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General Discussion / bug with poisoned weapons
« on: December 02, 2019, 13:48 »
was playing angel of shotgunnery and i got a poisoned auto-shotgun - very useful for wearing down enemies over long distance, but sometimes when enemies would die from a blast, their corpse would appear to still be taking damage - the body would highlight in red and it made the damage sound/animation over it

angel of carnage is a lot of fun - on easy i cleared the floors up to the military barracks damageless. i would certainly agree that containment area and cri labs arent the best choice for this build though

proper 100% run

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

figured i'd just rebuild the badges, why not? first run, not bad here, would have had 100% if i wasn't running too fast and accidentally went into the black site elevator. kerberos are really cool and i was lucky to survive a fast group of exalteds

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Post Mortem / Re: [H|YAAM] On a roll - Strongman Diamond
« on: November 19, 2019, 06:32 »
great run, the melee ones are the most fun i think

new update wiped my player data clean and everything is locked. is there any way i can recover it?

callisto anomaly is tough - i actually think UV is easier than hard once you get the gameplay mechanics down

General Discussion / Re: crash entering valhalla spaceport
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:44 »
great news! i had another computer freezing crash like this upon a death in callisto, i'll see how the update handles it

General Discussion / Re: crash entering valhalla spaceport
« on: November 10, 2019, 06:52 »
saw this run through to the end without any further problems - the levels between callisto 2 and the spaceport played exactly the same, down to the drops from the exalteds. this was also my first run really using overkill early in the game, which is fantastically useful for taking down bots

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General Discussion / crash entering valhalla spaceport
« on: November 07, 2019, 17:25 »
went from valhalla command -> spaceport and the game totally froze my computer and i had to do a hard reboot. when i restarted the game it put me back several levels to callisto L2, where i had previously left off and started this session

end of crashlog:

00:33:26.89 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/fx/fire_shot_01/fire_shot_01_A_diffuse.png...
00:33:26.96 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_decals_ammo_9mm_01...
00:33:27.25 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_particles_explosion_mark_01...
00:33:29.36 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_target_02_diffuse.png...
00:33:43.19 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_particles_blood_particle_01...
00:33:44.70 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_ammunition_556_diffuse.png...
00:33:44.77 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_particles_explosion_02...
00:33:54.82 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_decals_blood_01...
00:33:56.88 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_kit_electronic_diffuse.png...
00:34:03.62 [DEBUG   ] no gfx blueprint for id = buff_stimpack
00:34:03.62 [DEBUG   ] no gfx blueprint for id = buff_stimpack
00:34:03.62 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_particles_shapes_01_blick_01...
00:34:38.67 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_weapon_ashotgun_diffuse.png...
00:34:46.52 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_frame_01_diffuse.png...
00:34:54.83 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_shotgun_A_barrel_01...
00:34:55.72 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_weapon_shotgun_diffuse.png...
00:35:11.79 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_tooltip_elevator_diffuse.png...
00:35:27.26 [INFO    ] Picked a trait!
00:36:37.94 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_armor_chest_diffuse.png...
00:36:42.22 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_weapon_pistol_diffuse.png...
00:36:55.32 [INFO    ] Loading texture data/texture/ui/icons/ui_consumable_medkit_diffuse.png...
00:37:39.27 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_automatic_A_body_01...
00:37:39.42 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_automatic_A_magazine_regular_01...
00:37:39.42 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_automatic_A_stock_03...
00:37:39.42 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_automatic_A_grip_01...
00:37:39.42 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_automatic_A_forend_01...
00:37:39.42 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_automatic_A_barrel_01...
00:37:39.42 [INFO    ] Loading material mat_automatic_A_receiever_01...

i would agree that UV makes the game slightly easier when you get a feel for the mechanics and what to use on which monsters. the early big weapon drops, higher chances of mods, advs and other useful items from the exalteds, provided you can survive the first couple waves really helps. i really like this feature though, but maybe it would be offset by earlier introductions of reavers. cri bots on UV also tend to get softened up a bit by all the monster infighting, though even one with low health still can hit you super hard

incredible job as always!

finally got a win, overall really like how challenging the new ai tweaks make the game

a few more thoughts - smoke screen is a lot less effective with fiends/reavers being able to smell you. i'm not sure if this is also the case for the scout's stealth move, but might be interesting to make gas grenades able to overpower their sense of smell, or to make the phase devices a little more common drops

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

getting closer - probably would have won if i didn't do something incredibly stupid on the arena (trying to fight multiple siege ravagers instead of just smoke screening away)

some more thoughts:

- grenades, especially gas and smoke, are a lot more useful with the ai upgrade. blocking LOS from ambushing/flanking enemies helps a lot
- likewise rockets become much more practical to use as the primary weapon in the mid-late game due to enemies tending to congregate around doors approaching you
- p-mod nerfing makes the plasma rifle a lot less powerful and about on par with the chaingun in the lategame if powered up, or less powerful if the chaingun is powered up. useful for ammo conservation but not the clear upgrade it once was
- uv enemy accuracy drop sounds on paper like it would balance out the 10% drop in cover but enemies still hit a lot more it seems, especially those with big rapid fire guns
- new adv system is really cool and does help out with weapon balance in the early to mid game

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

new AI is definitely very hard - made it to europa only once in about a dozen runs. getting flanked by enemies or snuck up on from rooms you'd thought had been cleared is an extra challenge, and i'll have to think more strategically about room/exit placement going forward

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