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Discussion / Re: Doomprayer
« on: December 19, 2009, 17:01 »
Da Russian Church-Slavonic-with-some-addishns!

???? ???, ??? ??? ?? ?????,
?? ???????? ???? ????,
?? ?????? ??????? ????? ????,
? ???? ????????? ????
??? ? ADOM'?, ??? ? ? DoomRL.
???????? ??? ????????????? ???? ??? ?????,
? ?? ????? ??? ? ?????????,
?? ????? ??? ?? Arch-Vile'??.
?? ??? Rougelike'??,
? DoomGuy'?, ? ???????? ?? ???? ?????.

Just some adaptation included. And remember - we are ready! To translate.
PS: sorry if this looks like many "a", "o" and other vowels with additional stuff. That's not me, but the coding.

Discussion / Translation? Why not?
« on: December 11, 2009, 13:36 »
I'd wish to translate some version of DoomRL into other language, but I need to know: is it possible in any way? Are the strings deep inside the code or aren't they? Second case is better, of course.
So what do you think about DoomRL in insert_your_language?

Requests For Features / Re: New unique items
« on: December 05, 2009, 16:20 »
Different types of shooting + different ammo = even more of damroll modifiers. IMHO.

Now, maybe this was proposed earlier, but:

Blink thing
Experimental scientific thing that allows you to teleport anything you see! Enemies, barrels, stuff... Youself. But don't forget - it is experimental device.
Firstly, it teleports things to random place (just as usual phase device).
Secondly, teleported object is damaged a bit, 4d3, for example. And teleport on lava or acid is possible too!
Thirdly, it uses many energy cells. Equal to distance between two positions (which is random) is many enough.

How to use: your way is blocked? Teleport it out! Blink thing brings in much more of randomness to the gameplay. Also it will be fun to teleport barrels. Because of damage they will explode! "This will be mess.", yes.

PS: ...and a soulcube-companion. Heh.

Requests For Features / Angel of Half-Life
« on: December 04, 2009, 12:11 »
Angel of Half-Life (just for fun)

Description: "Yes. Finally. The exit... But stop! Where the hell stairs were gone??? Damn. Anyway, i must go down. It's time to fly! Vertically!!"

The challenge is called so because each time you go to the next level you lose half of your current health, rounded up (if needed). Armour isn't lose.
But, the each healing stuff works with 1,5 increased efficiency: small health globe gives +30 hp instead of +20 (fix me if i'm wrong); and Megacharge gives you 300 health points! Yarrrr!!1
Vampirism and other things connected with hp may be increased or not; i think, they must be reworked too.

Difficulty: medium to hard.

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