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  • September 23, 2020, 11:16
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Today i want  to complain about two more issues: music being too quite and alien shrieks being too loud.
1) AliensRL is a very rare example of just right music/ambient themes. It really adds to the atmosphere of the game as a whole and to the atmosphere of each tower separately. But i wish there was a separate music volume slider so i could make it just a little bit louder, fine tune it. Actually it's current volume is just about right, one may just increase speakers/headphones volume if it wasn't for the next issue...
2) Aliens pain sounds are way too loud! I wonder if anyone else has that issue but my apain1 and apain2 sounds are louder than other game sounds. My (not so perfect) solution is to turn down high frequencies (8K-16K) in system equalizer, which of course has some undesirable effect on other sounds and music.

And now for a humble bonus. Since we have no wiki yet, i'm posting it here:

AliensRL / Separate key binding for elevator usage
« on: September 22, 2012, 01:40 »
I suggest elevators need separate key to use (like good old ">" and/or "<") There are two annoying elevator issues i'd like to address as reasons:
1) You use storage tower elevator. You appear in the next storage tower floor, surrounded by (not empty) crates. You immediately press "space" to examine such crate but find yourself in the previous storage tower floor instead. So in order to loot the crates you have to step off those 9 elevator tiles.
2) You're in the main tower. You're almost dead. You're out of ammo, medkits, armour and pretty much anything. You are chased by a horde of aliens. You are exactly one step away from elevator tiles and one alien is about to give you a fatal blow/bite. But fortunately you don't hesitate to use some game exploits and press "space" and then direction to the elevator and escape the horde safely without any need of standing on the elevator.

So in the first case our character's life would get a bit easier, while a bit harder in the second case should separate key bindings for elevators be implemented. In both cases our character's life would get more sense.

AliensRL / Shooting out of vision barrels
« on: September 18, 2012, 03:29 »
Right now every character class has to invest some points in perception in order to shoot barrels less lethaly to oneself (especialy in low light conditions). And I'd like my short-sighted character to be able to spot a barrel take a couple steps back and shoot at the barrel (barrels can't move, how in the holy hell can one miss them if they know their position?)

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