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Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.7|U|Sc|13|YAAM] Boom! Headshot
« on: January 19, 2020, 11:01 »
Congratulations! So Dervis was right that pistols right now, and especially Headshot are now quite powerful! We'll have a bit of a pickle balancing them now, as dualgunner is imminent!

Once again, congratulations :).

Speaking of grenades - which ones do you think are more worth than a stack of 9mm ammo? Which ones do you make room for? Can you try to judge which ones are important, and which ones are useless?

Requests For Features / Re: Crazy ideas thread
« on: January 16, 2020, 09:48 »
This would have to use the menu confirm, and would be very annoying. You can try rebinding the skill keys - but that won't be properly labeled on the UI (yet)

I'm impressed! I didn't believe this was actually reasonably playable on anything else except Scout (due to the stairs reveal)

Bug Reports / Re: crash entering europa central dig
« on: January 15, 2020, 15:14 »
Seems a gfx related crash, so I'll need system specs, os, and gfx card model :/

General Discussion / Jupiter Hell 0.8.7 - Hellhack - RELEASED!
« on: January 13, 2020, 12:36 »
Introducing Jupiter Hell update 0.8.7 a.k.a. Hellhack! To celerbrate the new update we're putting the game on a -20% discount for a week - perfect moment for you if you'd like to help us promote the game :). There's a lot to go through, so lets jump right into it!

Annoyed by drones getting in your way? Tired of those turrets chipping away your health? The big bad security bot giving you nightmares? Time to turn the tables!

You can hack any mechanical enemy by bumping into him. This brings up a hacking menu, where if you have enough multitools (which replaced repair kits) you can either disable the enemy (cheap) or hack it to convert it to your side (expensive). Scouts and Technicians have access to the Hacking trait which dramatically reduces the cost of bot disabling and hacking. Finally technician only has access to an Active trait that can perform a hack remotely!

Both a successful disable and hack gives you the enemies experience (hack twice as much!) and the items he had. The hacked enemies continue their previous wandering - later we'll probably introduce a way to make them follow you or even take more direct control :).

Terminals now appear not only on levels that have a vault. The reveal map option has been boosted, and marks stations and loot boxes on the level. A new option allows you to download tracking data, permanently revealing the enemies on the minimap. Finally through a terminal you can remotely mass disable/hack the turrets on a given level!

Technical stations
Dismantling is no longer reserved to the Technician, anyone can perfectly dismantle a modded weapon as a new option in tech stations. Additionally you can extract the new multitools from them.

As an option for the utility slot you can find a Backpack raising your inventory space. So does (although to a lesser degree) a new perk for armors!

Scouting skills
Each class gets its own scouting trait - which reveals more info on the minimap. The Technician has one to sense terminals and stations, the Scout has one to sense loot chests, and the Marine gets Bloodhound, allowing it to regain minimap info on enemies he already saw (useful for baiting!).

We've done quite a bit of minor UI improvements (full list in the changelog). Most notably you can ESC-exit out of most in-game menus now, and items created are put directly into your inventory if space is available. You can also reorder your weapons on the Equipment screen!

Not to leave the trusty Marine underpowered due to all those hacking changes, we've given him Ironman back, and moved to him the Field Medic perk!

We've done a significant balance pass that should make EASY and MEDIUM difficulties easier. We've also buffed SMG's and pistols and made cells stack up to 100. Ammo found in boxes is in larger stacks, and gray lootboxes drop more stuff!

There haven't been many bugs introduced in the last update but we still nailed a few :)


Code: [Select]
Beta  0.8.7 - January 13, 2020
NEW    #015 - bot hacking! - you can disable or hack bots, drones
              and turrets using multitools (bump into them)
NEW    #015 - Trait - Hack skill for Scout/Tech reducing hack cost
NEW    #015 - Remote Hacking active skill for Technician
NEW    #894 - multitools - replace repair kits, used also for hack
NEW    #946 - Music - new menu theme
NEW    #939 - technical stations allow anyone to dismantle modded
              items for the cost of 2 charges
NEW    #938 - revealed stations and terminals marked on the minimap
NEW    #938 - revealed unopened lootboxes marked on the minimap
NEW    #949 - Trait - Marine - Bloodhound (track met enemies)
NEW    #949 - Trait - Scout - Golddigger (reveal loot boxes)
NEW    #949 - Trait - Tech - Networking (reveal terminals/stations)
NEW    #579 - CRI backpack! To be found randomly, but maybe Tyre...
NEW    #579 - Compartments perk for armor (+2 inv capacity)
NEW    #950 - Terminals - can enable tracking for enemies (3multi)
NEW    #015 - Terminals - can mass hack/disable turrets
NEW    #015 - Terminals - appear on non-vault maps
NEW    #894 - Terminals - you can extract tools from tech stations
NEW    #770 - UI - you can rebind UI keybindings
NEW    #935 - UI - Home, End, PgUp and PgDown keys work
CHANGE #926 - UI - you can ESC out of a mod or dismantle menu
CHANGE #926 - UI - you can ESC out of a station or terminal menu
CHANGE #926 - UI - items created by stations are put to inv if space
CHANGE #937 - UI - SHIFT-view of stacked items shows stack/carried
CHANGE #937 - UI - character screen kills moved to bottom
CHANGE #937 - UI - damage is colored if affected by target health
CHANGE #937 - UI - use weapon slot key to reorder weapons in equip
CHANGE #937 - UI - default minimap size a bit larger (config later)
CHANGE #950 - Terminal map reveal costs 1 multitool (0 with hacking)
CHANGE #950 - Terminal map reveal reveals chests and stations
CHANGE #940 - Trait - Marine has Ironman back (possibly temporarily)
CHANGE #940 - Trait - Field Medic is now a Marine trait (50%->30%)
CHANGE #940 - Trait - Marine loses Spray'n'Pray
CHANGE #015 - Technician starts with 3 multitools instead of mod
CHANGE #937 - vault doors now magenta, red card doors now red
CHANGE #936 - audio feedback on weapon swap
CHANGE #907 - more walls on the Callisto platform generator
CHANGE #907 - changed one Europa generator to doublewidth corridor
CHANGE #943 - Balance - removed accuracy penalties from most SMGs
CHANGE #942 - Balance - reduced amount of enemies on Europa L1
CHANGE #940 - Balance - slightly reduced amount of enemies
CHANGE #940 - Balance - reduced accuracy of Callisto/Europa formers
CHANGE #940 - Balance - slightly reduced health of C/E formers
CHANGE #940 - Balance - bumped pistol and revolver damage +2
CHANGE #940 - Balance - Son of a Gun gives +20% accuracy and crit/lv
CHANGE #933 - Balance - more ammo per stack from boxes
CHANGE #933 - Balance - cells stack now up to 100
CHANGE #933 - Balance - general boxes drop 1 more, ammo boxes 1 less
CHANGE #944 - Balance - ravager melee is now pierce
FIX    #941 - fixed visibility of poison, freeze, disable effects
FIX    #932 - fixed "Sustained" status being too long
FIX    #940 - Tyre Outpost reward list is now stable
FIX    #948 - fixed terminal visuals

What's next
Next version should drop at the end of the month (or beginning of the next), and will either be about Melee or Dualgunning :). We want to wrap those two up, so before February ends we can finally implement a long awaited feature - Master Traits! If need be, hotfixes will be deployed within the next days. See you next version, and help us spread the word :)

Berserk! / Re: Highest Berserk Killcount
« on: January 12, 2020, 16:48 »
Tormuse, WTF?!?

Berserk! / Re: [0.8.5|Endless|16|YASD] Very avoidable death
« on: January 12, 2020, 16:42 »
The game needs stronger scaling of difficulty :P

Post Mortem / Re: [0.8.6|U|AoV|Ma|10|YASD] Almost got 'em
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:36 »
It's not a question of imagination, your precise chances to dodge are in the status bar. Note that contrary to DRL the direction of movement doesn't matter.

Requests For Features / Re: Crazy ideas thread
« on: January 06, 2020, 18:37 »
Done. Will be available next release.

If I could, I'd make tech also non-kill based. Also scouts recharge is friendly to low-kill rounds (I have an alternative recharge mechanism that I might try later, that's also non-kill based).

Bug Reports / Re: Crash when trying out my graphics card
« on: December 30, 2019, 04:57 »
Vulkan is completely unsupported on that Radeon. Later will make it so that if you run on an unsupported card the game will automatically switch to OpenGL - it should work on OpenGL if your graphics card drivers are up to date.

Speaking of drivers, it should work in Vulkan on that Intel card if you update your drivers! If it crashes on new drivers, we *really* want that crash log, as 630 is officially supported!

General Discussion / Jupiter Hell forum boards
« on: December 27, 2019, 05:15 »
So discussion on the ChaosForge forums don't seem to die off easily and not everyone uses steam forums - which actually makes me happy :). As it is such, I took a moment to add the standard sub forums for Jupiter Hell - Bug Report, Request for Feature and Post Mortem. Please post the appropriate content in the proper sub-forums, and thank you for sticking with us!

Discussion / Re: Dumb Legal Question
« on: December 27, 2019, 04:30 »
DRL itself is still in the legal grey zone after the whole Zenimax issue. I can just give you my blessing to do whatever you want with the mechanics themselves, but I give you no guarantee that someone wont hunt you down if you do.

Last release of the year brings you class-specific resources, new traits, a mod capacity system, a new challenge and more!

Class resources
Each class has now it's own resource - Fury for Marines, Energy for Scouts and Power for Techs. Using a class skill now isn't limited to one use per level, but controlled by usage of this resource. Each class has a different way to replenish that resource - Marine needs kills, Scout opening chests and Tech gathers power dropped by mechanical and semi-mechanical enemies. The cost of class skill usage is lower than the capacity of the resource and you can invest traits in increasing capacity too - possibly having two skill uses back to back! The system will be expanded with additional resource use possibilities and balancing in further updates, so stay tuned!

Sustained Fire and Pinpoint
Speaking of traits, apart from the new resource traits we also removed the overpowered Son of a Bitch, and substituted it with a more proactive trait - Sustained Fire for Marine/Tech and Pinpoint for Scouts - check them out!

Mod capacity and Dismantle
Moding has also gone some changes - now mod capacity is an item trait instead of being controlled by Whizkid. This allows us to balance the capacity by weapon - most of them have capacity of what you'd have at old Whizkid 2, but some have higher capacity. Also ADV weapons may now come with more mod slots! Closing out this change, you might also enjoy the new Tech active skill - Dismantle, that allows you to destroy an item and get one random mod it had back (or more if you're Skilled enough!).

Callisto L1 and New York Reload
To make early game a bit more varied we also added two layouts for Callisto 1. For veterans we added Angel of New York Reload - despite ridiculous rules we checked it's beatable on Easy, no idea if it's beatable on higher levels - if you do, please tell us!

Full Changelog
Code: [Select]
NEW    #929 - ALL classes have a different class resource - this
              resource is used instead of "once per level" CD
NEW    #929 - Marine has Fury, regeneated by kills
NEW    #929 - Scout has Energy, regeneated by opening chests
NEW    #929 - Tech has Power, regeneated by power orbs
NEW    #929 - Marine gets Furious trait, that increases Fury
NEW    #929 - Tech gets Extra Batteries trait increasing Power
NEW    #925 - max mod amount is controlled by item mod capacity
NEW    #925 - new Technician active class skill - Dismantle!
NEW    #928 - Technician and Marine get Sustained Fire trait!
NEW    #928 - Scout gets Pinpoint trait!
NEW    #906 - two new layouts for Callisto L1
NEW    #927 - Angel of New York!
CHANGE #929 - stimpacks regenerate class resource
CHANGE #929 - removed perks allowing extra class skill use
CHANGE #929 - Ironman and Son of a Bitch traits removed
CHANGE #925 - WhizKid now controls max mod level of the same type
CHANGE #930 - updated MoltenVK, performance gain on MacOS
FIX    #923 - fixed border calculations for atlas packer
FIX    #916 - removed duplicated scissor and viewport setup for shadow pass
FIX    #913 - stabilised Vulkan implementation in terms of ALT+TAB ( fullscreen switching ) and resolution changes
                - added support for suboptimal KHR
                - added support for single, double and tripple buffering
                - on low end gfx cards single buffering is default
FIX    #921 - fixed broken status effects on ADV rifles and SMGs
FIX    #167 - fixed a TON of ragdoll issues
FIX    #167 - fixed hit animation issues
FIX    #167 - fixed walk and attack animation timing
FIX    #167 - hit ragdoll wont trigger at low FPS values
FIX    #914 - you can no longer gain aim bonus without a target

Future Updates
The real work that went into this release however is as yet not apparent. We fully rewrote the animation and ragdoll system in preparation for much anticipated future features - Melee and Dualgunner. These two are also essential to bring you the most anticipated feature - Master Traits. Nuff to say that in upcoming updates things will get interesting :). That said, the immedately next update might be more a love letter to the Technician, stay tuned!

Next version should appear somewhere in the middle of January.

Finally, from us at ChaosForge, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (full of great Jupiter Hell updates :P)!

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