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Requests For Features / Re: New Ideas for Special Levels
« on: June 06, 2012, 08:59 »
Um, I like the idea of a level based on Mancubi, but if it is to make it to DoomRL, we need rewards and a strategy to get ALL of the rewards without destroying them or dying.
Any ideas?

Discussion / Re: Old versions
« on: June 06, 2012, 08:51 »
Hey, I was looking for these!

I wonder if DoomRL is still floating around out there?

If so, I WANT that!

Requests For Features / Re: New Ideas for Special Levels
« on: May 21, 2012, 06:36 »
Interesting idea, but you've overcomplicated it in ways that just restrict build and strategy options.  The only characters that can beat this as written have:
- A very high knockback weapon to get the boss out of the circle
- High DPS weaponry to kill the boss once he's outside
- Very high passive resistance (from traits, armor, medkit supplies) to survive all the abuse you'll suffer standing between the boss and the circle.
- Some unspecified artifact (probably from another special level, meaning that skipping that level is not an option)

Interesting level design is design where there are a number of ways to beat any challenge, and it's very important in a class-based game (which DoomRL kind of is) that every class should be able to use their own strengths to get by. Below I've posted some revisions to your idea. Note that I don't intend for my design to be taken as the Right design - there are infinite ways to design any game, and the only thing that matters is that it's fun to play.

- Remove the requirement for a special artifact. We already have the Hell's Arena -> Chained Court -> Vaults dependency, we don't need to restrict player route options even more.
- Remove the instant 100% heal the boss gets when returning to his circle. This would only be a frustration for characters strong enough to fight the boss head-on, and would make the fight impossible for characters that have to wear the boss' health down more gradually.
- To make the fight possible for characters that can't deal knockback or that rely on active defense (or both), the boss should have slow move and attack speeds, and its attack should be reasonably dodgeable. There should be a good supply of napalm barrels in the level. The careful player could push these into the boss' circle while dodging its projectiles and then trick it into blasting itself out of the circle by shooting a barrel at close range. This would also destroy some of his safe zone by replacing it with lava.
- The theme for the level could be changed from Greek mythology to some sort of tech theme, to explain the presence of napalm barrels and the accompanying environment survival gear (boots and envirosuits) that might need to be placed on the level. The boss' safe zone could be technological, eg. a "force field," and this invulnerability could also extend to the player when he's standing in the field, depending on if this makes it more fun without completely nerfing the challenge. Then, the first stage of the boss fight would be challenging but non-fatal, like sumo wrestling.

Yeah, I never thought of that!

Why not make the boss be affected by knockback from melee weapons also? Like, you beat the hell out of him with fists or something to push him out of the circle, and then use a chainsaw or something.

That way, AoB people can do the level.

I aslo need more ways on beating the bos.

Requests For Features / New Ideas for Special Levels
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:56 »
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had cool ideas for special levels in DoomRL.
Because a new episode added on to the three episodes (Phobos, Deimos, Hell), we need more levels!

I have an idea for a special level, even if it isn't exactly related to Doom:

In Greek mythology, Alcyoneus was a giant yeiled up by the Earth to fight the gods. He was completely immortal in his homeland (he chose the far north, beyond the god's sphere of influence), so in order to kill him, Heracles had to lure him off of his land and kill him in foreign territory.
But it wasn't that easy. Heracles had to call upon Zeus to help him kill Alcyoneus.

So, I was thinking this:

There should be a special level that has an Alcyoneus-like monster with MAJOR hp and a vicious melee attack.

My plan:

You enter a red stair and the text says:
"You can't kill me, mortal! For I am <insert monster's name here>, the IMMORTAL!!"

The level is built up like barracks, but the walls are all ice (Alcyoneus ws born in the far north).
The first wave is met by mobs of lost souls, and maybe a few spectres (play the Inferno module).

Then, the second wave is <insert monster name here> himself, and he CANNOT injured AT ALL, by ALL MEANS, even a NUKE, if he is on the ten-unit radius circle he spawned on. You have to knock him back or something (he will never willingly venture off his home territory, he ain't THAT stupid) and finish him off. He doesn't teleport, but he moves fast. He will try to get back to his homeland circle thing at all costs, and if he does, he will heal back up to 100% again.

You have to use some artifact to finish him off (the god's power, possibly the Arena Master's Staff, or the Hell Staff/something like it?), or else you won't be able to kill him.
How to deplete his health:

1. Use a powerful shotgun to blast him out of his circle, and stand in the way of him and the circle AT ALL TIMES, blowing him back with your gun

That's it really.

Any comments? Questions?

Modding / Re: Modding Tutorial (WIP)
« on: May 14, 2012, 12:12 »
To be honest, I'm not sure of the best place to put this, but it will hopefully receive appropriate attention here.

I've been working on a series of tutorial pages on the wiki for people wanting to mod but aren't really sure how to get started. It's a work-in-progress and only a few tutorials have been created so far, but there should be more than enough to begin creating your own work. At the moment, I'm looking both for suggestions on what kinds of tutorials should be written for this series and anything that's hard to understand in the tutorials already added. This isn't explicitly a how-to thread, but I'm fine with people straight-up asking things that they don't know how to do: either I or one of the other, more experienced, modders will give you an answer at some point. Eventually a FAQ will be added to the tutorial series and will address the more common misunderstandings sent here.

If you have the time and are interested in modding, please take a look at what's already there and reply. Feedback is practically mandatory if these tutorials are to be any good. (If you want to see the current documentation that is often referenced in these tutorials, use this link instead.)

Hey, I would like an overall tutorial on ALL of your DoomRL experience and tricks, so I can learn off of it.
Also, I would like some tuts on a couple of the challenges, especially AoB and AoSh.

Releases / Re: The Inferno Module
« on: May 14, 2012, 12:10 »
DoomRL: Inferno
"A difficult module for DoomRL version"

download 0.15.1 (raw)
download 0.15.1 (wad)

Old Versions:

Game Hunter's playthrough video on Youtube

This is a full episode module (~25 levels) with new monsters, new items, new special levels, new random levels, etc.

Graphics mode support is still a work in progress both in Inferno and in DoomRL itself (for mods at least), but if you're willing to put up with graphical issues, it should be playable.

Some of the sounds included copyrighted material used without permission.  If that makes you uncomfortable, let me know and I'll make a version without sounds available.

Feedback is very welcome. Praise, criticism, bug-reports, balance suggestions, screenshots, YASDs, YAVPs: bring 'em on!

Have fun!

Version History:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Just a thing:
Could you perhaps make the shotgun way a bit more loaded (in terms of ammo/consumables) in the beginning, because that's when you usually die?


Requests For Features / Re: New unique items
« on: May 14, 2012, 08:47 »
I have a couple of ideas for unique items.

1. Grafter

This is a mod that lets you graft any single item into your own body. The effects would vary by the individual item. Suggestions: (Remember, this is a one-time only thing)

Armor: Gives you permanent armor 1 + half of the current value of the armor used, plus any other effects.

Weapon: Allows the weapon to remain available without taking up inventory space.

Medkits: Adds 10% small/20% large to max health. (So you would go to 110 % or 120% without decaying.

Weapon mods: Gives one level of the appropriate trait.

Damage:  Son of a bitch
Accuracy: Eagle Eye
Reload: Reloader
Magazine: ??

Nuke: The nuke will detonate if you are killed

Alternatively, it could be used when standing on a corpse to gain the ranged attack of that corpse. (By grafting part of the monster onto yourself)
Submachine Gun

This is based on the "Submachine Gun" from Red Faction

Damage:    2d4x3 OR 1d8x3
Accuracy:    +0
Base Fire Time:    1.0 second
Base Reload Time:    2.0 seconds
Clip Size:    20
Ammunition:  10mm OR Cells
Special Reload:    Loads cells instead of 10mm
Quote on pickup:    Death: Now in bite size!
Ingame Description:    A compact weapon for any situation.

Basically, it's a combination Chaingun/plasma rifle. I figure that it would be most useful as a secondary weapon to take advantage of otherwise useless ammo. (In other words, shotgun users)

Target pistol

Damage:    2d4
Accuracy:    +20
Base Fire Time:    1.0 second
Base Reload Time:    1.2 second
Clip Size:    6
Ammunition:    10mm ammo
Special Reload:    N/A
Quote on pickup:    They'll never see it coming!
Ingame Description:    A scoped 10mm pistol.

The perfect long-range weapon.

I've got a couple other ideas, but I need to work on them.

Good ideas.
I was also thinking about a unique weapon, the Weedwhacker!

It's a melee weapon with (8d4)x2 (the x2 is the two nylon line blades, 1 bulk will give it 3 nylon blades, x3), but with a twist: It has a 2-unit range. It can hit only something that is 2 spaces away from you, if the enemy is right up next to you, you're screwed unless you have a different melee weapon.

I just thought that would be pretty cool.
You could have a whole assortment of lawncare weapons!
Mower-destroys corpses/barrels
Bush pruner- like a chainsaw, but a nerfed attack damage but REALLY fast attack speed

Just some cool ideas!

Requests For Features / Re: The Third Slot
« on: May 14, 2012, 08:43 »
Some enemies use phase device when got a critical damage. Maybe, Player will have second chance... if it will be like trait - phased once per level if critical damaged - or use medikit from inventory if needed...

Speaking of which, why can enemies use a phase device in the middle of a volley?

On an Ao100 run (and regular games, and on AoMc), I noticed that a baron without armor should fall to p-modded chaingun (on AoMc) in a single volley.
However, what's wierd is that if they have a phase device, they use it and it works before my volley is finished unloading.
Any ideas on how to fix this bug?


Also keep in mind that, as I said before, these changes are basically proposals and are by no means decided upon. If it turns out that placing Hell's Arena too early makes it and the rest of the game far harder, I have no qualms moving it elsewhere. However, I would like to set up Hell's Arena as a sort of training ground, by which players can test themselves to see whether or not they play the game with a certain degree to skill. The cleanest way to do this is to give them as little advantage as possible entering the level. With this in mind, I have plans to add some extra shells/bullets strewn about the arena on earlier waves, so players aren't screwed because they couldn't find enough ammunition prior to entering. I'm fairly certain that all difficulties clearing the first two floors will reach clvl2 at the least (ITYTD might be one or two kills away), which is more than enough to prepare your traits for whatever build you've focused yourself on. (AoB is a weird exception, and I am very open to the possibility of specifically moving the dlvl in that case to acommodate.)

I'll be specific about the reward reduction as currently changed: I removed the cells entirely and dropped the rocket count to three stacks (as opposed to nine). Back when I would play regularly, Hell's Arena ensured me just about all the rockets I needed to win the game, and this always struck me as too much of a good thing. With this, you have "some rockets", but you'll still need to scavenge for more (and prevents total rocket-spamming on Unchained Court). Concerns regarding The Wall need not apply, as things will change to that level such that you don't actually require rockets to complete it. (It'll still be plenty interesting enough.)
Kornel's the person to ask about beta releases. In theory, we could maybe make a "content patch" beta that has changes exclusive to gameplay additions and rebalances (that are either already in the repo or close to it). There's still a ton more work to be done in other areas, however, so you'll have to be patient.

So, the Wall is getting a major revamp in
Will it now be somewhat survivable for AoSh, AoB, and AoMr?

Oh, and the whole reason I die in Angel of Berserk is because of Hell's Arena.
What exactly kills me is the demons.
Their attack damage is just too ridiculous to fend off with an unmodded combat knife and a green armor (HNTR).
Their speed is also of issue, because you don't exactly jump at Hellrunner in a melee game, you go Brute-->Brute-->Berserker--->Brute or Hellrunner-->Hellrunner-->Hellrunner if you didn't get it already twice-->Blademaster (I'm trying to do a Scout run right now)-->whateverthehellyouwanttowasteyourexperienceonbecauseyouarealreadyprettymuchimortalagainstthesmallerenemies

Could you either:
increase the chance of a bulk/power mod showing up on Lvl2 for AoB or:
somehow nerfing the waves on Hell's Arena *by only a little* so it is more survivable on AoB?


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