming this is the case, there's two things I'd be looking at doing.

1) Optimization of the Pistol for 0996
2) Theoretical optimization of the Pistol.

I only want to focus on the Pistol right now because the boards have been a little quiet lately and I'd like to do things one at a time if I can. I intend to either spark enough interest in this idea that people will help put stuff on the wiki, or if they're not interested in editing the wiki themselves (as I know some people don't want to bother learning wiki syntax or are busy with other projects), at least post your knowledge here and I'll gladly crib what I can and credit the poster in the talk remarks for that section.

Again, I'd like to make it very clear that I know and understand part of the fun to DoomRL is playing how you want, and that there are tons of options and builds available. By no way shape or form am I claiming that using an 'optimized' build aiming to do the most DPS is 'the best', or 'the right way' -- I'm not trying to start or enforce that kind of thinking. What I am trying to do is present it at least as an option and to make use the wiki. The strategy section is woefully barren and I'd like to do whatever I can to help that.

So, if you actually read all of that, thank you, and secondly, heeelp meee dooo thiiiis.

That being said, I open the floor for general chicanery, and hopefully some discussion on specifically the Pistol. Once that's done, I'll move on to the next, and the next, and the next...

3 / [BABY|100%|YAFW] G-Unit
« on: August 11, 2012, 04:38 »
My first win ever (in ITYTD baby mode but I'll take it. I was getting discouraged in HNTR). Yessssssss. It was the 50th guy that I sent into Hell, so I figured I'd name him Fifty Sent as a joke. Little did I know the results of channeling the power of G-Unit.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Notable highlights :

- I had the right mods to make a Ripper, but I put them on in the wrong order. /headdesk
- Imagine my surprise when I realized you could not use Scavenger on non-guns (I had been carting the Arena Master's Staff around with the sole purpose of disassembling it)
- I was ONE F away from making the Biggest Friendly Gun ;_;
- I was completely ignorant of what the Lava Element actually did, and popped it at random. Thankfully, that happened to be the 23rd floor where the Arch-viles decided to throw me a surprise party. They brought hellfire, I brought chainsaw.
- I am a little sad that
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I'll get you next time, Gadget!

Thoughts :

- I used a Tactical Shotgun for a good portion of the game, but either my build didn't really jive so well with shotguns by the end game, or they really do stop being useful. I decided to disassemble it and jettison all my shotty ammo to make room for more power packs.
- I have a feeling that rocket/missile launchers are still really good but I have no idea how to use them properly. My missile launcher definitely was MVP during the Spider's Nest, but every other map I usually ended up getting really pissed because I would shoot missiles and blow up all the good stuff on the map that I wanted to get.
- The nuclear plasma rifle is the coolest damn thing ever. 'nuff said.

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