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Its been a while since I've really been able to play a full-hardcore run of DoomRL on Ultra Violence, but because I've gathered some invaluable knowledge over the years, I've decided to make a manual that is easy and extremely informative for the use of the beginner to advanced player.
But I realized that making a completely new manual would be really tedious and demanding, since there is so much to cover. I decided to use Sylph's great manual as a template, and simply add, update, or delete information.

So far, I feel very proud of myself. Every **EDIT** and whatever with ** by it is my doing (plus a few helpful hints on some other stuff). I still need to redo the chaingun part of the Hell's Arena (monsters don't seek the center anymore) and then part of the level reconstruction (same thing, monsters now have a truly random walk). I also need to add some weapons, update their stats, and update some stuff about the Spider's Lair, Halls of Carnage, The Lava Pits, and others.

I also need to add more monsters and update their stats, as they have been changed over the years since


How's it coming so far?

Requests For Features / Small fixes buffs/nerfs for DoomRL
« on: September 04, 2012, 15:56 »
I was just thinking that some things could be improved in DoomRL to make it more realistic.

You know how the minigun has like a 3.5 second reload time? It wouldn't make sense that it would take 3.5 seconds to reload 10 bullets if you pressed "r" after you fired one volley and 3.5 seconds to reload the entire 200 bullet clip.

That's just a thing I noticed. Couldn't things have scaleable reload times? Like, make it quicker to reload small ammounts of ammo than huge clips all at once?

Also, who doesn't think that tactical armor should have it's 1 protection and at least 10% bullet/shrapnel resistance back?

Requests For Features / New Ideas for Special Levels
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:56 »
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had cool ideas for special levels in DoomRL.
Because a new episode added on to the three episodes (Phobos, Deimos, Hell), we need more levels!

I have an idea for a special level, even if it isn't exactly related to Doom:

In Greek mythology, Alcyoneus was a giant yeiled up by the Earth to fight the gods. He was completely immortal in his homeland (he chose the far north, beyond the god's sphere of influence), so in order to kill him, Heracles had to lure him off of his land and kill him in foreign territory.
But it wasn't that easy. Heracles had to call upon Zeus to help him kill Alcyoneus.

So, I was thinking this:

There should be a special level that has an Alcyoneus-like monster with MAJOR hp and a vicious melee attack.

My plan:

You enter a red stair and the text says:
"You can't kill me, mortal! For I am <insert monster's name here>, the IMMORTAL!!"

The level is built up like barracks, but the walls are all ice (Alcyoneus ws born in the far north).
The first wave is met by mobs of lost souls, and maybe a few spectres (play the Inferno module).

Then, the second wave is <insert monster name here> himself, and he CANNOT injured AT ALL, by ALL MEANS, even a NUKE, if he is on the ten-unit radius circle he spawned on. You have to knock him back or something (he will never willingly venture off his home territory, he ain't THAT stupid) and finish him off. He doesn't teleport, but he moves fast. He will try to get back to his homeland circle thing at all costs, and if he does, he will heal back up to 100% again.

You have to use some artifact to finish him off (the god's power, possibly the Arena Master's Staff, or the Hell Staff/something like it?), or else you won't be able to kill him.
How to deplete his health:

1. Use a powerful shotgun to blast him out of his circle, and stand in the way of him and the circle AT ALL TIMES, blowing him back with your gun

That's it really.

Any comments? Questions?

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