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Requests For Features / Re: Challenge: Obsessive-Compulsive
« on: April 30, 2007, 14:30 »

Requests For Features / Re: New Traits
« on: April 30, 2007, 14:29 »
In reality, your life should actually decrease when it goes under 30-or-something%. Like, you'd be bleeding all the time. You might be able to regenerate if your HP were about 70% or more. With the regeneration skill, you'd first go immune to the under-30%-HP-bleeding while beginning to regenerate in around 50%, and on the next level you'd regenerate all the time. On the third level, you'd restore life even faster.

Requests For Features / Re: New Traits
« on: April 30, 2007, 11:07 »
Something like this could've been suggested already, but I don't feel like checking seven pages right now. So tell me if I'm late in this.

Requires: 2 for Son of a Bitch
Each point into this trait would give every hit to the enemy a 2% chance for insta-kill.

Requires: 2 for Brute
With this trait, each time you hit an enemy on melee and while berserking, you'd be healed by 50% of the damage you deal to the enemy. Second point on this trait would let you drain all damage you deal to your own HP.

Requires: 2 for Ironman, 2 for Tough as Nails
Your armor class will be increased by 5 on Coward stance, but you will lose the normal movement and dodge bonuses. On Cautious, the AC bonus is 3, and on Aggressive only 1.

Requests For Features / Re: My wishlist stuff
« on: April 30, 2007, 09:35 »

Added some more stuff, so that I'dn't need to do another thread for all it. See the first post.

Requests For Features / My wishlist stuff
« on: April 30, 2007, 05:01 »
So I'm new here. Been playing DoomRL for about a year now, currently on Major rank, and trying to finish Angel of Purity. Hi guyz. *Waves*

Okay, to topic at hand: You face an Arachnotron. A horrible, horrible mutant spider that fires lethal plasma blasts at you! *Gasp*, how terrible! You will certainly die! Unless... You manage to sneak behind a corner, wait until the Arach comes close enough, and then jump straight in front of it. Poor Arachnotron will try to bite you or beat you with its legs, while you can rip it apart with your own plasma gun.
Yeah well, I think that the fact how you can use your ranged weapons in close combat but enemies can't is pretty unfair, seeing from the monster's side, that is. Those poor widdle demons who can't shoot you anymore when you get close! This must be changed at once! Two suggestions concerning this, even when both make the game somewhat harder:

A) Disable your ability to fire enemies up close. So if a demon closes up at you, you can't shoot it anymore. You'll be forced to use your chainsaw or LS or whatever weapon you have on melee. You can't aim your gun over this creature, so you can't fire any units behind it either, although you could shoot anything else in everywhere else. But you can, of course, fire a rocket or BFG blast somewhere pretty close to sweep this annoying monster from existence.

B) Allow the monsters to fire you even on melee. This'd make Angel of Berserk pretty much impossible, though (not that I care, since I've finished AoB already). Plus, it'd make Former Sergeants quite a bit more lethal as well.

So whaddya think? Can't blame me for being on a bad guy's side for a change, now can you? You can? Drat.

Edit: Well since this'd make the game somewhat harder, I guess we could balance that a bit by adding one feature that I totally loved in the original Doom: Monster infighting. Would that be even remotely possible?

Also, monsters. Mancubus will be added, but there're still three monsters that're missing and should be in the game:

- Spectre: Like demon but with 50% chance to dodge. Also compeletely invisible and unseen if it stands still and does nothing (except for Inituition). Its general strategy would be waiting just where it is until the player comes close enough, then it attacks. Would appear first around the same time than Cacodemons, and there'd be a couple in Hell's Arena as well.

- Revenant: 40 hit points, 2 armor. Fires weakish homing rockets that won't hit right away: They'd travel about three times as fast as the player (on Cautious, without Hellrunner or anything like that) and home straight on target. 'Course, you can always just make it so that there's another enemy between you and the missile. Perfect for starting monster infighting (see above). Would appear the same time with Barons of Hell.

- Spider Mastermind: 150 HP, 4 armor. Armed with a sorta shotgun-chaingun hybrid that fires 8 rounds each turn. Could inhabit Spider's Lair, and appear once all Arachnotrons've been destroyed.

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