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Forum / Re: Welcome to ChaosForge Forums!
« on: March 21, 2013, 08:08 »
Hi there, didn't know where to post but here goes. :)

Just wanted to express at least in a few words how thankful I am that this roguelike has become so good during the last years. :) It's probably my favorite at this point.

It has been developed in a great way, constantly improving and I have to say I'm a sucker for graphic tiles in such games where gameplay and difficulty/challenges is more or less the first priority. With that tile addition I was actually sold completely.
But what really counts is the atmosphere of the old doom, sound effects etc. You did manage to preserve it. Not a small feat. This is the best part of this roguelike IMO.

Ofc as you guessed I've been a doom fan during my early years of gaming as a kid, the music of this game still haunts me to this day (well in a good way, hehe), still love it for all it's worth.  The fact that I always loved RPGs too, also helps a bit.

I had played DoomRL a bit 1-2 years ago or so and had quickly quit it due to the difficulty I "thought" I saw in the game (silly me), but recently after months of trying different rogue-likes, more months of FTL-ing (I'm sure you at least heard of that game) and a pal's suggestion, I've recently revisited it mainly with and I must say the polish I found is truly astonishing and remarkable for a RL.

Starting on HNTR I lost a few times till I understood the mechanics better, visited the forum and wiki many many times, and gradually went to HMP games and even managed to win once in AoMC in UV with some untouchable badges in the end.
Playing AoShotgun now on UV once again. Nightmare is still a no-no ofc. I guess it's kinda masochistic the idea of constant respawning, it's probably a difficulty only for a select few people and truly ruins the "fun" part of this game, at least in my eyes. I prefer to have fun. HMP/UV are pretty much up my alley for this. xD Challenge games are all intriguing.Great ideas there.

As a side note I thought the game was huge in terms of content for a coffee-break RL, too many challenges and things to do which is however a good thing for RPG veterans and people with too much free time on their hands.

But then this update comes... More special levels? More rebalancing? And loads and loads of other stuff and additions? Can't believe you guys found even more time to improve this game. (and make us lose even more hours/days of our lifetime :P ) The AI changes are more than welcome, such a game can ALWAYS use better AI to raise the difficulty. Always a good thing. The same goes for rebalancing items and crafts in such games, since not all are really useful etc.

I've been a silent user in this forum this last month or two (at least till now) but I decided to make an account after all. Oh well.

So, HAIL to all doomguys there. :)

PS : Since I practically play 2 hours or so almost every day, I might post a mortem or two sooner or later. Might even help with the wiki at some point if I can find the time.

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