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Don't worry, I've changed the requirements again in

You'll never figure out what I just did.  Mwahahahahahaha...
hahahahahah. I don't know why but somehow this post made my day. :P

make that 3. never found it though.

Don't change the subject please. :P

@Laptop,  from the above answer you gave I assume this is not exactly a bug but more of a feature request for improving the game after all. I didn't know it at the time I made the thread.

I mean wouldn't it be anyway to the gameplay's advantage to prevent duplicate exotic drops at least from appearing in the exact same level?

PS : If it is indeed a feature and not a bug, then can it be moved please to appropriate section?

Discussion / Re: On exploiting dualangels...
« on: April 02, 2013, 00:38 »
could this also work if you only get compenstaion bonuses from the 1st challenge selected (so you don't get max damage/accuracy if the 2nd challenge chosen is AoMC, but the enemies still do, making it a sort of super challenge).

Nice idea. +1. Getting both bonuses is what actually makes people abuse the hell out of aomc and aooc.

Screenshot is attached with the 2 laser rifles together. Unfortunately I don't have any more screenshots from afterwards.

I know that exotics are not limited, but finding 2 in the exact same place where you are supposed to get special level awards, doesn't it feel weird and kinda sloppy ?

Discussion / Re: On exploiting dualangels...
« on: April 01, 2013, 08:57 »
I think you hit a nail with that one. Pretty much spot on observation.

I think the main candidates that can be uber-cheesed for badges are especially max carnage and overconfidence. All the other are pretty much ok as duals. But these two make terrific combinations indeed imo...

I usually skip the Mortuary - I'm not confident enough to have just any build waltz through it - and I only do the UC on melee builds. I do tend to do all the other special levels. It can't be that the Mortuary and UC make 2+ clev difference, right?

Not sure, but do keep in mind that mortuary is huge xp just for the archviles, add to that the resurrected monsters which also give xp, and you might have a lvl where you can actually get more than one whole level up. (1 and a portion of the next one probably, since I can't really remember getting 2 levels in there ever)
AoD does give relatively good xp too.

But I mainly think it also depends heavily on the RNG spawning. I some times had empty dungeon levels with relatively few enemies, cacofiend caves come to mind for example, or some times a level with 2 archviles and lesser creatures that I end up emptying without getting too much total xp, since the rest of the level is actually empty. Other times though, I get a level filled with endless hordes of mancubi/revenants/barons/archviles. It's just too random. You might end up lvl 12-13 but you might also end up 15. That's the RNG for you I guess. :P

And JC Random Spawns add to that too.

He also visited all of the generated levels except Unholy Cathedral.

Yup it's really a huge difference xp-wise doing all the specials, especially levels such as the Mortuary.

As for early intuition yea, it's probably by far the best thing to get early in AoMc, even more so if you plan to go for untouchable badges/medals.

You already have huge dmg and huge accuracy in AoMc, so what better than to see AND kill your enemies before they even get a chance?

AoMc should really have the following tag imo:

"Shooting in the dark has never been easier and more effective."

Century Lounge / Re: [N!|Arch666] Some had to do this, right?
« on: April 01, 2013, 02:33 »
That's just lol. Srsly gratz. I'm pretty sure 1 month would not be enough for me to accomplish this.
It is indeed a speedrun...

I would be bored to do this even on HMP to be honest. Seems like endless torture. 100 is more than enough for me.

Bug Reports / [] Deimos Lab - Duplicate Exotic drop
« on: April 01, 2013, 02:02 »
I'm not sure if it's a bug or not. You tell me if it is.

In one of my games in Deimos Lab, in the weapon rewards room, I found two laser rifles. (exotic)

Is that natural , both of them to spawn in same room same place ? I suppose one exotic/special is guaranteed in there,but 2 of the same? I don't know. It felt weird that's all.

I can also provide a screenshot if needed.

Discussion / Re: Opinions on new special levels needed!
« on: March 31, 2013, 06:27 »
Military Base. The place is a great challenge no denying that.
The Elite Former Commandos though seemed like an abuse of nature and too overboard for such an early dungeon level.
Lost one time there recently, cause I encountered one with a freaking napalm launcher.
He did die in the end cause I got near him, but not before exploding us both and filling the whole place with lava without leaving a single exit path.
Couldn't escape the lava, so I naturally died there. Was an impatience game so no medpacks with me...

The other elites in there, are too random as well, so someone would need to be extremely careful to survive it in high difficulties, the only way avoiding all the shots all-together, not that easy with so many elites.
Those unique and exotic weapons the enemies wield at barely level 7, are just too powerful in some games.

And I think it's the first time excluding boss fights, that doomguy can not get the weapon the enemies wield, which I found extremely unfair.

Discussion / Re: Oh dragonslayer why do you taunt me
« on: March 31, 2013, 06:10 »
Most bulky armor has hefty -movespeed. It usually has high melee resistance to compensate. There's nothing wrong with that. You can just stand there and tank their melee attacks while you attack them.
IF you ever reach them before dying that is.

Arachno's damage is 1d5 per hit, that is 5 dmg max. And a barrel of napalm has 5 armor.

Armor: This also makes objects harder to destroy. Whenever an object takes damage, the object's armor is subtracted from the damage before the damage is subtracted from HP. Unlike the armor of the player and his enemies, objects' armor may reduce damage to 0.

So, Arachnotrons simply can't destroy napalm barrels at all since they do no damage to them.

That's not really a good excuse, since plasma dmg that the arachnotrons deal is supposed to "IGNORE" half the armor of the target. Also this is point blank range, where it is practically incredibly hard to miss it so it really should have been blown up after just a few turns at the most anyway. My guess is, it is indeed a bug. Though a minor one since it doesn't affect gameplay significantly.

Bug Reports / Re: [0997] Botched masonry
« on: March 29, 2013, 12:41 »
I believe that also happened during the latest beta in arena maps. Nasty.

Also it makes the archangel of pacifism practically impossible since it needs 1 kill max.
It's not even a human error. It's pure luck. That's not even a challenge in my book the way enemies randomly die in fluids.
You'd need to spend your whole life in luck to get it done without collateral random kills.

Thanks for the replies! That explains a lot. I take it rocket jumping is fine when going for Gatekeeper badge? I'm not sure if "no damage" includes self-inflicted damage.

Did it recently: (well on UV I mean),6207.0.html

Unfortunately you do need a phase to succeed in damageless anomaly run.

And as for rocket jumps usually I take 5 to 20 dmg. It's kinda random. Red armor does help to lessen the dmg as has been mentioned.
And I usually jump to the right having destroyed the door beforehand. You get 1 tile extra movement that's why I prefer it. You see you are closer to the right door than to the left when you trigger the mass spawns.
It doesn't matter much though since the rocket jump literally throws you miles away.

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